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  1. You are a master of shading and highlighting. Love the color combos.
  2. Lovely highlights, and I like the division between sections.
  3. She turned out excellently. Love the highlights on her scales. Also love the dim shading on her skin and the hints of alternate colors coming out in her hair and the tip of her tail.
  4. Stunning. I love the simple use of color and beautiful shading and highlights.
  5. I appreciate a good drybrush, since honestly I am so terrible at it.
  6. Excellent color choices on this guy. His coat and scarf turned out very well. But I also really appreciate your highlights on the metal on his gun, I struggle with getting scopes to look so nice.
  7. That mini is awesome. Also really like the detail on the mouth and the color selection to the tentacles.
  8. Love the shading on her wine bottle, excellent over all as well.
  9. Excellent color choices. Love the sections on the base as well.
  10. Love the bright highlights, the blue with the green hair and then the blood all look excellent together. The sign also turned out excellently.
  11. Love it. Love the subtle marbled edges coming up from the base. I agree with above, I think the limitations are in the base being too dark and not providing a good contrast to the mini.
  12. His mask looks great. Maybe try more layers on his skin next time so it's a more gradual difference between the shadows and the lighter parts, possibly with brighter highlights here and there too? I like the color selection.
  13. What a clever idea. Love how all your highlights turned out on her skin, beautiful. Also really like that red hair, just looks fantastic.
  14. Really love how the fur turned out. He doesn't just look like a mouse, he looks fluffy! Very cute!
  15. Very cool. I like the contrast and the bright highlights.
  16. She's gorgeous. Love your natural work on the stone. Also excellent work on her dress, love how the white turned out.
  17. Excellent. Lovely drybrushing and really like the detail on his wound.
  18. Great highlights on his cloak. Excellent work on his base and diorama. Did you hand sculpt the pumpkins on his base? Love how everything turned out, great color selection.
  19. Can see the roots, very cool. Really like the leaves as well, not sure I've seen those before. Lovely verdigris on his metal parts.
  20. Excellent. Eyes turned out great, like it has a facial expression even without a face.
  21. Very interesting color choice, really like the yellow highlights on him.
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