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  1. Wow that is really cool looking. Eager to see what you will do with his staff, that and the large size make him pretty interesting for a mummy.
  2. This is true. I frequently reminded people in the comments that the negative voices that popped up every now and then were merely frustrated because they were so excited, and they sometimes thought the reality of what was revealed as a goal was less exciting than they had built it up to be, in their enthusiasm. My comments were never intended to be a direct indictment of anybody, just that sometimes by "oversharing" I actually make my own job so much harder. Agreed. And excitement over the green cube is because we love the product that much, even with only a color change it is a "new" mi
  3. Well here we are all done. Thanks to everyone for following along on my first WIP post. I think it kept me more honest and it was nice to have the support of the community on this. Special thanks to Marsya for the helpful suggestion on the hair. That's an extra blonde glaze on the hair which helped differentiate on the tone. And tea leaves that she's standing in. I'm not crazy about it, but I had wanted to try something and the base looked boring without it. Dropped a watered down clear coat on it after to try to keep it in place, and then painted a little green (but it is green tea, so it
  4. Thanks Marsya that helps a great deal. Here's another interim of Amiri, though she is a bit further along now in real life. Tried to make her hair more orange before I understood the glaze stuff, so her hair will change again. Used my color wheel which told me green goes well with red. Gave her a bit of underclothing peaking up here and there that is sort of a mossy green, hopefully enough not to have her look too christmas-y. Her fluff is all painted up and the first coat on things I am calling "bones" on her hand, shoulder and quiver. Next update will probably be the final,
  5. Thanks so much for posting the step by step on the hair. It turned out great and I am going to totally (try to) steal from it. I especially love how you can really tell where the sun is hitting his hair. Also really liking the base for the hat and coat, can tell that is going to look real sharp.
  6. Love the color scheme on her. Also, these miniatures look so fun, can't wait to see as you keep painting.
  7. Thanks, could you clarify what you mean by glaze or point me in the direction of a tutorial or something? I've seen it mentioned a few times but not sure what is meant, like a select wash applied?
  8. There;s not a good scale object in the picture. The core box is 11" tall by 10" wide, by 2.25" deep, if that helps. Thank you, that does help!
  9. This will sound silly, but I'm kind of having trouble understanding the scale of the boxes. Too bad Sir Forscale wasn't conveniently standing next to one of them.
  10. A little further along. I'd consider the armor itself done at this point, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the effect/color, but it seems a little dark. Also I don't like that her hair looks really similar to the accent colors I picked for the cloth. So I may have to fix that. It's funny, I've Amiri already, and picked the colors Pathfinder portrays her as. This time I let myself pick the colors. And I'm not sure I've picked any better. Liking the way the soldier is turning out. He is definitely the simpler of the two. I think I'm going to count the skirt and the
  11. Just seeing this now, but big WOW on the color choices! I love the autumn theme, and what you have done with that orange. I was amazed to see each further piece/step you did just making him pop all the more. Eagerly following along now.
  12. So impatient...is it bad that I know today is the 10th day from the last update? Within which we were maybe going to hear something? Never mind my 200+ still unpainted from vampire box and purchases since then...so eager to get the new stuff!
  13. Love the monk's base, ruins look great. Is that a textured grass/plant on there or just paint over the sculpting to get the plant growth?
  14. Hello, first time poster long time lurker. When we last left our adventurers, the cowardly rogue had managed to run away and the sorcerer had survived. However, the brave cleric and the not-so-quick warlock managed to get themselves ripped to pieces by plague ridden animals. So the party needed new adventurers. Preferably more hardy ones. Frustrated by the Bones' lack of female adventurers with weapons other than swords or staves, I tried my hand at modding my spare Amiri with an axe from the boneyard (P14608B). It had a hand in the right place and I'm pleased with how seamless it looks,
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