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  1. Wanted to paint up some halloween themed minis in October so I painted up Gauntfield. He's on a base from Secret Weapon. He was a lot of fun, thanks for reading!
  2. Painted up Feiya for my tempest cleric and painted up this other miniature that I don't know the name or number of (unreleased as of now I think) for my husband's rogue. I tried to paint his poncho sort of like schemes from Clint Eastwood's characters in the Sergio Leone movies. Feiya's base is milliput using a Green Stuff world roller (aztec) and the guy's base is one of the (again, Aztec series) Dragon Forge pre-made bases. Thanks for reading
  3. One of the other players in my group had me paint these guys up, Woody Stumpwimple and Balto Burrowell. The other players always wanted really muted (y'know, edgelord/masculine) colors so kept them pretty simple. Have already painted up Balto twice now (once for myself, 2nd time for a different player) so might say no more commissions for Balto although he's fairly easy to paint at least.
  4. Rounding out my egyptian themed minis I painted up these two avatars of sokar that I have. They were fun but challenging with all the detail. The bases were really fun to do. I made little pieces of temple floor with cork board then put a thin layer of milliput over them and used these textured rollers from Green Stuff World that was an egyptian themed roller. I've used Basius prior for stamping stuff and was surprised how well the rollers turned out and will be getting more of them in different themes eventually for sure. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  5. Been painting up my egyptian themed minis. Rebased these guys on some temple looking bases from Dragon Forge that I painted to look more like sandstone. They were fun although the detail on their gold was challenging. Thanks for reading!
  6. Painted the duplicate of this guy a while ago and huz needed a 2nd one for an encounter we had so I painted him up pretty similarly. Nothing exciting, thanks for reading!
  7. Last minute request from my huz (the GM right now) to paint up our Egyptian themed minis this week if I could. Started off with these guys, am surprised how well they turned out. I thought all the detail would be impossible but I've come a long way and was able to get the colors where I wanted them. Maybe the "white" wasn't as white as I would have wanted, still struggling with getting my blending to look nice, but overall happy with their look. They are rebased because it's one of those tricksy miniatures that's standing too wide to fit on 1" so I gave them a little corkboard and some sand they could squat over. Thanks for reading!
  8. Huz wanted these painted up for an upcoming game night *shiver*. Hopefully not all of them will attack the party at once (Evard's Black Tentacles anyone?) Didn't see too many people actually paint these up standard, a lot of folks used paint to preserve the transparency. But in my head I pictured more of a cartoon-ish octopus tentacle None of them turned out as bright as I wanted, I'm still struggling with blending and getting something to be to the brightness I want. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  9. This was more of a "checking the box" for me in getting these guys painted. Because they are Bones I they are near the top of my inventory spreadsheet so they kept popping up as the first thing (chronologically) unpainted. I think the pathfinder gobs are still my favorite, but these guys have a nice old school look to them. Not sure why I'm missing 1 spear guy, but pretty small issue to have. Painted them up in the usual colors to help with tabletop gaming (I attack the yellow one with the mace). Thanks for reading!
  10. Finishing out my last set of hobgoblins. I started painting these guys and it reminded me of a desert theme so I used some sand on the bases and went with it. (You can catch up on set 1 here and sets 2 and 3 here). Pretty happy with how they turned out, these are really fun and detailed sculpts. Thanks for reading!
  11. Love the new villagers. Happy to see the core broken up, impressed by how affordable some of the options are.
  12. Understood, apologies I couldn't remember who made the post initially. I understood the point you were making (hopefully). And I know that Reaper's artists and sculptors are capable of making female figures look active and like warriors and not just diplomats or courtesans.
  13. To be fair that wasn't Reaper that said that. That was one person who sculpts (but I don't think has sculpted for Reaper). Obviously all the existing female Reaper figures in action poses and the males in passive poses prove that's not a "rule". I know what they meant but the existing fire and frost queens look like they are bashful or flirting with the adventurers. I'm not saying each female giant needs to have her face contorted and be angry, but Izzy's art is proof something can look both female and deadly/prepared/active.
  14. Updated my pledge to include the new giants! Thanks Reaper so much for listening! Hope to see a few more badarse female warrior giants (fire, hill, stone, storm) pop up before the end!
  15. Have a great birthday the shiniest of wolves!
  16. Wonder how big he will be, like hero-ish/orc-ish/bugbear-ish size?
  17. In case someone didn't link already, they made a special edition one a while ago (http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Special Edition Figures/sku-down/01520) I got him off a 12 days of Reaper so keep your eyes peeled during events like that.
  18. We have plenty of bad broccoli bosses. Current campaign is Storm King's Thunder so lots of giants (no big demons yet that I'm aware of, I'm not the DM but seems unlikely there will be any). We did Curse of Strahd before this one though we never finished it (were there demons in that?) and we did some sprinkling of modern stuff with Savage Worlds. Before that my huz ran Rise of Tiamat at the store (no demons?) and another DM ran Against the Giants and Descent Into the Depths of Earth with our group at home. Maybe you ran Into the Abyss but for whatever reason we just never ran that one. So that's a lot of adventures we've been through and a lot of regular gaming with no big demons. Also, as I already mentioned, I already have the two guys! I'd rather be spending my money on figures for monsters I don't have (of which there are plenty) rather than "better" sculpts of existing figures. When I am buying "better" sculpts just to upgrade my collection you'll know that I've financially made it and can just afford to buy whatever minis I feel like all the time. That'll be the day. Edited to add: Ha! the forum turned a-word into broccoli, hilarious Edited again: We also did Savage Tide but I don't think we finished it, looks like (spoilers:)
  19. Yeah Narglauth is really similar to 77315 Fire Demon. The new Agramon is a re-do of the 77112 Agramon, Pit Fiend. I already have both of them. I agree the new sculpts are "better" and more dynamic. But I don't always spend money on something new/better when the thing I already have meets that need and I've got a lot of other things to spend money on. I can't remember the last time we used a demon of that size in one of our games and we play every week, usually published D&D campaigns. Was probably several years ago.
  20. Not excited about either of the repeat demons this Kickstarter. I appreciate they probably sell well and Reaper has learned new things about molding, but I buy for gaming and I don't need really similar sculpts to what I already have. The ghouls/ghast from the last update don't thrill me much either (already have lots of the existing sculpts). Was really excited about the last reveal. Not sure I need another roper, but love the fungi/mushrooms, and love the troglodytes and will be getting more at retail. Also I've always really enjoyed the design of the bloodstone gnomes and am happy to see a few more pop in.
  21. I'm curmudgeonly and not afraid to be critical- But I think you guys are going about this absolutely the best way. Sometimes I wonder actually if there aren't too many previews. Like a lot of the things shown at Reapercon last year didn't seem to excite people on here as much, luckily only super Reaper fans were following close enough. Or if there's a few images or the live video shared, it seems people are less excited when that item gets revealed as a goal. Which makes sense, people want to see new things, as soon as something isn't new it's less exciting. And like you said, you don't want to reveal things that may be goals never reached. Your reveal plan is brilliant and its success is proven. I support cat sprues. But I suspect the end results would be a bit odd. "Why do all these heroes have cats on their bases? Wait, why do these goblins have cats? Err...why does this beholder have a cat with it?"
  22. Another to say I rebase everything. Sometimes I glue the broccoli to a base and then use milliput to make it consistent. Sometimes I cut the minis out of broccoli and pin them in a basius made base (with milliput) or a premade base from a place like dragonforge. Bones makes this super easy to do. I really prefer the visually consistency and the game board consistency.
  23. Really hoping to see a pack of female giants, preferably in a not-passive pose. We've got some time yet so fingers crossed.
  24. Fomorian - they made one in Bones 3 that should be released in less than a year. Svirfneblin - they have a few "derro" in bones that I thought were these guys? Grick - chthon mind flayer - bathalian (alas only one sculpt in bones) quaggoth - I don't even know what that is roper - they have this "stone lurker" rust monster - oxidation beast troglodyte - i think their lizardman line is the closest to this slaad - agree we need one myconid - they have 3 of of these mushroom men (though I'm not opposed to more)
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