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  1. Dwarfs other dwarfs...I see what you did there... Love your paint job on him. Really like the colors, and the trim and the freehand. Beautiful detail on his apparatus. Really like his hair color. I tend to make all my dwarves red heads, so I love this bright blonde look. Also like the small touch of detail on the base.
  2. These are amazing! Your wife has fantastic skill! Hope you will make these available somewhere, I'd love to buy the two boys for my gaming table.
  3. Lovely highlights on her hair and skin. What do you use to seal your minis? She looks shiny but I can't tell if that's the photo or the sealant.
  4. So glad you posted these as I have a whole mess of these guys I need to eventually paint up. Really like what you did with the rattlesnake marks on the one, I had never considered that. Also the orange and yellow one looks amazing. I had never considered going to nature for inspiration for these, and love how yours turned out.
  5. Really like this. Love the red color of his cloak with your highlights and shadows on it. All the details like his blanket, rope and boots look incredibly realistic. I think his weapon looks fine, but maybe opposite shading for an obsidian look, darker on the edges and shinier in the middle? That crackle turned out pretty well, I always struggle to get that looking right, I like the colors you've done for it it really looks like a dried up desert that's experienced some flash floods at some point in the past.
  6. Really like what you've done. Agree he looks great as a springtime dragon emerging from newly green grass. Love your golden color choices on him, great shading and excellent detail in his mouth and face. Looks fantastic.
  7. Agree with everyone else, that blue and pink really look amazing. Also love the golden metallic on his shield, it's soft enough it really goes well with his cloak colors. Amazing detail as well with his face and hair and the highlights all over. He looks excellent.
  8. Very excellent! I painted all my bones skeletons a year ago (last October) and it took me the whole month to get not much more than you painted and yours look really great! As a fellow color-coder with the shields, I really like that as well.
  9. So it turns out I am really terrible at remembering to actually take progress pictures. But anyways, this guy is done. Show off is posted: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71290-80040-bathalian-primarch/
  10. Part 2 in my Bathalian installment series. Went for purple for this guy. Maybe I wish he could have been a bit brighter, that maybe I should have started out with brighter purple shades. I only have a few purple triads and I rarely get them to look exactly the way I want. But I'm super pleased with the light blue/purple lines on him as a nice contrast, so I think it's okay in the end. Thanks for reading, comments and criticisms and suggestions are always appreciated! (Especially if you have some MSP purple triads to recommend, I only have nightshade/imperial/amethyst and regal/monarch/royal, they are good for a lot of things but sometimes turn out too dark or too pastel and I struggle with layering them).
  11. Another modern painted for possible PC or NPC in Savage Worlds, and trying to get my count up as well. He was pretty simple himself. I took inspiration from Terminator 2, but as the T-800 usually wore black leather, black leather and more black leather I decided that was a little boring. So gave him jeans and a gray shirt (as he is pictured in one of the scenes I believe) instead. It was my husband's idea to use the integrated base he comes with and then create either an asphalt road around it or caution tape, so this is my attempt at caution tape. It's not the most consistent, I fiddled with it a few times but never quite got it perfect, but at least it spices him up a bit. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  12. Not excited. But kind of relieved. Sad for others who wanted it sooner, but I don't mind the delay for myself personally.
  13. Look great so far. Really like how the druid's staff turned out. What made you do red eyes for the thief, is he evil?
  14. I really like the blue and purple. I am interested to see how he comes along, he is already looking rather interesting.
  15. Here is my completed Bathalian Primarch. I started going more of a dual color approach at first, but didn't like where it was going. So I pretty much just ripped off Canuckotter's excellent bathalian (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69926-80040-bathalian-primarch/). Not much to be said. I'm happy with the way it turned out, but nothing amazing. Thanks for reading!
  16. I'm impressed you got through Bones I, you're an inspiration to us all. My spreadsheet says I'm 50% of Bones I and 14% of Bones II.
  17. Have to admit my first reaction was one of relief, like a few others have mentioned. But I do feel bad for people who were really looking forward to this before the holidays. I don't get as much time off as I used to over the holidays, so less of a big deal for me there too. Also while happy most of the comments are pretty chill, the preponderance of armchair quarterbacks who've apparently never had a product delayed or received misinformation from a subcontractor are astounding. However, if I was Reaper, I'd use the Star Trek Scotty method and if I thought I'd be delivering in October, tell people January or something like that. Also backed GNL mats with is like 1+ year overdue now (I thought their original 6 month time from close to delivery was absurd, so I wasn't expecting it on time, but there are plenty of people irritated by that one). They had major problems with their manufacturer and like Reaper has on past KS's took extra time to make sure it was right, in this case by finding a new factory. But they've been semi-terrible about communication, often posting updates on their blog instead of kickstarter comments and stuff like that. So Reaper is to be commended for doing the right thing and being up front about it. Also loved the data
  18. Hm, mini I'm looking forward to the most? Maybe the plant things (hope Reaper has plenty of the twig dudes in stock after they go retail because I will need more) just because they fill a gap I don't have. Hobgobs are a close 2nd as that really completes my mook collection. Tricky to narrow it down like that, there is a lot of stuff I am really looking forward to. That said, I'll be the rare person here that would be perfectly okay if 1st wave shipping doesn't happen until next year. I know a lot of people want it before Christmas, but I don't mind the delay. I'm excited, but I kind of like the anticipation, so I don't mind stretching that out a bit (and delaying the increase to my huge unpainted pile )
  19. Why the dark pictures? Come on we want to appreciate your skills! Really love your paint job on this guy, bet your neighbor will love it.
  20. Very nice, excellent highlights on the blue clothes of the girl, and I really like the color choice, makes a nice contrast.
  21. Excellent looking. What's the base from, it looks familiar? That purple and your highlights turned out so fantastic on him. Almost makes me want to paint mine, but I am kind of afraid to hold it that close to my face.
  22. Really like the color you chose for his cloak, great highlights on his pale arm, very assassin-like.
  23. Amazing paint job, as always, absolutely fantastic. Hope your daughter gets to play with these minis as well!
  24. Quite lovely! A fellow player of mine also uses this mini for a druid. Amazing freehand on her skirt, and lovely color choices. Maybe a little darker contrast around her eyes before you paint on the whites of her eyes would help to make them stand out more. Really looks lovely, excellent color choices.
  25. Really love what you've done with his cloak, excellently done freehand on the back. Also his arcane implement looks beautiful with the energies whirling around in it. Even the colors on the front with the light purple and olive green really play off each other well. Quite excellently done.
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