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  1. Woot backer #1 ;-) Looking forward to trying these out. I backed the last two Forge Prints KSer's and they went off without a hitch for my pledges. Good stuff!
  2. I stayed at the 3D files level. While I hope things go smoothly with casting and delivery, I'm very wary of gaming KS's that have explosive growth and are delivering a physical product. Especially when it's a custom order per backer rather then something that's mass produced and identical like a deck of cards or board game. If anyone else is in the "Dice of Awesome" KS or even "Twisted Catacombs", you know what I mean :) Both fulfilling, but each over a year past delivery expectations and will likely stretch to two+ years over if they ever finish. Skarabx - Congrats on the successful
  3. Holy options batman! If I counted correctly, there are over 50 different addon sets. Too much... I can't afford to get one of everything this go around. Honestly thinking of just getting one watchtower and whatever addons I think I can incorporate into the older sets. Bit concerned that again there are only a few days left and it's hard to fathom what some of these pieces are without in-use pictures. How would one use a tall stone corner post? (is it the height of two walls plus a floor?) How could the riser be used? What about those offset walls that appear to have the corner post b
  4. Does anyone know if this has been addressed anywhere? I watched Nate's video of the Necromancer Throne Room and at 1:21 he mentions the "scalegate" people and points to how he thinks there is a good fit with KS 1 pieces, but I don't see a good fit. I see a gap. And I see a gap in the KS4 photo gallery where you can see the lizardmen going up the stairs. it makes me think that KS4 is meant to be compatible with KS3 only. And their lack of concern puts me off, because it feels like a deliberate decision to change the scale so that there is no backward compatibility, and moreover no co
  5. Launch livestream is here for the first ~90 minutes of the campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BdvBzSDjuY
  6. Not trying to derail, but... Oh goodness no... Here I was content with the limit selection of basing materials carried by my FLGS. I did NOT need to know about that website. You must be ub3r_n3rd's evil enabler understudy. I've spent 2 hours now browsing through their stuff, and my wallet is weeping like a DF kickstarter...
  7. When you get so old that the first thing you say after zooming in on a high res photo of your mini is "Holy @#$!, is that the same mini?!?!?!" there is a solution... Donegan OptiVisor I personally use the 2.5x version (8 inch focal length), and since purchasing it I don't think I will ever paint miniatures without it again. I went the cheaper route on lighting though. 3x IKEA TERTIAL arm desk lamps ($9 each) w/ Daylight LED Bulbs (Phillips IIRC), and that setup has worked well for me. But obviously you need space for the arm lamps, and I'm not painting for competitions so 100
  8. 1) Constant turn around is cool with me, but I agree with the holidays. Looking at the stats, things definitely dragged. Maybe time it to have all boxes returned to original by end of October. If you exclude Nov/Dec, you'll probably end up with 2-3 times per year anyway. 2) IMHO Over-Thinking. I personally wouldn't exclude all basing stuff. 3) There can never be too many boxes of goodwill :) 4) Sorry, already over-committed on time
  9. I'm in Seattle's Eastside burbs. Not enough diversity to start a box, but I'm happy to send a seeding package to someone in advance of the launch.
  10. Heh. I got enough rocks in Oct I gave some away. My luck with the rocks was disturbing... This. Sunday is going to be a glorious and depressing day all in one.
  11. Must Resist... Urge To Buy Rocks... There are also pics of a new temple-like roof (assume that will fit CBS) and an interior hallway (Tower? Wall?) shot. Search for threads "Check Behind Doorways" and "Roofs, You Ask?... We Got Roofs For You" over at DF forums if interested. The images were posted directly into the forum instead of an image hosting site, so not re-linking here.
  12. Hem... It's pretty, but I'm not sure how functional that would be for me... First look to me it looks like mountain-side facing pieces. The number of pieces it would take to create facing that could support a grid-based battle up top on the mountain *shudder* IMHO this one looks like more eye candy and less practical, at least for my needs. Now if that is a tease at a new version of Cavern wall pieces; something like rocky mountainous caves instead of the limestone sedimentary caverns we currently have that would be really cool. I've actually considered buying some of Dungeonstone's caver
  13. Thanks guys! I think I'm going to order a Strohm and see how it looks. He looks about right, and he even has bare feet so he can be at one with the earth! I can likely stick a book in those open palms if desired. Plus I can use his hand as a small summoned earth ele named Four-Fingered Franky. dwarvenranger - Appreciate the other hits too, but I was looking for more studious and less punchy.
  14. An Oread Ecclesitheurge Cleric / Monk with Profession:Librarian. I've searched (for combinations of friar, monk, scribe, merchant, book, scroll, etc) and I can't find what I'm looking for which is: 1) Monk/Friar garb, no armor or shields. 2) No swords or daggers on belts as those would be a PITA to convert/remove. 3) Not holding a staff, any other weapons, skull, crystal ball, etc. 4) Preferably holding a book or scroll. 5) Preferably dwarf sized, but at this point I'm willing to go human on the mini. For lack of immediate options I'm currently using the Brodert Quink pr
  15. Yeah further back in the thread, he tossed out $1500 as the number he'd be shooting for if he were to buy what he wanted from it. Looks like I'll be leaning twoard a kewl tower + accessory sets for dungeons/caverns/city/sewers if there are any. First post updated with the second teaser... Them are some pretty walls.
  16. I agree... I discovered DF after KS1 & 2, but when I bought those KS sets aftermarket I went in with a 5/3 rule... 5 Sets of the Core/Stretch and 3 sets of each specialty (Water Caverns, Lava Caverns, Narrow Passage, etc). Anything less then that seemed to fall short of the desired effect. KS3 blew my 5/3 idea out of the water... Too many accessory sets to stay even 200% over what I had originally budgeted with my 5/3 mentality. I'm eagerly awaiting the store to open on CBS so I can grab the sets I regret not getting during the KS. Which is going to interfere with the budget for KS4..
  17. His comment about how much he would expect to spend if he were investing in KS4 combined with the comments about it being a smorgasbord of options has me a bit worried. Sounds like the buy-in to not feel like you want more (there's no "need" involved here, this is 100% a luxury item) to "have enough" is going to be quite high. I'm guessing the DF KS trend of lower backer count and higher average pledge will continue. Honestly, I'm most excited about the teases regarding new packs for dungeon/caverns/city/sewer that may appear in KS4. I use my DF pieces for RPGs and more often then not the
  18. <<<MOD Edit>>> link to live kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dwarven-forges-castles-3-d-modular-terrain-for-gam?ref=hero_thanks (The images below are hosted in imgur, if you want to see them at the original size copy their URL and remove the "m" before the period.)
  19. Anyone have any pics of the translucent tiles in the wild?
  20. Yeah... That's insane... Assuming some of their add-ons were imperial streets they can probably fill the floor of a 10x10 room with that. Got my (now pitiful feeling amount) of DF3 yesterday! I've only opened about half of it, but It's absolutely amazing...
  21. I used a heavier coat (most of the tile, leaving all of the recesses and some of the slight texture untouched) of DF:Base Grey, very light dry brush DF:Olive Dry Brush to give it a tint, dry brush DF: Stone Edge Dry Brush. That's the formula I used for my DF sets so I did some Stones the same to match. Possibilities are endless though of course... While I'm no expert in plastics, to me it feels closer to Bonesium then Dwarvenite. The Stones tiles are hefty, but it feels like (and no I haven't tried it yet) that you could cut through them with a hobby knife the same as a thick part of a Bon
  22. Assuming you mean the US packages, they are shipping from CT.
  23. Painted a few of them following my DF paint scheme, and took a few more pictures here http://1drv.ms/1lFXfm3 The tiles are fantastic. It's almost sacrilege given my investment in DF tiles, but honestly I like the Stones dungeon tiles sculpt more! They have more diversity with the cracks. As expected based on the size disclosed in the KS, there is a 2mm difference in height with DF. Wooden planks look great and I've got a few drying with some brown liner on them as primer to paint up next. Seeing the quality of the tiles I REALLY wish I had ordered several sets of the ice and water. I
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