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  1. I like your color selection. Painting minis for no particular use can be the most fun sometimes. Excellent detail on these guys.
  2. May not have been what you're going for, but it reminds me of early Greek depiction of figures. Like what you see on pottery or depictions of early Olympic games.
  3. Amazing color selection. Is that NMM? It looks amazing. And wow the freehand on the cloak.
  4. Amazing details! I use natural sunlight to take photos of my minis. I have them sitting in the shade just out of direct sunlight and that seems to work better than any human light source I've tried.
  5. Excellent, he looks very fierce.
  6. I think the verdigris on her base looks lovely. Agree with the others, just keep painting!
  7. Awesome! Glad to see you pushed your minis and started to get your nephew addicted, I mean glad to see you got your nephew started on a great hobby
  8. Really love your color selection. Amazing highlights and shading on his cloak.
  9. Great job. Can almost see the wood grain in the bow, excellent.
  10. Excellent color selection, the cloth really goes well with the orc skin.
  11. Really like the fur effects on her hat. Amazing job on the face.
  12. Really like the orange-y highlights on the maroon-ish cloak. Makes it look more natural.
  13. Your color selection is impressive. I love the shading on his hair, the color selection between his sleeves and his cloak, and the dual color work on his sword. Amazing work.
  14. Beautiful OSL. Love your color choices. Excellent shading and highlighting.
  15. Again, lovely job with all your lining and with highlighting white. I would never have thought to put her in white and it looks beautiful. Excellent bright pumpkin as well.
  16. Absolutely stunning. Enjoyed going through the pictures one by one to see all the detail. Probably most impressed by all the little things, like the pattern on the sarcophagus. Amazing job.
  17. Really like your color selection and the highlights on his armor. Amazing blending.
  18. Absolutely stunning. All the materials look incredibly realistic; the wood on her shield, the leather, the cloth. The OSL looked great but I also think you've improved it since then and it looks even better.
  19. He looks great. Also recognize the base (I think) and great choice. Lovely colors to compliment him.
  20. Lovely freehand on the shield, excellent color choices. Also really like your base work.
  21. Beautiful paint job. Great work with the white of her leggings and her blouse, excellent shading. I always struggle to highlight/shade white and that turned out beautiful. Amazing job on the face.
  22. Really like your linings and the division between bits of clothing, that is something I am still struggling with. Also excellent color selection. Amazing detail on the face, I love his facial expression.
  23. Love it. Beautiful transition on the wings. Also, excellent base work.
  24. I think you are coming along very well. I painted this mini last year. Assuming yours is in Bones (like mine is) the details on this mini aren't the best and I found it hard to get the details to look very nice, something about how this particular sculpt turned out in Bones I think.
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