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  1. Thanks you guys are awesome. I knew there had to be enough old school folks on here, just didn't think I'd get it figured out so quickly. It did have a ral partha look to it but I wasn't sure since I know a lot of those will have the words etched on it. Internet says if I prime, paint it, and seal it that should stop the lead rot. If anyone has any other ideas there feel free to offer suggestions. And thanks so much to this awesome community.
  2. I really like the color choices you've given him on his armor. Also nice touch with that scar he has there. Great job on the gums and teeth as well and nice intense eyes.
  3. Amazing paint job. Also very cool mini, but you've really added a lot to it and I love what you've done with the base.
  4. Great work on the lighting coming up from the lava of his base. I based some fire giants similarly, but your lighting came out a lot better than mine. Also love the details you've put into his face and great color selection.
  5. I love what you've done with his hair/fur. And he has excellent intense eyes.
  6. I love your color selection on him and the placement. I love the bright red with the muted green and the placement of the metallics. Great miniature, I don't normally go in for robots but you can see some personality in this one.
  7. Lovely color selection and I like the blood dripping from her axe. Didn't go for the beard when I painted her last year, but I agree there was something funky going on with her jawline on the model there.
  8. Agree with Thes Hunter that is an amazing job on the ribbon. Great layers and outlines all over, but I really like the emblem on the horse's elf as well.
  9. Wow. Love his night vision goggles and amazing hand painted camo. How did you pull that off? I'm highly impressed by that freehand.
  10. Hellakin also had a bit of a thing for the dramatic. He thought highly of his thieving skills but more highly of his flair and style. When he grew his soul patch he knew it added that extra bit that he always needed, it always suited him well. He wasn't sure why his friends never complimented how much more awesome it made him. They were probably just jealous anyways, jealous of just how cool he was. Better photos taken in the light of day below...
  11. Can someone help me figure out what this miniature might be or who it comes from? My in-laws were cleaning out their attic and bequeathed this guy to us. I'm guessing he's from my father in-law's early days of playing D&D, which was mid-80's, but the mini might be from before then for all I know. I looked all over and did not see any engraving or words on it.
  12. It's not easy being a dwarf mage. Khael got these gray hairs from being careful and suspicious and surviving many difficult battles and many trying days. Sometimes, you and your dwarf companions get on well and defeat evil. Sometimes they think because you know a little magic you can turn water into ale. Khael has managed to turn a few people into newts for a very short while and that was very satisfying. As was defeating that purple worm that was threatening his clan. Yes, sometimes Khael can just take a few puffs from his favorite pipe and appreciate what he's accomplished.
  13. Here's my completed Khael for the Little People Pageant and part of my February count for the resolutionary painting challenge. I'd been looking at this guy on my shelf for a long time. I painted one of him for a fellow gamer that wanted him in typical Gandalf colors. The one on my shelf though I'd been flip flopping between yellow robes and red robes. Decided to go with the yellow. It was my husband's suggestion to give him dark brown hair with a little salt'n'pepper graying going on. I could probably improve on that, but I like it better than when I tried the same for the pirate captain and
  14. I was thinking of Bone 3: Bigger, Badder, Basier! Lots of large minis and bases.I know this isn't a Bones III thread but I want to mention II is already coming with a lot of big stuff and I'd rather more useful pieces for the gaming table than a bunch of huge figures. As a GM, I'd just like to say that "huge figures" and "useful pieces for the gaming table" are not mutually exclusive. I hope my players aren't reading this… I hear what you are saying. I just wouldn't want a completely hypothetical Bones III to be all focused on huge. There's a lot of great large figs in Bones I and eve
  15. I was thinking of Bone 3: Bigger, Badder, Basier! Lots of large minis and bases. I know this isn't a Bones III thread but I want to mention II is already coming with a lot of big stuff and I'd rather more useful pieces for the gaming table than a bunch of huge figures.
  16. That certainly won't be my first mini to paint, but I have the same scheme in mind.
  17. More of the townsfolk that aren't already in bones. Bandits (02677) Beggar from II (02584) (P02584B) The lady mob rioter from VIII (03123) (P03123) Man with the walking stick (02825) (P02825C) Ladies from 02655 Serving chick from tray from I (02583) (P02583C) Dude in the pillory (03472) (P03472A) All of the townsfolk clergy (02950) Henchman from VI (02845) (P02845B) And forget I've mentioned these two before... Ice toad (03464) Dire crocodile (03422)
  18. Now you have to. For science. I'd volunteer but I live in a warm climate.
  19. Count me and the mister (dasfalke) in.
  20. Great job, definitely better than tabletop standards to my eyes. Love the cute little cows and chickens. Beautiful little scene as well.
  21. Is that freehand on the carpet? Looks amazing. I love how all the details look exactly like stitching. Only request from me might be to work on your photography skills a little, I feel like we're losing details in the photo (and yes, this is a struggle for me as well).
  22. Wow he is amazing. I love the layering you've done on his scales and his wings. Also great base work. But seriously, his scales are amazingly realistic.
  23. I can't tell if it's just the photo, but what did you use to clear coat her with? All my early minis look like this. Bright and shiny. Then I switched to Testor's dullcote spray (no, this isn't an ad). Anyways, it does amazing things after painting and reduces the shiny, especially on bones minis where you don't need a crazy thick sealer. Agree with the advice on lining, though my method is lazier than Aard_Rinn's. I paint the face, then paint my liner color all over and around the eye. Then put white in the eyes, and if necessary use skin tone to clean up around the eye. I can't really "line"
  24. On the lining, the little flap piece that's on his shoulders. There's a part of me that wanted to give it more definition. But I was worried if I visibly lined it the whole way around, the contrast between the cloth and the liner would be too jarring.
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