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  1. I suppose I mean...the arguments of "no one's making you buy it" or "it's still a great deal" don't work on me so I wouldn't expect them to appease people in the KS comments.


    A couple years ago I was backing a different Kickstarter and the fans of the brand were overwhelmingly negative towards anyone who criticized or questioned and it was just a huge echo chamber. I wouldn't want the same thing to happen here where we feel the need to gang up on people offering suggestions or mentioning what they don't like. Sometimes people just want to be heard. Snake boobs are a good example where it was just talked out here with people's concerns and no one said they couldn't express their opinion since no one was forcing them to buy it.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, hungerfan said:


    BUT no one is forcing you to buy the core set OR the radishes.  So ask all you want but don't complain when what you want is not there.  Just do the easy choice of not paying for something you don't want.


    I'm sorry are my 4 posts on this thread really putting someone out? Taking up valuable digital space? How about we all express our opinions as we like in a friendly manner. I'm not sure why some get categorized as complaining when other critical posts do not. I have a few posts about the minis I'm excited about, presumably those ones are okay?

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:

    @Nunae - yep! Why I encourage everyone go do their own calculus on what is valuable to them. And why I occasionally put out my rough little calculations. 


    For instance: if we adjust by size and determine each small creature is $0.56, then the 24 goblins would be $13.44 of your $100 pledge. If someone didn't like the goblins they would have to ask themselves "Am I getting $13.44 worth of value somewhere else?" For example if someone really liked gauth, $5.56 + $13.44 = $19.00. We know gauth is going to be at least $30 at retail, so a person would have to ask themselves if they were ok with that value. Some may be, some may not be. Some may figure they could get at least $13.44 for selling the goblins to someone else. And etc. 


    Here is why I don't like that argument. There is a limited number of things that will get made in Bones during this Kickstarter. So it's not so much that one doesn't get dollar value from the core set, it's that space / releases taken up by creatures we already have (griffon, owlbear, another set of gobs that I didn't think we needed when they got released in B3) versus new creatures (certain elementals, more variety on certain giants, see my list from earlier).


    That said I'm only complaining here amongst Reaper regulars and only because I'm a big Reaper fan and plan to be buying from them for years. There are some things that really got knocked out of the park. I just don't want to be in Bones 5 with some of my very basic gaming needs not met in Reaper's catalogue because they know goblins sell well but they can't kickstart existing goblins without irritating their retail so they just make a new sculpt to get around that (B3). Telling me the value means I shouldn't complain is like telling me you got a bunch of radishes for 50% off when I've been asking for tomatoes.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, dice4hire said:

    Well, considering some of the wish lists I have seen, including my own, 15% is probably very high ;)


    Speaking of wish lists I must  politely repeat my request for a wish list on the Reaper website.


    There are a lot of figures in this kickstarter I have my eye on getting in metal, and a few I discovered while looking for those. And I always need to remember what paint I'm low on. I'm just saying, help me with my addiction please.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Nordenheim said:




    Hey guys, this is Nicolay! Thanks for liking my idea, I'm actually sketching some examples of what it could look like at the moment, but will have to wait until tomorrow to share them on here, since it's past 1am here in the UK! (I do actually need sleep ahah)

    If you had interchangeable statues, which would get your votes? My thoughts were Snake, Spider, Dragon and Lion, but there may be an obvious option that hasn't crossed my mind!


    Welcome to the forums! We love to see everyone's art around here! So long as no one gets their hopes up about what will realistically make into the kickstarter.

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  6. Just saw this in OneBoot's summaries on the info thread from a couple days ago. I wonder if we will hear (maybe after the fact) which were the more popular add-ons and such?


    @Cat - only 30% of backers have used the PM to enter their rewards, so currently, yes, the two systems do not line up well. However, extrapolating from that subset, we can see which rewards are going over well.

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  7. I agree the snakes with glands thing is silly, but it's also just part of a bigger problem in fantasy gaming in general. Folks have been asking for more female minis, so if you make a snake one how do you distinguish it? Give your snake people long hair or something? I think it's fine and don't blame the sculptor or Reaper for how silly gender stuff just already is in D&D, at least they listened and we are getting more lady characters.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Reaperbryan said:

    We expect to see the evening average faster than the morning, and things to gradually slow down as people spend their weekend gaming, with family, or whatever people do. 


    Painting, obviously. You think I have time for family with all these unpainted minis? They're my family now...*creepy laugh*


    1 hour ago, Sirithiliel said:


    exactly! win-win!

    mostly, we have a ton of regular monsters like goblins and kobolds, and a lot of PC adventurers, we realy want to flesh out the towns. So much of games happen in towns, with NPCs and nice town folk and then the low tier thugs, bandits, and thieves. Town guard, militia, etc. the simple thug guys could stand in for those too


    Now that I've gone full circle and started to get a lot of hero sized minis in metal, I appreciate the full Reaper catalogue here. They have a Townsfolk IV: Bandits set that's really nice. Also I had already gotten some of the guys from the last Kickstarter in metal (the bandit-y club holding leather wearing guys) without realizing I was about to get them in Bones too. But I'm always happy to see more bandits, townsfolk, and NPCs (LOVED the set of townsfolk from the last KS) because Reaper tends to release all their hero sized bones in metal eventually anyways, so win-win for me.


    Also really excited to see that wyvern. That's an itch that needed scratching for years.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Reaperbryan said:

    Never going to happen. We would never undercut our retailers by discounting something that they are trying to sell. Just as we pay our bills by selling existing models, so do the thousands of women and men that run FLGSs across the world, and that relationship means a lot to us.


    I absolutely know why you would not do it. But in my mind, selling a "new" batch of Goblins when your retailers are selling the "old" goblins is basically the same thing. Or heck, do a KS with prices equal to retail and I bet people would still back it. Everyone keeps saying the point of Bones KS is to get new models into Bones but then the same monsters come up again and again.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    As Bryan stated only 20% are returning backers ( that's us folks) so that means 80% are new to Bones KS.

    In that perspective I can see the value of a core set filled with pretty generic creatures and characters.

    Gauth may not be to everyone's taste, but at $1,35 a piece now, this is an awesome deal for a Dragon.

    I kinda like him, but may pick him up later.


    We returning backers, collectors and such already have many things, so yes, we should be looking at the expansions and options.

    I know I will buy the big and odd stuff that will come along as well as a few things from the Core Set that will be available seperately later.

    I'm not that interested in the core set either, but statistically it is not meant for me ...

    It is meant for the newcomers to the hobby / Bones.


    I will be waiting for the rest.

    I think there is something in this KS for everybody.

    Like the Chronoscope, I only have a handful of such minis, but I'm happy for the Scifi fans that they can join in now.

    And later I will buy those Space Dinos.


    I'm sure there will be great stuff for all of us!






    I keep thinking Reaper should do a "Best of Bones" or "Bones Classics" Kickstarter. Basius did something similar. Sell existing Bones minis in packs that are slightly cheaper than retail but probably more expensive than the original KS price was.


    For every repeat backer who already has enough goblins and kobolds (me) there's always someone brand new to Reaper who seems to want to use the KS to obtain things Reaper already has at retail. So why not cater it to those people?


    I'm not trying to be whiny (it comes naturally I don't have to try) but I already have 3 iterations of Goblins in Bones and plenty of them. Plenty of kobolds. Lots of trolls. Lots of heroes holding swords already. Lots of dragons. Lots of generic helmeted bad guys. Lots of minis that can be used for wraiths. Lots of bearded wizards.


    I need more storm giants, cloud giants, female hill, stone, and fire giants (we have zero female hill or stone, do fire only have one female in their clan and no fighting females?). I need lots more farm animals; cows, pigs, sheep, horses, llamas. Small fencing, carts, wagons, siege weapons, dungeon dressing and items that can be used to dress up my bases (columns, broken columns, fallen tree trunks). Metallic dragons. Properly sized aboleths, cockatrices, and eye beasts. Cloakers, stirges, couatls, cyclops, dinosaurs, displacer beasts, missing elementals, more mindflayers in dynamic poses, nagas, more "filth beasts", rakshasa, a few male and female cat people, roc, shark dudes, more fish things, shambling mound, treants, more plant monsters, slaads, incubus, umber hulk, wyverns, more than 1 yuan-ti, dogs, snakes, elephants, sea creatures.


    I know there might be some existing minis that "might work" for some of these. Just pointing out I'd rather have the gaps in my gaming needs collection filled before we get round 3 of Goblins because people don't want to buy the existing ones from Reaper for some reason.

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  11. I really hope I can get the pig and cart by themselves when they split up the core. Otherwise I'll be waiting for retail.


    We have started to prefer getting heroes in metal for better detail. I agree with a lot of other people, I didn't need another set of Goblins in B3 and the same is true today. Other than checking all the boxes on missing dragons I don't need more generic dragons either.


    So far looks like I'll be getting the crab/croc group by itself and the not-modrons. We are repeat backers but I haven't even bothered to put in my $1 pledge yet since there is no rush. So there might be a lot of former backers still sitting on the sidelines like me and that could be why the 20% seems low.


    I'd love to get in on terrain but I suspect it will be more pieces like dragons don't share or bonehenge rather than terrain I could actually use regularly like resin bases. So we will see.

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  12. 33 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:


    Reaper Linen White, Rosy Skin and Scale 75 Sahara yellow and Elven Gold are paints I finish pretty quickly.

    other bottles seem to stay untouched in my collection...strange,..


    Linen white is a great one, I go through it too. Also pure black, shadowed stone, golden shadow, muddy soil, walnut brown, blackened brown. But it's possible I'm a bit careless with my paints and put too much out thereby needlessly going through faster than I should.

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  13. 10 hours ago, Citrine said:

    Nice skin tones and I love that bright yellow.  Care to share the yellow recipe?


    Skin tone was just the olive skin triad (maybe mixed with dark skin highlight for the darkest layer? I can't remember). Yellow was the HD pale saffron for the base coat than mixed with linen white for lighter shades. I was attempting to give it a bit of a "washed out" or older look and find mixing with white seems to do just that to certain shades.

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  14. July/August:


    1. Sir Conlan (Show-Off)

    2-5. Winter wolves and regular wolves (Show-Off)

    6-13. Bugbear Warriors (Show-Off)

    14-17. Hobgoblins (Show-Off)

    18-19. Ogre Chieftain & Ogre Matriarch (Show-Off)

    20-22. Bones 3 Ogres (Show-Off)

    23-31. 9 more bugbears (Show-Off)

    32. Lem, Iconic Bard (Show-Off)

    33-40. 8 More Hobgoblins (Show-Off)

    41-44. 4 desert hobgobs (Show-Off)

    45-62. 18 Bones I goblins (Show-Off)


  15. Painted up this hero as a break from some of the groups of figures I've been doing lately. His eyes didn't come out very well, but it was a bit difficult to get under his hood. Since he's only painted for tabletop quality I'm okay with how it turned out. Thanks for reading!





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