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  1. Wow! Those shoulder plates are amazing, as is the whole thing. Really love the play of both bronze and silver metallic. Amazing detail. Your pictures don't do it justice.
  2. What a fun figure. I like the subtle highlights that still leave him pretty dark, and like what you've done with the base.
  3. Thanks Mad Jack! I do not have that triad, but do have the mahogany brown. Suppose I just have more paint to add to my wish list now. I just got a third paint caddy so that my pile of new paints and special edition paints can finally get sorted with the rest, so there should still be a little room for expansion. I am always looking for better hair colors (love the blonde triad). The reaper MSP paint page is a dangerous place in which I always see new paints I think I could use...
  4. Trying to get through my giant (mostly white) pile of unpainted minis. Two years ago I managed to paint 107 SKUs in a year. Last year wasn't as good (80 something?) so this year I am trying to reach 110 total by the end of the year. I had 58 done by the end of September, so math says I need 17.33 minis per month for the rest of the year. So October goal: 17.33 SKUs. Working my way through my moderns; lots of Nova and IMEF, the bigger Bathalians, some of the chronoscope and savage worlds miniatures, maybe some zombies. Other optional possibilities include dragon hatchlings, mind eaters, and one or two of the pumpkin-y minis I have since it's October and all.
  5. I was thinking a pumpkin would work well...orange obviously, green top, maybe spooky purple eyes? I don't have a pumpkin by itself though. Might paint some of the pumpkin-y minis I have for some October inspiration if I can ever catch up with my backlog.
  6. This is what I use. It's just a chunk of styrofoam that's been taped up with masking tape. Then poster tack on the top for the miniature. My huz made them for me when I first started painting. A lot of people on the 'net were using old bottles upside down, but I hadn't been painting long and didn't have any old bottles. It works very well, it's comfortable to hold.
  7. First highlight is on him. I decided to go with black/white/gray only for the base. Hopefully to give the base some simplicity in contrast to his colors.
  8. Just a sci Fi world we created as a group. Sort of firefly-esque. Using the helpful science fiction book. We will be doing a post-apocalyptic setting starting at the beginning of next year. Do you have any suggestions on books? I see a whole mess of books for post apocalyptic savage world so I'm not sure what would be a good player's guide or DM's guide. We are pretty new to the rule system, but it has been interesting so far. Will probably go back to fantasy D&D after we run the post apocalyptic.
  9. Thanks I didn't even think of that, that's a great idea. A darker red wash, I'll give it a try! I always start off red hair, no matter how light or bright it will end up, with a dark auburn color as a base coat highlight up from there, or use the dark auburn color as a wash, then touch up the base coat... Thanks. Do you have a Reaper MSP color you like for this or that is similar to what you use?
  10. Really like the color selection. Great shading. The horse's tail and the guy's fur cape both turned out very realistically.
  11. Not gonna lie, this thing is freaky! But amazing conversion job on it, and excellent paint job. Beautiful detail and highlights. Also love how well it goes along with the base and the details on the base.
  12. Great idea, love your modifications to turn them into dials. They turned out very well.
  13. Wow. Simply amazing highlights and shading. I think you did a great job on the dragon. His arcane implement also looks fantastic, realistic like I can almost see the energies swirling around inside of it.
  14. Enjoyed following along the WIP for this, and the final product is amazing.
  15. That orange/purple/green spider looks great. I was wondering how it would turn out when I saw you post in the RPChallenge, and I like it a lot!
  16. Lovely eyes. Great color choices on her clothes! And her furs look amazing.
  17. Interested to follow along, really love all the details on the base and where it is going.
  18. Really like your color choices. Also he looks fantastic on that base.
  19. To motivate myself to get this (and possibly the other two bathalians) done I decided I'll document this as a work in progress. I looked around at the show-off Bathalians and decided Canuckotter's was lovely looking and clever (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69926-80040-bathalian-primarch/). At first I thought I'd try to be clever and have more varied colors... But then I decided I was being too clever and that it didn't look good. So my first bathalian will be pretty much a total rip-off borrowed from Canuckotter's lovely miniature. I like the single color with the off-white as contrast. My other two I'll probably pick different colors. So we'll see how it goes!
  20. Thanks I didn't even think of that, that's a great idea. A darker red wash, I'll give it a try!
  21. They look very nice, great job for a speed paint. I especially like the one with the orange/yellow pincers.
  22. Needed to paint a back up character for my savage worlds campaign, so picked Sascha Dubois. I wanted to make her a bit more modest than the bikini top wearing miniature (don't need it getting weird at the gaming table) so I carved her belly button off and the middle line of her abdomen and painted over as if she's just wearing a regular top. I like the idea of her as a captain or pilot of some sort, she appears to have a telescope or looking glass hanging off her waist, and I decided it was definitely a compass she was holding. Hair was the fire red / phoenix red / fire orange triad and the ultraviolet blue for the coat. Some of the best eyes I've done in a while, the miniature still retains a lot of detail on the face such that painting on her eyebrows was possible (a step I usually don't bother with). Thanks for reading, comments, criticism and suggestions are always welcome!
  23. As mentioned in my other threads, running a modern campaign now as well as trying to hit a certain goal by the end of the year which means painting needs to pick up and time to get these modern minis done (how many years ago was Bones I released? let's not talk about that...) This mini was more fun than she looked unpainted. She has a quirky early 90s looking poof of hair poking up around her head piece reminiscent of Jean Grey from the X-Men cartoon series. Based on that I thought an odd color combo (red and purple) might be more fun. The camo on the gun was an after though as I was trying to think of ways to add more to it so it's so prominent. I was inspired by someone's cav post (not sure which) where they did quite a lot of camo and thought I'd give it a try. I think it turned out alright, but will probably experiment so more with it in the future (it's military green, camoflage green, basic dirt, and ginger cookie for those curious). Thanks for reading! Comments, criticism and suggestions are always appreciated!
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