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  1. I agree on the blue. But the colors you have for the purple and green work very well together!
  2. Painting up Strohm to use in a Pathfinder game as an Oread (with grey skin) Cleric/Monk of Yamatsumi from Tian Xia (Thanks to TheAuldGrump for suggesting this mini wayyyyy back in Feb) 8/27 - Worked on skin and beard/hair shading. TODO: Need to find some guides on shading black and red clothing, darkening red is no problem, but making it brighter without going to the pink zone is a challenge. Decide what to do with the heart shaped design in the front. Don't like the silver edging. Paint the bottle Basing Pics wrapped in spoiler
  3. I'm loosing track if I replied here or commented in KS. But I'd buy a set of transparent square or round based in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm sizes w/o slots and w/o copyright text showing. With slots and text I'm really on the fence as IMHO both distract from the effect your trying to achieve by going transparent.
  4. Yes, there's enough foil to make it thought the round. Cool. Then I'll take out the three Amazon-style air bladders and put in a selection of bases. I've labeled all the bags of bases/shrubbery/bits/crystals/ballest/etc with the manufacturer if I knew it. Should get it out tomorrow. Today's my B'Day and there's no way I'm subjecting myself to the post office on my B'Day.
  5. I'm in.... Jeff's casting is always fantastic! His ancient bases are my favorite pre-textured bases of all time.
  6. I read the first page or so but didn't see any real guidelines as to what can go in the box. Can I put in pre-textures bases? (Eg secret weapon, microart, scribor, dragonforge, etc) What about scenery bits? (SW generator, small pillars) I'm going to replenish the box to get rid of the amazon air bladders fillers. I've got new selection of crystals, ballest, flock, and shrubbery to add, but wanted to check on the actual bases. Ive got quite the collection of bases stocked up from kickstarters and SW BoC because I always *think* I'm going to paint a mini a day, but in reality it's more lik
  7. The more I think about it... If we got 50mm and 75mm square bases in clear with no slot and no words, I would probably (sacrilege I know...) pull my large/huge bones critters from their current mediocre quality basing jobs and stick them to the clear ones. As much as I like basing, and it's totally needed for display pieces, but it always seems weird in an RPG game to have a devil appear with his own personal 1, 2, or 3 inch (depending on his size) hellscape from his base. The clear bases will make him blend into the map/terrain being used.
  8. I would buy a pack of clear bases at 25/50/75/100 mm if they had no slots and no lettering.
  9. Will there be an add-on only pledge level? I don't see the $1 thank you pledge in the core section like there usually is... As an RPGer only 2/7 of the new round sizes in the Core appeal to me, but I'd like to pickup some stacks of the 25mm/50mm/75mm/100mm bases as well as the flying inserts.
  10. I sent my address to RedAmbrosia about a month ago, and sent a follow up PM on Aug 15th but haven't heard back yet. Hope everything is ok with them.
  11. I'm in the "no resin" camp for my 3D terrain. I transport 3D terrain for Pathfinder games and resin simply isn't durable enough. At the end of the night when a game store is closing I can simply swipe all my Dwarven Forge or Stones tiles into a big bag, toss it in the car, and sort it out when I get home. The plastic handles the abuse without damage.
  12. Box is in the outgoing mail bucket for pickup tomorrow (8/12) on it's way to Bonwirn for it's final resting place. Sent Bonwirn the tracking number via PM. Thanks!
  13. I couldn't sleep after driving all day, so I stayed up and went through the the box. Holy cow! I don't think I've seen this much lead in one place with the exception of a x-Ray room... :) I have taken out: One green of a sleeping wolf (AWESOME) One of the wedding die Size 0 brush 1979 Lead Ral Partha Mini Reaper Bones Mythos Mini Reaper Bones Familar Sprue Some of the shells My Adds: Written in the log book. Edit: I may swap the medicine bottle mini holders that were in there with corks to save on some space.
  14. Sorry for delay, was out of town for a couple days. Box arrived 8/2. Will look through this weekend and get it on its way next week.
  15. Wait... Wut? They have plans to do Caverns and Dungeons in this KS? Or separate KSers? Any reason why you guys didn't lead with Dungeons rather then Mines? Yes, Mines hasn't yet been done by the 400lb gorilla of 3D terrain, but it's a very specific terrain type that may not have the same draw as dungeons. I'm backing this KS going in knowing that I'll probably only use my Mines sets a few times a year, where as Dungeons and Caverns gets used ALL the time. The Mines set have a decent mountainous cave look to them, but the number of pieces with planks and other artifacts really detracts fro
  16. Still waiting. From the creator in the comments 3 days ago: "Hi all! There will be an update before the end of this week regarding the US shipping."
  17. They did. Did it fund and deliver? No... It was another Hodor doorstop and HBO stomped into the ground. It went viral on the news, and IIRC HBO had it off KS the next day.
  18. Oh no... Oh no... Oh YEAH! The track tiles look like if they are are painted correctly they would fit in perfectly with DF caverns. THIS is bad. VERY bad. I'm actually not a fan of the way the walls look in the first image, but the tracks and bridges...
  19. This year has been rough on the KS budget (or lack thereof)... If DF and Reaper could get an an alternating year schedule with their KSs my wallet would appreciate that.
  20. This is so true... It's funny to put a combination of Reaper, Dwarven Forge, Paizo, Jonny Lauck, Forge Prints furniture all in the same room. Some look normal, some look giant sized and some look halfling sized. Equal service for all at the tavern I guess :) Looking forward to another one of your KS. These pieces are looking really nice. Delivery times for your past KS have been remarkable, I like you are going with the wave approach. Hopefully this way if it takes off, expectations on delivery will be set up front and it won't be another Twisting Catacombs and be suffocated by success. Wh
  21. Sweet. Just got mine and I was one the raptor people. Everything looks great!
  22. I'm still working on my pledge for DF, but I'm basically targeting a watchtower set, mountain set, all the items that work with city (new roofs, archway, etc), and the LED sets. I'm really holding back on a big castle as I can't really see it used that often as I mostly play PFS these days.
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