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  1. Thanks for dropping by Bryan, good to know! In my case it's well over a 100 bottles so I'll just Sharpie them back into existance (or rather my minion will ). -Jeremy
  2. Grabbed a bunch of triads I didn't have for my last order today. Must... Have... Baby Dragon!
  3. I placed 5 orders during the holiday promo... I got a Candlelight Yellow and Cinnamon Red in the first two respectively. That blue and green look nice. Hopefully I'll get one of each in the last three orders :) *crossing fingers* Edit: Order 1 - Candlelight Yellow Order 2 - Cinnamon Red Order 3 - Cinnamon Red Order 4 - Cinnamon Red Order 5 - ?
  4. Thanks all for the replies... The Vallejo's look just fine, none of the writing is weathered there and they were in the same foam trays mixed in with the Reapers. Think it's about 110 bottles, so going to take a while to sharpie them all but that's probably the best route. I guess it could have been heat related as Uber mentioned, they did spend a week during the summer in a semi traveling cross country and I'm guessing it wasn't climate controlled. Hem... I wonder if I can bribe my oldest minion to do it... His handwriting is legibile, most of the time... He works for far less then minim
  5. So... I moved over the summer... I diligently packed all my paints (reaper/gw/vallejo/etc) into a couple large battlefoam cases with the custom cut foam for the different bottles types. I opened all the cases to make sure nothing exploded in transit when we moved in... All should be well, right? *sigh* I just got around to painting my first models in the new house the last couple weeks and noticed the bottles I had pulled out looked worn. Last night I pulled them all out of the cases to put them back onto the nail polish racks freshly hung on the wall next to my painting station. The Battl
  6. Annual Dwarven Forge tithe arrived yesterday. 2x Water Cavern Pack (Dungeon Gray) 1x Cavern Floor Pack (Dungeon Gray) 1x Narrow Passage Pack (Dungeon Gray) 1x Dungeon Passage Pack #3/Assorted 1x Narrow Dungeon Passage Pack (Dungeon Gray) 1x Dungeon Passage Pack #2/Beveled Edges (Dungeon Gray) Which means... *sigh* More things added to the already backed up painting queue.
  7. I'm sooo happy several of the theatres out here moved to reserved seating model. Makes movie going much more plesent when you don't have to get in the disney-style line not to end up in the front row.
  8. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TODAY is the day!!!!! Hours away... Tick... Tock...
  9. Awesome paint job and ressurection of past memories! Flashback thread successful!
  10. Was it mentioned anywhere yet if the Bones HD will be packaged up and sold in a set(s) like the current HD was? Just planning for the enevitable...
  11. Last WIP pictures... Had to rush to get him onto a base for PFS Monday Night. And of course when doing so I dropped him on the table and both the axe and snowman head/hand popped off. *sigh* Spend more time re-gluing instead of finishing. But oh well...
  12. I love the use of monochrome on this particular mini. Really gives the sense of darkness and gloom that probably were "just part of the job." The OSL as already stated was done very very well, and this one is actually already saved in my reference file of awesome paint jobs.
  13. I do all of the above. It's just that sometimes that protective cap goes missing and I need replacement occasionally. I've yet to find a straw of any sort that is the right size. Either too big or too small. Straws for milkshakes? Doesn't the DYS has some tubing of some sorts for electrical wire? Might not be transparent but maybe the right size? I do have some brushes without those protective caps, and storing them in the bamboo roll has not damaged them. I do all of the above. It's just that sometimes that protective cap goes missing and I need replacement oc
  14. Attached axe head and started dirtying him up and started shading...
  15. Heh no robinh, I wish... Eyes took about 5 tries and they still aren't "good" but I decided to move on :) Ashen Grey came in the mail, so replaced beard. Also worked on (off camera) leather strap on back, and axe head. Got two more nights to finish this up to tabletop quality for Monday PFS game. *crossing fingers*
  16. 2012 Santa Dwarf 2015 Santa Dwarf Krampus Christmas Carol Ashen Brown HD Paint Freebies: Day 1 Sophie Candlelight Yellow Bones HD Paint
  17. I was a wave 1er and got my goods Wednesday. Super fast for KS delivery. Stuff looks pretty good. On the 3D plastic prints there's definitly some lines from higher micron printing as expected. But given they are mostly terrain bits I doubt it will be noticable after painting and from a distance. I didn't get any of the really large items, mostly small bits to use w/ 3D terrain. Thumbs up for this KS.
  18. That's some good stuff right there... Ahhhh, bacon... *cough* errr ummm I mean the painting is good too... :D
  19. I dropped few of what I see in the pic so I can ID those: Top clamshell box is random assortment of ForgePrints Foundations KS bases. "Pre-painted" sandstone 3D printed. I think I dropped in Jungle, Arcane, Plank, and maybe a River/Lava. Middle grey bases are assorted sizes of CMON's MicroArt Inserts KS. CMON converted some of MicroArts Resin inserts to be mass produce in plastic. IIRC: Arcane, Plank, and Chaos style are in the picture. Fall folliage mix, don't remember the brand. Whatever they had at the FLGS. Cheers.
  20. Day 2... Worked on: More basecoating (Boots/Sock/Fur/Snowman Remains) Eyes (I hate eyes... hates them...) Pass 1 (of many) Skin Shading I forgot to put this in the original post, but I welcome all critiques and comments. Anything that could help me improve my painting. Especially with painting eyes with old tired hands... *sigh* Can I get a pair of 20 year old's hands without any shaking to isle three please? *sigh* Color Documentation (as much for my own purpose as to share: Eyes: Brown Liner, Splintered Bone, Saphire Blue + Vamperic Skin Highlight 1:1 (iris) Cloak: Fres
  21. This resin beauty was on sale for only three bucks during CMON's BF sale. As I paint slowly (<1hr day) and Reaper's holiday minis didn't go on sale till the 7th, I figured this would be my Santa dwarf I paint up this year as the Reaper ones won't get here in time. Day One... Partially assembled (axe head isn't glued on yet), and partially basecoated. Nothing fancy...
  22. I've been using the DETOLF glass display case from IKEA, but it has a couple drawbacks. Certainly no where near "enclosed" as there are gaps between the glass panels, although in the three months since we've moved theres still no dust in there. The single LED light on top looks great in the store, but doesn't really work if you plop something as big in there as it casts a shadow. There are several third-party side-lighting strip kits for the DETOLF but I havn't looked into them yet.
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