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  1. I contributed yesterday. There will be enough wings and/or sandwiches for the lactose intolerant folks I'm hoping?
  2. I really like the fish cultist/priest 92620 already mentioned. Also like 92611 the friar. 92616 gauntfield/scarecrow might be cool also as something I wouldn't prioritize otherwise. That's kinda why I like these things, push me to do something different.
  3. Me too. 6 days after the UPS MI email it has finally changed... to Bensenville. 930 miles in 6 days is making pretty good time for an Army Surplus WW2 truck, especially when they can only travel at night without lights in case of air-raids. A pity they didn't have a compass. New Zealand is south-west of Texas across the pacific, last I checked Chicago is north-east of Denton. Maybe it's a zen thing "To travel toward ones destination, first one must travel away". I enjoyed your write-up. But realistically Chicago might be where they are flying out of. They are a big, internation
  4. A wizard kebab would be both amazing levels of gruesome and a fun conversion project.
  5. Congrats to the winners! I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you Inarah for organizing this.
  6. Well the first time I painted these guys (see here) they were so much fun I got another set, and then another Carl, Fred and Bert. Decided to do these six in orange and purple. Some backs for reference... And the idol... Thanks hope you all enjoy. I'll take comments and criticism if anyone has them, and if you were thinking about buying these guys, run right out and buy them!
  7. Ditto for Pathfinder. Bugbears and gnolls are medium. Though the gnolls at least are right at the upper edge of medium, not sure about the bugbears. The real reason for the base size issue though is that these were Warlords sculpts which sit nicely diagonally on 1" square bases rather than on round bases. Well since I have a bunch of 1" circular bases, and have some OCD, and want all of my minis to be on the same bases (especially convenient now that Reaper will make lots of bases I can buy) it's just frustrating. The only option I can see is chopping the legs off the exist
  8. We are a little frustrated by how many are not going to fit on the bases properly. A lot of the bugbears and gnolls, while great sculpts, are a tad too big or standing too wide and go over the edges of the one inch base. Just bringing this up for Reaper folks in the future since I know I'm not the only one using these for gaming. On a more positive note, I agree the sculpts look way better this time. Some things feel softer than some of my older bones, anyone know why that is? For instance the spiders that match the ones already out: these are way softer than the older ones I already had.
  9. I really like it. It makes me be creative and do something a little different than I would otherwise do. I get what others are saying on having the whole month (since the typical speed of this challenge is 1 mini a week), but having this and me trying to do the Little People Beauty Pageant meant I got a lot of minis done earlier in the month than I probably would have otherwise. And in both cases, I painted minis I might not have selected myself. Which is perfect, because then I'm just trying to get my stuff done and the challenge stuff. My V-Day entry was pretty not creative, but after the fa
  10. Here's my fourth miniature of February (for the revolutionary painting challenge). One of the challenges was to paint something Valentine's Day themed. I'm a little less creative than some folks who've already posted, but I plucked one of my Bones strumpets up and decided to paint her in a nice V-Day pink color. She was fun to paint. I used the blood triad for the darker shades and then the punk rock pink and the breast cancer pink colors for her pink highlights. Something a little funky happening with the sculpt on her arm but maybe I should've cleaned up better prior, but I'm okay with how i
  11. Sympathy like. I've had the same thing happen across international borders and on a scale of Toronto, ON, to Tennessee and back again. Our friend's Wave 1 left Monday night same as ours and despite being in the same county and 15 minutes from us his didn't get out here as fast and will take until today to arrive (we got ours yesterday). Goes to show the whole 2 days Reaper needs to get ROWs done is only just barely more than UPS can be arbitrary.
  12. Got our box and inventory complete. Our package was 26 lbs for point of reference so figuring out where to start setting stuff up and organize temporarily is a bit of a struggle, so nothing is quite open yet. Those minis are sure jammed into the core and expansion boxes! Also much thanks to Katie for pulling our order.
  13. Yikes!!! Close one indeed! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Was listening to this on the radio this morning and had the same thought. Very close indeed!
  14. Great job on him. I love the mini, and love the colors you've chosen.
  15. That was definitely a toughy. Thanks Inarah for putting this together. It was fun to participate and fun to see what everyone did with these figures.
  16. As an additional data point, I have a working tracking number but no email from UPS (just Reaper). I don't know if anyone's gotten a UPS email? Just saying that because it's probably not significant I'd you don't have one.
  17. "Scheduled delivery information is not available at this time. Please check back later." Barring other stops, I'd expect the truck to arrive at the UPS facility in Commerce City sometime this evening. Which might mean delivery tomorrow, but that last step sometimes gets delayed. Email only from Reaper. Same. Also, for anyone having issues with their tracking number make sure you are grabbing the whole thing. The link in my email is cutting off the tracking number. Just pointing that out in case it helps anyone.
  18. I also completed 3 bones minis this weekend, therefore I declare your logic to be flawless. Else, what will we do, panic? Nope...keep calm and carry on painting.
  19. Did you use a tutorial for that marble effect? I'm greatly impressed, and also need to paint some marble eventually.
  20. Excellent paint job. You did a very realistic shading on all his bones and I like the bandages hanging off of him too.
  21. Just want to say grats to Marineal for completing February so early. I am right on their heels though...
  22. Here's Hellakin, one of my entrants for the Little People Beauty Pageant and part of my count for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge. I painted him in a single day so I'm pretty proud of being able to get that done, though he's not a speed paint by any means. Struggled a little to get his hair highlighted correctly, and not sure if I made the right color choices (the mister thinks I should've made him more flashy). I kept messing up the layering on his cloak too, making my layers too watery and having to repeat and glaze it back down. Anyways, I'm glad I've knocked him off my list, comments
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