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  1. I've always thought it would be cool if there was "random" button. I click it, it shows me a random miniature. Maybe have a filter to it (metal/bones/boneyard that could all be checked on/off). Sometimes I just like browsing the miniatures and it seems like poking around randomly would be a lot of fun.
  2. Thanks that is definitely feedback I need. I am always afraid to add too much water to the paint, but maybe I need to as the layers get higher. And that seems to be the consensus so at least I know what I need to work towards, or focus on the most right now. Thanks I'll need to make that my new mantra as well. Especially since it seems to be the most common feedback I'm getting. I usually use the reaper triads to do all my layering, is the color depth in a single triad not enough? Should I be darkening the darkest color and lightening the lightest color for more of a range? I r
  3. Thanks! My two bones ones both came with quiver attached, so I'd get the metal if someone wants the quiver off.
  4. Here's the culmination of my first painted set of the Bones I pirates. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves (and I apologize, I'm still working on the photo thing). They were a lot of fun to paint, the women a little more difficult I think due to the sculpts. Gruff Grimecleaver is a really fun little mini. I'm only disappointed when I looked him up in metal and realized his metal version is holding a chicken. How awesome is that! So a chicken might be in the future of my spare version of him. Anyways, thanks for reading, comments and criticism always appreciated!
  5. Wow lovely fur. Also love the detail of the little bit of snow still on his fur near his hooves.
  6. I love it! We have the bones zombies, and when they are lined up on the shelf next to one another with their hands above their heads I feel like they are dancing to Thriller.
  7. Thanks! Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the criticism/ideas too, I'm always trying to get better.
  8. Hobgoblins (like the Jason Wiebe 03040) female heroes with weapons other than swords/staves (and not just female dwarves) some suggestions: scythe: 60088 or 03222 axe: 14018 or 01294 or the kyrie figure from 12 days of reaper hammer: 14519 and a non-dwarf with a hammer would be good mace: 03347 and 14482 spear: 14600 Other cool minis of lower priority that I'd pick up were they in bones: ice toad (03464) dire crocodile (03422) giant cobra (03679) giant snake (03676) dwarf miner sgt (14406) stag lord (60073)
  9. I love the table with all the books on it. Also love the cat as it's crawling into every place that has something going on, just like a normal cat.
  10. Getting behind on my posting, so a 3 in 1 show-off today. Today's theme is...mummies. First up are the three standard mummies. I tried to give them each a little color for table gaming purposes. It helps the DM to keep track of "the red one" etc. So all these guys are color-coded. Next up, mummy warriors. Same deal here, their cloth is their identifying colors. And lastly their mummy captain. This guy was fun as I decided to give the meaty parts of him a real exposed muscle look. Tried out that blood red triad on it for the first time and I think I like the tria
  11. Wow that's an excellent mini and you've done a great job. I love the color transition on her skirt. The color choices really give it a very old school feel too but the mini is very modern as is your paint job, so it plays off one another well.
  12. Great job, I love your color choices. The mini sort of reminds of Wing Chun as portrayed in the Chinese movie.
  13. Got my 2nd one today (bomber Sophie). Ginger cookie. And take heart everyone whose trackers still says shipping label created. That's what mine STILL says but there it was in my doorstep today.
  14. That's quite a lot of progress. I wanted to purple power an old mini I had that I wanted to re-paint and re-use when the mister said I should keep it as is for a reminder of how far I've come. You should be proud of what you've accomplished.
  15. He's even cuter than I realized when they had him out originally. I love what you've done with his eyes, look exactly like a dog's or wolf's eyes.
  16. Really love your base. And his color choices between the vest and the jacket are very complimentary. I love the slightly worn look on his paints too, very natural.
  17. Thanks that looks fantastic. Great job on the fur, amazing.
  18. I love the purple and the green. And your scales! They are excellent! Did you go hand paint them or individually line them or is that dry brushing?
  19. Went through your three presents this year. They are all very nice, nothing I would term as speed painting for quality! Your group is very lucky to be getting things, they look fantastic and unique each one of them.
  20. Werewolvians! I love that conversion! Give the bartender's head some hair and have someone dramatically carry it around maybe. Not sure I'm really that proud of this conversion, but it is my only conversion. Gave Amiri an axe instead of her sword. Standard Amiri: Amiri with an axe from the boneyard: I kind of struggled with her eyes both times, but I'm still pleased with the axe modification.
  21. That witch looks fantastic. Is that in bones or metal? I have 2 of her in bones and was worried she'd look like some hodgepodge of different things, but it really turned out very nicely for you. Also love your maps, and great idea on those ghost figurines. I like to see when "normal" figures get turned into ghosts or statues, it's pretty clever.
  22. Good timing this lady is coming up very soon on my hit list. I like the shading you've done on the cloth on her back, really emphasizes the quilted look of the sculpt.I was trying to think of something good to do with her hair too. She screamed blonde to me but I didn't want to make her a yellow blonde so I like what you've done here, looks strawberry blonde in the photos.
  23. I like the styling. With the white lining everywhere it gives him a different character than if it was all just flat colors or if it was dark/washed type look. Very clever.
  24. I like the blue/yellow with the darker blue-green of the mech. I have a couple moderns that came in Bones I that are still sitting staring at me and wondering how I'll ever manage as well. Like you, got used to painting fantasy and it's a little intimidating to go to something mechanical. But yours looks great!
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