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  1. Thanks everyone for voting, Inarah's green dragon is the winner of this beauty pageant! Loved seeing everybody's entries! And congratulations to Inarah for a very well painted hatchling!
  2. Thanks so much for everyone who participated! I really had a lot of fun seeing what everyone put together, and hope everyone who participated had a lot of fun too! Hopefully we'll get to do another soon, maybe a last one for Bones 1/2 before everyone's orders for 3 start coming in. I posted the link to the survey on the entry thread but I'll put it here as well. For the hatchlings, here's the survey: link
  3. The survey is up! Vote early, vote often! (just kidding about voting often). Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the survey. Survey Link
  4. Aww thanks I'm blushing The basius turned out really well. And making the broccoli under their feet into little mini-pins worked also. They aren't technically pinned or anything and seem very stable (sometimes bones and milliput don't always agree without a little help). Thanks! As for the diversity, it was important to the mayor that his town guardsmen represent the diverse community that they serve *cough*. Yes that yellow is a bit bright. My soft yellow looks a little orange-y. They are nice for standing out though. Maybe the parade troops? Thanks I owe you one! Love these guys (hence why I obtained so many). I think I have only 2 or 3 of the trolls, and I will probably try to avoid big group paints like this for a while though, it can be kind of draining. It is incredibly gratifying to get so much feedback though, I'm glad everyone liked them, hopefully this will inspire others with their Anhurians!
  5. So gross and disgusting looking. In a good way.
  6. July went for me about like it did for NomadZeke. I didn't paint anything and disappeared off the face of the earth. Now for August! 1-8. Finally finished my last 8 Anhurians! Photo will show the full 28, 20 of which were claimed for June (Show-Off)
  7. Finally finished my 28 Anhurian project! I think I started these guys months ago. First step was to use the Basius stamp "Imperial". I cut them all out of their broccoli, and made cobblestone bases out of milliput from the basius stamp. I left little bits of plastic underneath their feet that would act like tiny pins. So they are pretty stable but I think it was partly from having that extra bit of broccoli underneath their feat and then sticking them into the milliput while it was still drying. They are all different colored sets to make it easier to distinguish on the battle mat. I also decided to give them unique symbols for their shields based on their clothing color of their regimen. Thanks for reading, I am glad to finally have these guys done! They make great town guardsmen / generic NPCs on the battle mat. Didn't figure photos of each 28 back and front was needed, so here's just a few photos to get an idea.
  8. Lovely color choices. Her eyes turned out very well, she has a very particular expression on her face. Also love what you've done with the base.
  9. Lovely idea, very brilliant. Amazing on so many details. Love what you did with the fellow on the throne and the once beautiful maiden. Her hair looks beautiful but her cloak is simply astonishing.
  10. Wow astonishing. Can't get over the realism in everything.
  11. Really like your color selection on the lich. Also great job on the lava for the basing of the demon. You are off to an excellent start, wish I was painting half as well as you when I got into it.
  12. Lovely details and excellent highlighting on his skin. He looks nice and bright.
  13. Wow his skin and the leather looks so realistic. You can almost see him breathing his skin looks so good. Also really love the highlighting on the stone, I am always trying to get my stone to look that good and yours looks great.
  14. Excellent job on the shading of both of their skin. My only complaint is maybe a solid backdrop to better see the details in the photos, but they look great!
  15. Lovely shading on her blue skin, you definitely achieved your goal of making her look otherwordly.
  16. Great job, very vibrant and expressive.
  17. Lovely color selection and great highlights on the robe.
  18. Really love what you did with the red being stronger in the recesses and then the brighter surfaces. Also like the red on his sword, excellent touch. He looks fantastic.
  19. Excellent shading on his jacket and backpack. Especially as he must be so small, wonderful detail. Love his face as well.
  20. I think it looks really great and completely understand why you might have stopped where you did. Looks way better than any OSL I could do, so I think it's fantastic.
  21. Great paint job. Love how the red on his shield and hood really pops, and great job shading on the cloth.
  22. Really excellent. I love your color selection for his robes, is that pumpkin orange? Looks great.
  23. Excellent job! I really like how the pale off-white of the man's robes turned out, lovely shading.
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