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  1. Finished this guy a couple days ago, to finish all my bathalians. I was hoping for more of an otherworldy blue-ish greenish but it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. However, I didn't want to redo just to fix the colors. Comments and criticism and suggested are appreciated as always!
  2. Here's the bulk of my IMEF guys: Skids, Jigsaw, Aztec, Erik Proudfoot, Jazz Jenkins. Based on my camouflage of Sarah Blitzer's gun I attempted it on all these fellows. I didn't really know how to both paint the camouflage and do a decent job at highlights on their armor, so they aren't as perfect as I'd like. Some of them are rebased on Secret Weapon Miniatures Flight Deck. Thanks for reading!
  3. I'll admit I had a similar first reaction as well. Maybe I am too focused on my painting lately.
  4. There's a lot of existing paint that's in my mental wish list. I mean, I don't really need paint, but it's something I can indulge in that doesn't add to my unpainted minis. I did one purchase this month for metal minis for my gaming needs, and will probably save my paint purchase for 12 Days of Reaper (assuming that happens, I don't know either way).
  5. Love your color selection for these guys. The details and highlights are stunning. The guy's facial expression is amazing.
  6. Nice studded leather armor. The pointing bugbear is one of my favorites.
  7. Stunning NMM. Also really like the shading on the red and the simple mono color choice on him. This guy was one of the first minis I ever painted (and so is absolutely terrible). I am still trying to get NMM reasonably started and may need to stare at this some more.
  8. Great highlights in the hair. I really like the icy blue color of the shield, it makes a nice contrast.
  9. Really like the color of his shirt, a nice pale yellow-ish. Lovely job on the details of his face, excellent shading. Beautiful highlights all over. I agree it is nice to see an adventurer who can dress modestly and be fine with themselves once in a while.
  10. The shading for her skin is absolutely stunning. And exceptional NMM on the anchor. Amazing detail all over, love the highlights of her hair, the alternate colors on her dress, the color of the paint on the ship behind her, and amazing freehand on the creepy blood dripping from her eyes.
  11. Love the color choices for these guys. Excellent highlights.
  12. Devils, demons...it's hard to keep track. Great job, love the green you went with to compliment. It's subtle and looks very nice.
  13. Very impressive for 2nd effort (you don't want to see my 2nd miniature...) Lovely color choice on his cloak. For photos, I am no expert, but find a consistent background helps (think about the cloudy-gray backgrounds they used to use when we'd sit for school pictures), and adequate light makes a big difference.
  14. I remember seeing this on the WIP. Her hair turned out fantastically, great color choice, love that blue, and excellent touch with the snow on the base.
  15. Stunning highlights. Absolutely amazing freehand on his cloak. Very well done.
  16. Saw this in the work in progress forum and he is fantastic. I love your constructed bridge. Also love the little details, the shrine, and am amazed and how your cherry blossom tree turned out. Great color selection on him, I like the richness of the barrel and greenish of his pack. Also really love the graying hair.
  17. Agree beautiful skin. Also like the color for her clothes, it is nice and subtle next to her blonde hair.
  18. Really like the touch of the chevron on his base, and the marble-like statue on it. Great job on the eyes, he has a great facial expression.
  19. I'm glad you stuck with it, she looks fantastic! As you can tell from my avatar I have a soft spot for the mini. Excellent lining and detail.
  20. Love all your lining and highlights. Beautiful layers on the green and red. Nice job.
  21. Absolutely stunning. Amazing seeing so many simple staple pieces (the bench, the sarcophagus, the shield) done so well and expertly and just sitting off to the side casually. Really love your marble effects, they are amazing. Quite the story you've created.
  22. Very clever idea to highlight with blue, I think it looks excellent. Also the green grass on the base creates a nice contrast.
  23. Very impressive OSL! Lovely highlights on the saber, excellent detail. Shading and highlighting black is always so tricky, but your paint job turned out excellently.
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