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  1. Got this guy during last year's 12 Days of Reaper. Decided it being the halloween season and all would be a good time to paint him up. I just did a different pumpkin guy before him and learned my lesson that I wanted a more red base for the actual pumpkin itself. So this time I used cinnamon red which made a really excellent base color for his pumpkin head, then highlighted in pumpkin orange and a little mix in with yellow. I owe Clever Crow for some inspiration from their excellent work a couple years ago (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58050-headless-mousling/). I borrowed their method of highlighting the actual mouse head and I feel it helped a great deal. Anyways, Happy Halloween and thanks for reading!
  2. Got this guy as a freebie in some prior Reaper event (maybe last year's halloween?) So decided to paint him up for the Halloween season this year. Highlighted his hat in purple, pumpkin orange for him obviously. I should have used a more reddish color for the base, I think I used fireball orange, but I rectified that on the next pumpkin guy I painted. Christmas wreath on the base of his vines so I could get a couple of my special editions in at once. Thanks for reading!
  3. Not sure what I will paint first! A lot of the plant stuff I am really looking forward to, but will probably buy more at retail so will wait on that. From Bones II it was some random hero I felt like painting that become the first one. So realistically it will be something semi-random. Like a lot of people, I have so many Bones I and II minis that still need to be painted...
  4. Really like how the shield came out. Agree with everyone the color choice is excellent.
  5. Amazing work, love the warg. Very impressed with just the washes and dry brush, excellent work.
  6. Has there been a preview of the Crusaders yet? They are a batch I am looking forward to. Also would like to see the twig blight and the gremlins from the stoneskull expansion. Apologies if I missed them in an existing update somewhere.
  7. I know a lot of forumites won't agree with Crimsus but I appreciate them sharing their opinion. And while I don't 100% agree, and expected the KS to be late...getting a Bones IV announcement before III is even fulfilled does make me begin to wonder that someone at the top hasn't decided this is a beautiful cash cow they can milk every year. We already decided for us personally we'd probably wait for retail for anything on the next Kickstarter. But I'm disappointed it was this soon to be honest. Something more along the lines of terrain or legendary encounters I could understand following so quickly. But at this point I'd rather see Reaper slowly release bones throughout the year like they do with metal. I'll still paint, buy, and be a Reaper fan. Just disappointed at the timing.
  8. I'm probably in! Hard to predict a month from now what I'll be painting. I have a lot of stuff prepped right now but I hope to have it all done by then!
  9. 2nd the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Also, BBC's In Our Time for (usually) historical topics discussed by academics, BBC's Why Factor for a random topic of why we do X (i.e., why do wear ties?). Freakanomics and Marketplace Radio if you are interested in the economy, personal finance. The History Chicks - well researched and interesting topics of various women of history, even the ones I think I'm not interested in usually turn out fascinating. Also have an Audible membership. I am partial to non-fiction, and WWII books have probably been the most engaging for me (and the most of my money's worth since they are typically long). I could recommend a lot of books, but I'm sure everyone has their own taste.
  10. Amazing freehand all over. Incredible detail, everything looks natural.
  11. As always, amazing detail. Great job sprinkling the white hair throughout, it looks beautiful and natural.
  12. I agree the red is a neat and interesting touch on his armor. Love the green on his sword, like the runes are glowing.
  13. I like the touch of the metallic at the base of his cloak. Lovely green as well.
  14. Those eyes on the toad are amazing. Also love the color selection and details on the rest of them. Love how the red and purple turned out, I am always trying it and not succeeding. I think because it is highlighted with the tan colors it turned out really well.
  15. Really like the dusty/worn look these have. Excellent highlights and color selection.
  16. Really like the blue you've chosen, excellent highlights and great job on his face.
  17. Very cool. Excellent work on the details, love the contrast with the metallic blue to the bronze as well. Didn't know this was a Reaper piece, might have to add to my wishlist!
  18. Beautiful detail. Love the freehand on the guitar. The bottles on the base really round it out.
  19. Glad to see you are getting back into the hobby! They look a little shiny. Might be the paints, or might be if you are using a glossy sealant. Either way, keep at it and have fun!
  20. Absolutely stunning. Your highlights and blending are amazing.
  21. Amazing detail all over. Love the bones, the shading on his skin, the subtle highlights in his hair.
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