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  1. Looks great. Love how realistic the jeans and tennis shoes look. I think his skin looks great. Also love the shading on his jacket.
  2. These look very interesting. What are they from? What size are the bases they are on? The color choice is very cool, the red and blue go together well.
  3. Excellent. That cloak turned out really well. Also like the limited color pallet going to green on a couple of them, it can make them much more interesting.
  4. Really love your color choices. The brightness of his hair contrasts excellently with the muted green on his pants. Also love the orangey-red highlights in the hair.
  5. Excellent start. You can always go and add to him later if you want to, or move on to the next one. Sometimes you just have to get them painted.
  6. These bases look great. I've had my eye on a lot of the bases scibor does for a while, some of them like these are almost too interesting to just be bases. Excellent paint job. I really like the the brown/tan of the actual surfaces and how that turned out.
  7. Love how these turned out. The green and the pink really go together very well and make them look very realistic like some horribly creature's tentacles sneaking up through the well.
  8. He looks great. Excellent shadows on the skin and I love the highlights on his fur.
  9. These guys look really fun. Excellent job painting the character into each of them. I am particular fond of the hats, the nice red beret on the one and the green top hat on the other one.
  10. Wow she looks amazing. The plaid looks excellent. Love the blonde hair, the color turned out perfectly. The paint on her face looks realistic and beautiful. Also love all the details like the faded look of her cloak. Excellent paint job.
  11. Really love the color choices, they really compliment one another.
  12. Wow he looks amazing. That base is astounding. The snow looks beautiful and the melting ice so realistic. The color choices on him look amazing. I love how natural his skin looks, the icey blue of his pants, and the amazing gem on his belt.
  13. He looks great. The colors really work well with one another and the paint job is very clean.
  14. I like the way the wood looks, especially on the shield. Also very excellent basing, my tufts never turn out half so well.
  15. Placeholder! 1. Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin (Show-Off) 2-21. Anhurians! (show off pics probably won't go up until all 28 are done, so might be next month, but as of 6/19 6/28 I have the first 3 5 sets of 4 done for a total of 12 20 completed)
  16. In my experience paint on a bones figure is less likely to chip than on my metal figures. I have accidently dropped metal minis from my hand to the table and had paint chip. I have dropped metal minis to the floor and had paint chip and sometimes pieces break or bend. I have dropped bones on concrete and not had any paint or figure damage. The stiffer plastic of the few warhammer minis I have is similarly frustrating, weapon tips tend to snap off super easily while the mini was in transport. Just my personal experience.
  17. Stunning. I love how clear and crisp the banded stripes are compared to the dirty look of the fabric. Very excellent and realistic, great job!
  18. Love the reindeer. Also love the idea of using that wizard for a list-bearing frostgrave figure. And i love the concept of the pathfinder goblins as little maniacal elves. Especially love the candy cane.
  19. Very nice. I like how natural and earthy the wyvern looks. Excellent job on his base.
  20. That plaid is amazing. Also really like the icey/blizzardey/swirly pattern on your illusionist. Also how mono-color his cloak is really makes it stand out even more.
  21. I think his fur on his haunches turned out very well. My only critique is probably more light for the photo, that can be hard though so I say it as someone still struggling to take good photos.
  22. Great job on the highlights here and there on the wood. Also lovely job on the leaves/green growing on him. Looks very crisp and bright and well detailed.
  23. What an excellent start! Very colorful and unique, I'm sure it was a lot of fun.
  24. What a clever way to make him stand out and be different.
  25. Wow that is absolutely some creepy and chilling conversions. Great execution.
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