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  1. Another in my set of show-off posts while I am on break (the mister reminded me it was until I go back, not Xmas, so you guys are stuck with these for another couple weeks yet). Painted this guy way earlier this year, in what feels like forever ago, so the paint job isn't as good as I can do now, though it's nice to see that I am maybe making some progress. I just liked it for the idea, granted a lot of folks have done it a lot better. Anyways, enjoy and thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone very much for the feedback. Hopefully this will inspire everyone to run out and get these guys for themselves, they were a lot of fun to paint and great sculpts to boot.
  3. I love your color selection, and the paint in his skin looks fantastic. Also great idea about the shield, definitely makes him a more interesting piece.
  4. Here's part 2 of my goal to post a show off every day between now and Xmas. I was inspired by the excellent paint jobs Briggart did here and Metalchaos did here. These guys were a ton of fun. So much so I put 6 more of the little dudes on order as part of my 12 days of reaper purchases. Because you can never have too many pygmy savages. Anyways, thanks for reading this far. Comments and criticism much appreciated as I work towards getting better at this.
  5. Thanks that's just tarnished brass (over walnut brown as the base, I always like to put golds/bronzes over dark browns) with a black wash over it. If I don't want the thing to look as dirty I'll use a brown wash over bronze/gold which is a lot more subtle but still doesn't come off looking brand new. I think I have the opposite problem, always worried my gold parts will look too gold.
  6. Thanks. I guess I just see a lot of other show-off or stuff in the inspiration gallery and think "wow, why can't I paint like that." Yeah my layers don't always turn out as even as others, and some folks appear to be doing some crazy detail lining work that I'm not even attempting. So now work on layers, and as a future non-metallic metals (though I am very scared of that and putting it off).
  7. Good call. He is a bones, and walnut brown is exactly what was his base color on his mane. I hadn't heard of any issues with it. I used to religiously prime. Then I wondered if I was just needlessly doing extra work, so lately I haven't been priming beforehand. But I'll keep that in mind with that color now.
  8. Anyone doing any fun challenges to stay sane and keep their mind off waiting for Bones II? I feel like the impatience is eating at the outside of my conscious mind and am just trying to stay busy with other mini projects. The updates every other week just aren't enough.
  9. That base looks simply amazing. I really like the shading you've done on his skin, and the color choices really compliment each other and look very nice while still being true to the character of the mini. Very nice!
  10. Love his fur coloring and that's some amazing layering and highlighting on the cloak.
  11. I just love this mini (though mine is still unpainted) and you've done a fantastic job. His gait always reminds me of the Leonardo DiCaprio walking meme, just bounding along without a care in the world. Your fur coloring is fantastic. And those eyes! Definitely makes him look even more bonkers than the mini already portrays, I love it!
  12. I really like the blue/yellow color combo and how they're painted on opposing sides as well, looks really sharp.
  13. Thanks that's extremely helpful. I knew there had to be something matching. Price is no object for the Perfect Paladin.
  14. Hello all. The mister challenged me to start posting some of the stuff I've painted in show-off, in hopes of getting more feedback and working towards becoming a better painter. This is the bones minotaur, painted recently just as something fun and inbetween some other minis that had to be painted. The white stuff in his mane showed up when I clear coated and I didn't notice it until I took the pictures. I've since gone over that again, not sure if the paint disappeared or if that was some goopy leftover from the clear coat. Anyways, comments and criticism would be much appreciated and tha
  15. The only thing keeping me sane are the many 20 minis I still need to paint before Bones II show up.
  16. Are there any figures that have a paladin type miniature that is available both mounted on a horse and available by himself in a normal pose? I have been wanting to make a character for a while that is a mounted fighter. But it would be best if that character could be both by himself with the horse by itself, and mounted on the horse. I know a lot of the mounted figures split up into boneyard parts so getting the horse by itself seems easy, but do any of them match non-mounted figures? I've searched by their names and couldn't come up with anything, but wasn't sure if there was something that
  17. Hope there aren't any supply issues, I notice lots of other people eyeing that sweet barbarian on the 15th. I need it! I only have like 20 minis!
  18. This is looking amazing. Totally excited to see continued progress on this.
  19. It's only because you're playing a guitar in your avatar that I know you're not me. Otherwise, I'd somehow wonder.
  20. I really like how those two blues are going together. It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but maybe a teensy bit more shadow on her chest? Just to create a little contrast between her top, which is pretty light, and her skin. I think that will really set that light blue off really well then.
  21. Really liking the color choices. I have a monk I was considering doing in orange as well so will be keeping an eye on this.
  22. Really love the wash work you've done. Looks appropriately rusty in different ways and different places, very natural.
  23. That shading is really looking amazing. Also love the color combo you are going for here, it's kind of subtle but just looks really good together.
  24. Those are some cool minis. Also, your skin shading is perfect. I might just keep coming back here to remind myself where to get the highlights and lowlights.
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