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  1. Amazing lining all the way through. Love your color choices. Excellent shading on the face, really makes the smirk of her expression come through quite well.
  2. Really like all the details on his person, they turned out excellently. Also great job with your highlights on his green robes and on his furs.
  3. Wow great job on the faces. Amazing how you were able to make them so lifelike and capture such expression.
  4. Lovely! Always a big batman fan. I like the classic blue/gray you went with.
  5. The paint job is amazing. Lovely detail and great color choices in the green with beautiful detail and impressive highlights all the way through. Also really love your stamp work. I can never get my basius stuff to turn out quite so crisp, so excellent job.
  6. Thanks! Color scheme was my huz's idea and I agree it turned out very well. Just started Savage Worlds and so far it is a lot of fun. I think that's my biggest hurdle with a lot of minis, figuring out what is what and where everything starts and ends. I always try to look up as many show-offs as I can ahead of time to try to see what others have done. So hopefully these will help people make their own decisions.
  7. Very excellent! I love your color selection, and especially love how the staff turned out. The little skull at the top looks quite perfect.
  8. Wow astonishing. Love how he looks translucent.
  9. Looks great! Even more impressive considering he is pretty much a speed paint. Excellent job.
  10. Amazing! Lovely, lovely colors all over! So well done!
  11. We're running a sci-fi Savage Worlds campaign right now, so figured it was a good time to start painting up some of the moderns, especially for some NPCs. Since I have duplicates of a few of them, I did quite a few in a desert/marine/army type paint scheme (olive skin triad) and the other guys in a more police gray/blue scheme. The faces on Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked but since these are just baddies I moved on. I don't see these painted too often on the show-off, so hopefully this will help anyone else who had these on their plate. Thanks for reading, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  12. Yay October! I am going for quantity this month (and until the end of the year) so not sure if I will do the bonus, but I like the idea. 1-2. Nova Corp: Guard 3-4. Nova Corp: Rifleman 5. Nova Corp: Sgt 6. Nova Corp: Female 7-8. Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero [First 8 show-off] 9. IMEF: Sarah Blitzer (Show-Off) 10. Sascha Dubois (Show-Off) 11. Bathalian Primarch (Show-Off) 12. Rex, Future Dark Hero (Show-Off) 13. Bathalian Exarch (Show-Off) 14-19. IMEFs x6 (Show-Off) 20. Bathlian Centurion (Show-Off) 21. Pumpkin w/ broom (Show-Off) 22. Headless Mousling (Show-Off) In order to hit my goal by the end of the year I need to be finishing an SKU every two days, so hopefully my posts will be quite numerous from now on!
  13. The copies we showed were our proof copies, and while some copies are final (like the blue Crypt we showed early on was a proof, but the white crypt in the "everything" shot is a production copy) some are still just the proofs, so this is a perfectly valid question. Everything I have seen is that while a small number of details (most of which are not visible in the video or in photos) were changed proof-to-production, the bases for the Sledgehammer crew will be slotted, in keeping with the other models from Victoria Miniatures' range. Thanks! That is good news. I do a lot of rebasing so working with someone on slots is easier to work with than cutting out of the base a lot of times.
  14. I already updated my spreadsheet... Good gods... I'm never gonna die at this point... If I'm counting correctly... 330 minis... I won't update until I get them in hand. That way I can inventory what I got and do the spreadsheet at the same time. Plus hopefully by then SKUs might be close to being out. I handcounted 346. But I got double of a few things and that wasn't counting certain furniture that I may or may not count. [edited to add] Current count is 895. So adding ~350+ is going to hurt. I recognize a lot of lifetime collectors of minis probably have lots more. But I've only been able to paint between 80 and 100 each year (and am struggling to reach just that) so progress is slow. I hope if Reaper does a Bones IV they wait like THREE YEARS or possibly do a base/terrain kickstarter that won't count towards my miniatures total Question for Reaper Bryan on the sledgehammer guys - will they come with a slotted mount for their feet (sort of like what the photos might be depicting) or are they going to be on broccoli?
  15. in a future update, yes. Still no hi-res photo of all the bones? Can you give us an indication of how far into the future this update will be? :) I would say this would be one of those good kinds of problems for a person to have though. I'm sure no one will mind! That's the sort of routine task I enjoy the most. Spreadsheet plus minis equals fun. Reaperbryan: As much as I like that group shot, I'd really like to see a bigger version if you have one? No biggie if you don't. in a future update, yes. this was just a teaser. So glad I added that Sledgehammer in the pledge manager. It was the only thing I added post kickstarter. At the time I added it mostly for the minis as I'd never been part of a modern campaign before. Now we're running Savage Worlds, so while not applicable to our current world, seems like not so far fetched I may use it some day. Plus it looks really cool. I had forgotten the original estimate was September, for some reason I was thinking October. But even if it's not until January I'll be just fine. I mean of course I could use stuff from it in our games now (I can always use stuff!) but I'm still painting my giant pile of Bones 1 & 2 and additional retail options splurged on that it's daunting to think about how many minis I will have to add to my spreadsheet when Bones III arrives and what they will take my percentage painted down to.
  16. September numbers were pretty good but I feel like I'm not where I want to be for the year...so hopefully October will be a bit better.
  17. Excel spreadsheet to track my minis! Note the year painted, and since 2015 I put the day too. It's nice seeing the % of minis painted increase incrementally each finished mini...and disappointing when I slip and buy and my numbers drop back down.
  18. Group is playing a modern campaign right now, this is for another player's character in the group. Finished him up with another mini in the same night, probably 3-4 hours for two minis, so pretty impressive. Helped I had already painted this guy for myself. He requested "black" everything pretty much (half of our players all seem to wear nothing but black, are outcasts and wanted men and have enemies everywhere, and always need to sit with their backs against the wall, what's with the obsession of everyone wanting to play a mysterious super-cool badass every time?!) I tried to expand a little with a darker brown instead of black everything. Anyways...glad this guy didn't take me too long as he doesn't help me with my own painted minis count unfortunately! Thanks for reading.
  19. As my group is running a modern campaign, one of my group members asked me to paint his mini. He requested a color scheme similar to Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, so that is for the most part the inspiration here. I wasn't really intending to speed paint him, but managed this and another hero sized mini (for another player) same night, so not bad! Only problem with painting minis for friends is they don't reduce my unpainted pile Anyways, thanks for reading!
  20. We're running a modern campaign right now in my group so I painted up this guy for my character. Base is "steel invasion" (similar to alien invasion except the creepy-crawlies are trying to get on to steel) from Secret Weapon. Thanks for reading!
  21. That is a really interesting color but I like it! Makes them look like big baddies and not bright-green goblin-like.
  22. Just finished up my greys. They are rebased and semi-pinned on bases from Secret Weapon (the "creeping infection" line). I used the sparkling blue on about half of them and just a metallic on the other half. Mix of splintered bone, gingerbread, and alien goo on the base with the rock star pink highlighting the little mushroom things and golden shadow for the worms. They were fun! I used my matte paint on varnish for their non-metallic bits and they still came out shinier than I wanted, but at least my glossy varnish kept their suits shiny. I usually spray on testors but didn't want their suits and tools/weapons to lose their shininess. Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and thanks for reading! Also - I finished these guys off with my first official miniature drill (from army painter) and I just have to say if you were like me using something not intended to pin minis (I was using a sharp point of a sculpting tool) the miniature drills are amazing and so much quicker and better to use and I should have invested the small amount of money for it sooner, along with some wire instead of bending too-fat paper clips in these guys all the time.
  23. As mentioned in my other thread, will be running a modern campaign soon so knocking off some of my many IMEF minis. Here's Torch McHugh!
  24. Might be doing a modern campaign shortly, so painting some of my lovely IMEF minis. Here's Reggie. Thanks for reading!
  25. Placeholder! 1. IMEF Reggie (Show-Off) 2. IMEF Torch (Show-Off) 3-10. Gray Aliens (Show-Off) 11. Hellstromme (Show-Off) 12. Andre Durand (Show-Off)* 13. Frank Buck (Show-Off)* 13 done not bad! Unfortunately those last 2 were for friends. So while they count for the RP challenge they aren't really reducing my pile of unpainted minis. I should stop being so nice and volunteer a little less!
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