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  1. Rounding out my bones hatchlings here's the blue one! Thanks for reading!
  2. Like Matt Damon doesn't have enough problems already, now his Kickstarter ships while he's stranded? I'm never angry at delayed Kickstarters. Only bait and switch. I backed a KS that is coming up on two years now, but I feel confident I'll either never get the thing or I'll get exactly what I pledged for. Not some weird hodge podge mess. On the other hand, I've pulled out of major kickstarters from other manufacturers because they felt things like sticking to consistent sizing and scale were limitations on their artistic vision. I felt like all the superfans ganged up on me and told me to
  3. Here's the red baby dragon. The sculpts on the red and green hatchlings are a bit nicer and easier to paint than how the other two turned out (I think it's a problem with bones and detail and too much flash, not really a sculpt problem). Anyways, thanks for reading!
  4. Painting up one of my sets of hatchlings. The green is definitely one of the nicer hatchling sculpts, the green and red ones are both a bit easier than the others to get at the details. Thanks for reading!
  5. Been painting up my hatchlings, so here is the baby ebony dragon. Difficult to highlight black without making it look gray, but at least the mini has a nice "ebony dragon" look to it despite what my paint job may imply. Thanks for reading!
  6. Painting up some of my heroes. Eando is similar to other minis that the players at my table for whatever reason tend to pick up randomly to use for their characters. So I painted him darker than I might normally paint a hero since the other players at my table all want their minis to be darkly dressed and sitting in corners at all times, preferably with their hoods over their faces. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  7. Bones 2 fulfilled October 2013 with a 1st wave shipper date of October 2014. Actual fulfillment didn't happen until February 2015. So they promised 12 months and it took 16 months. Bones 3 fulfilled in July and promised 1st wave in September, so promised 14 months. Actual will be...21 months maybe? My point is if last time it took 16 months to fulfill, you shouldn't assume you can do it faster than that this time around. That's all. Also wouldn't be a bad idea if your estimate landed at the beginning of a year rather than at the end. People will be upset they didn't get minis by Christmas but
  8. I sort of have to agree with this. While I personally can wait for fulfillment (have 20 minis already) and at least I know it's in process, not just some nebulous "someday" like some other kickstarters, I'm surprised how far off estimates were this time. Bones 2 ended up being if I recall 4-ish months late? So I don't know why the planning folks at Reaper then promised the same promise-time they had for Bones 2. What made them think Bones 3 would be faster to fulfill than Bones 2? In my real world job I've noticed our customers and executives always seemed to think the 2nd or 3rd time aro
  9. Painted up my vrocks / vulture demons for possible use in the campaign we are in (and they make good stand ins for large bird things). I was pretty negligent when it came to cleaning up the flashing, and it's pretty intense, but since these are only monsters for table top I did not care enough to fix it. Used Viva crackle medium on the bases.
  10. Painted up this lovely lady this week. She was a lot of fun and not as difficult as I thought she'd be, though she has plenty of detail. Base is Basius.
  11. That's a fun thought process, and you might be able to get the manager at chili's to take 10% off for such things, but it doesn't work that way with multi-million dollar Purchase Orders and international contracts. There's an awful lot of armchair quarterbacking in the comments section from people that I'm sure have decades of experience managing multimillion dollar international projects, all of which seem to think that the same approach they take when they yell at their server for adding tomatoes when they distinctly said "no tomatoes" fixes literally everything. That if we just raise ou
  12. Slipped this guy into my painting queue as I was looking for some variety and to paint a few heroes. The integrated base made him a little tough to paint as it didn't stick to my base holders to paint on, but otherwise he was fun. Thanks for reading!
  13. Got this mini when it was released sometime last year I believe. Finally decided to paint her up. Nothing super special, thanks for reading!
  14. Painting up my giants for Storm King's Thunder. Skin is heather blue mixed with cloudy gray and misty gray for highlights. Hair is sapphire blue / true blue / sky blue. Thanks for reading!
  15. Painting up most of my giants for eventual/maybe need (I'm not the DM as the huz is) in Storm King's Thunder. These frost giants are unfortunately a bit smaller than the ones coming in Bones IV will be, but that just meant more room for snow on their bases. Skin is heather blue mixed with cloudy gray and misty gray for highlights. Hair is sapphire blue / true blue / sky blue. Snow is the usual white glue, white paint, and baking soda. Thanks for reading!
  16. Picked this guy up a while ago as a bandit boss type guy. Was looking for some variety in my painting so decided I would paint him and try out my new bronze skin triad. I really like the bronze skin triad, even if my last layer was a bit too thick and the transition could have been better. When you put the first coat down you wonder if their skin will be orange but it really comes together in the end. Thanks for reading!
  17. 1-2. Stone Giants (Show-Off) 3. Street Thug (Show-Off) 4. Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess (Show-Off) 5. Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl (Show-Off) 6. Queen Ileosa (Show-Off) 7. Male Thunderknight (Show-Off) 8. O-Sayumi (Show-Off) 9-10. Vulture Demons (Show-Off) 11. Red Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off) 12. Eando Kline (Show-Off) 13. Black Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off) 14. Green Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off) 15. Blue Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off) 16. Arran Rabin (Show-Off) 17-20. Dwarf Adventurers (Show-Off)
  18. Amazing mini, love your color choices on her. I agree she is a perfect ursula (always a fave of mine!)
  19. Thanks. I thought this update was much more clear than the last couple ones and well done. Also to clarify I'm not the grumpy Jessi in the KS comments section. I am wiser than some here and staying out of that. I keep rolling my eyes every time someone says "oh if only Reaper would just talk to / lay down the law with their supplier" makes me think those giving that advice have never worked with a difficult supplier before. I worked with an impossible vendor for many years and nevermind that they were domestic and there was no language barrier and they were getting millions of dollar
  20. No filter. Might just be a result of poor lighting. I use sunshine and had been waiting a few weeks fkrv good light and just got impatient and took my photos today. But I think I waited too close to midday.
  21. Beautifully done. Shield turned out great and love how natural her skin looks.
  22. Love those blue flames and excellent detail on the face.
  23. Painting up all my giants for Storm King's Thunder. These guys are pinned on a couple layers of cork with a few scibor statue basing pieces and the stone from the familiar and stone set to make them look like they are standing amongst ruins. Milliput and gritty pumice to make some rocks and sand and hopefully a bit more natural looking. Tried mixing all their colors with gray so that overall they still looked gray and stone like. Thanks for reading!
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