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  1. I want-a Roc!! Pledge upped, thanks Reaper for something both big and impressive for those clamoring for the big show pieces as well as something that is a gaming icon for those of us who game. Now some female warrior giants between now and the end and I will be very happy.
  2. Female centaur they have already in Bones (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/centaur/sku-down/77264)
  3. Absolutely agree. We had TWO female hill giants in the campaign my huz is currently running (Storm King's Thunder) that interacted with the players. We used the female Ogre from Bones 3 for the second one but it's just frustrating to see three more sculpts get released and they are all so similar. I'm skipping all the hill giants in this but if Reaper made a female giant warrior add-on pack (maybe a hill, fire, frost, and storm or stone) all in dynamic poses I would definitely get it. I hope they do some day include that in their catalogue.
  4. I agree she is a fantastic addition. I also like Erasmus. I suspect he is doing more of a Gambit thing with those cards but I can also see him having just been caught cheating in a card game and is holding up his other hand trying to explain himself and stall until he can get out of there, so he'd make a really good rogue too. Really like all the heroes there in that pathfinder group.
  5. Yeah kinda bummed we have 5 hill giants now, ALL male, ALL shirtless, ALL wielding clubs. Really wish if we were going to have 5 nearly identically dressed dudes maybe one of them could have been throwing a rock or something at least. I guess all the lady hill giants are in the kitchen making sandwiches.
  6. Try to stay warm! I'm sure I can find something on it, thanks for the suggestion
  7. Thanks maybe that's why the green doesn't look like I thought. Saw you talking about those Tamiya clear paints and something I need to look into.
  8. I did really similar math and that's why I'm probably adding dreadmere. The core is still on the "pick and choose" for me though because there's only 3 packs I'm sure I want at this point. And saving money on some figures might not be worth the pain of a bunch of stuff I don't want. Plus gives me retail to look forward to. We'll see though, huz says he'll decide at the end of the kickstarter when everything is pretty much revealed. He hasn't been real pro-core so far, but maybe he is thinking it over.
  9. Dreadmere looks pretty good, no lie. Also for those looking for paint racks there's some european (or NZ?) company called Hobby Zone that makes paint stands of various sizes. I have two of their Large Paint Stands on my desk and love them. I believe they make a bunch of items for a system so you can get storage for accessories and such as well.
  10. I'm in. I'll vote for- 77413: Margara, Dwarf Shaman 77414: Halbarad, Cleric 77419: Balthon, Evil Cleric
  11. I was just pondering if too many teasers does them a disservice. I see everyone asking for dragons but they want "more/different" dragons than the one we already have and the one teased (that presumably we'll get eventually). Everyone seems to want "new". As soon as it's teased or released, it doesn't remain exciting.
  12. Alright I ponied up for the tree when that came up. All you guys who were excited by the hut it's your turn now.
  13. Minus the beer and sounds like most of my basing/terrain projects. You forgot to mention losing finger tips to super glue.
  14. Those frogs look great. That cart looks great. Dreadmere is approaching a serious maybe for me even though I have several of the figures in metal already. Also love the bandits. The core is still looking like a pick and choose but who knows.
  15. My next two sets of hobgoblins and hobgoblin veterans. I was not as pleased by how well my first set turned out (first set) as I still struggle to paint anything in white very well and felt like there wasn't enough contrast or detail on the armor. So instead this time I tried a sort of a paint, then dark wash, then highlight to get the detail out on their armor. I was hoping the green armor would look more jade (I have those foo dogs to paint up eventually) and it didn't quite turn out like I wanted to, but I am pleased that at least the detail in their armor wasn't as lost this time around. A
  16. Trying to paint up some of my Bones I stuff as well as get more heroes done and intersperse them through my bigger painting projects. I didn't have a lot of halflings painted so decided to paint this little bard fellow. I always try to mimic the official art on at least my first one if they are pathfinder iconics. His coat is burgundy wine/violet red and his hair is the blonde hair triad. I'm mostly happy with the way his pants turned out though someone better could have gotten more detail on the scarf around his waist. He's lazily pinned to a base from Dragon Forge Design. Anyways, thanks for
  17. Finished off my congress of bugbears (murder of bugbears?). Like the last set, had to cut them out of their broccoli then glue them to these wooden 1" squares I have diagonally so they'd sort of almost fit in 1". Skin/fur is a base of russet brown and highlighted with mixing that with blonde shadow. Hair/fur is russet brown mixed with auburn shadow. Anyways, they were all fun and expressive. Thanks for reading!
  18. The three ogre grunt types from Bones 3. Not sure which is which, so obviously I had to paint them all up together so I could just post them all at once. They, like the other Bones 3 ogres, are excellent and were fun to paint. Thanks for reading!
  19. Added in the tree. Still on the fence on core and dreadmere. There's just a lot extra I don't want to the point where it would be cheaper to get just what I want from the core and just what I want from dreadmere at retail. But who knows, may end up going all in on both before this is over. I suppose that's why $$ goes drastically up near the end. I'm going to need the box of good will to come by my house after receipt of this Kickstarter if I do end up getting either one of those. Would love to trade minis for basing bits...
  20. I'm in the same boat (har har). I already have the fish wives and those three dreadmere dudes in metal (because they are awesome). Dat boat tho...
  21. I stand by my statement Reaper would make a boat load of money off of a "Bones Classics" kickstarter. I agree it's a huge problem everyone asking for things that are already available in Bones. And Bryan already kindly responded to me as to why they would never do a KS that sold existing models (don't want to compete with their retail whom they are trying to support). But it still remains a problem, I get for some foreigners buying from the online store is costly, but buying from a Kickstarter can't be much better, can it? Hopefully with their foreign shipping stuff Reaper gets online sales so
  22. Just wanted to say I really loved this sculpt. We used her for a hill giant in a recent game (even though she's way too small) because a) there weren't any female hill giant miniatures and b) she's so much awesome. Would love to see some female giant sculpts that have the chutzpah she does. She would have made a perfect hill giant if only she was bigger.
  23. Okay how about a giant animal add-on. I wanna see Wiebe's and Guthrie's giant snakes (to compliment the cobra we got last KS). Maybe that giant eagle is big enough for a roc? I can't tell. Also giant cave sloth and killer frogs, cause why not.
  24. Maybe it makes sense to "let" this weekend be a little slow. Then they can ramp up with surprises and extra goodies for the last two weeks. Gotta have a low point at some point, right? Might as well be now so it can be all uphill from here. What am I doing talking when I should be painting.
  25. Dice and Rocky are the only things I've locked in so far! All the sculpts are great. Even the third set of gobs I didn't want or the new owlbear and griffon I didn't think we needed, they still LOOK great. I'm not posting on KS (only here) but I'm sure I'm also guilt of forgetting there are humans with emotions behind all these miniatures. Also speaking of Gene I am kind of hoping for more mouslings. I got some in Bones 2 that I never knew I needed but now I know I need. Some interesting new twist (like the space mouslings were) maybe steampunk or aboriginal (Zulu? Maori?) Warriors
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