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  1. Bought 7 more ice walls (the 5th edition D&D version I think can be 10 squares wide) to compliment the three above. I'll just post them here, you can see it's the slightly different blue tint. They look more blue/green than the original which looked more blue.
  2. I've had her based for a while and just hadn't gotten around to painting her until we recently. We started Storm King's Thunder so she is the cleric I started with. Apologize for the shadow but I've been desperate to get photos taken for a while and there was enough sunshine today to just get it done with. Thanks for reading!
  3. Painting up my giants for Storm King's Thunder. Skin is the tanned skin triad and they are pinned to bases made with basius. Thanks for reading!
  4. Been waiting a while to get some sunshine to take some photos. Still not ideal but good enough. Getting giants ready for Storm King's Thunder, so painted up my hill giants from Bones II. Tanned skin triad, and used my basius to make some bases that I pinned them to and I think that turned out rather nicely.
  5. My goal for 2017 is to paint 120 minis (where each SKU counts as one) (I did 112 in 2016, so this is just a slight push from that). So for January I need to paint 11 minis to stay on schedule. 3 down so far... 77336 Stone Giant 77336 Stone Giant 14329 Street Thug, Mercenaries Grunt In work: 77106 Beorogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl 77107 Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess In the queue prepped and ready... 77262 Vulture Demon 77262 Vulture Demon Dwarves New Adventurers Set (Scibor) 77304 Male Thunderknight 60191 O-Sayumi 60031 Queen IIeosa of Korvosa Dragon Hatchlings
  6. Pictures of some of them are posted (to those who missed, like I did http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72470-january-2017-new-releases/ ) Really like those townsfolk. Am eager to see another angle on the Spirit of Autumn but I think I like her as well. Does not look like I will have any trouble filling out my January order.
  7. That grim reaper looks really nice...just have to decide on some paint and minis I might want to compliment him. I really like that there's an option to buy out right as later in the year I may not want to make a whole $40 order each month.
  8. I feel like this needs to be at the top of the next update. I know all the forumites think it was super clear in the last update. The first time I read through the update I read through it like most non-super-fans probably do, super quick and on my phone. And in my first pass I didn't feel it was explicit that it wasn't the last container. I knew it wasn't, because I had been reading on the forums here and ReaperBryan had stated it wasn't going to be the last one and the bit about still trying to figure out what was in it and what wasn't. ReaperBryan probably spends 30-40 minutes (if n
  9. I thought it was quite clear that there was one more container with an indeterminate ship date. Although I spotted the first comment after the update went out was "When will Wave 1 ship?" I feel like this latest update is not explicit enough on that. Possibly because Reaper themselves are still waiting for the latest shipping manifest to determine exactly how much is left. Just felt like it was worded a bit dangerously.
  10. After the 12 Days of Reaper? We're going to get ready for our next promotion - Reaper's 25th Anniversary Year-long Free Figure-of-the-Month Promotion. We will probably shorten that title though. And thanks to all of you who have and will participate in the 12 Days promotion. Our shipping department works very hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible! How exciting! How about Reaper's 25th Anniversary Dirty Dozen? Also, let me just get this outta the way and FedEx you my wallet...
  11. So it's still not certain that this container is the final container though, right? Cause the update made it sound like it was "the container". For Reaper's sake I hope the Jan 6 update doesn't then clarify what still needs to be shipped or there are going to be a lot of angry commenters on the KS page...
  12. Um, as the person who probably suggested that it might be in the 12 Days, I'm really sorry. I think perhaps in the past you couldn't buy it at all online during the con, I know I've picked up exclusive Con stuff during the 12 Days a few times. I guess the change makes sense when you factor in the Sophie box sets they put out. I'm curious as to whether there's likely to be less changeover in future years, but I'm okay with waiting until Christmas 2017 to find out the answer. While I'd like to blame anyone else, I'm sure you weren't responsible. Just my own issues with trying to be too
  13. Wanted that ReaperCon mousling but thought I could just group it up in one of my 12 days orders. I was wrong. Oh well, my fault for delaying. Learn your lessons everyone, never delay buying something that is temporary.
  14. Viva is the brand. I use a gloss base coat first, also from viva (the one I have is transparent). And then I use the white color version of "crackling colour" from viva. There's a few vids on youtube which show people using it, Eons of Battle used it for both an ice base and a cracked desert base (I don't think he puts a base coat down first) so you can use those for some examples. If you do get it you'll probably want to experiment first. It takes a certain kind of thickness and even-ness to get it right (I had to put down some liquitex over my original attempt on the wargs and then try again
  15. I'm not 100% sure, but probably the original. I had 3 so I must have gotten 1 or 2 from whichever Bones it came in originally and bought 1 or 2 from retail around the same time.
  16. Painted up my two Kavorgh's. Am trying to get more fancy with the bases lately so used some grasses and tufts and you can't see it but some liquid water for a little stream underneath them. Thanks for reading!
  17. Painted up my three ice wall minis. I like them so much I will probably get more (a D&D fifth edition ice wall can be 10 squares long I think?) Painted the edges with pure white then drybrushed linen white. It's not obvious in the photo, but they are still translucent and look cool if the sun is shining through them. Base is typical white paint/PVA glue/baking soda for a snow mix. I painted a little gloss medium over the snow as well so it wouldn't look too matte but that's also not super obvious in the photo. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  18. Painted up my two wargs. Huz wanted them on a barren wasteland, so used my viva crackle to make a crackled dirt base, and two different kinds of army painter tufts (wasteland and i think winter?) Nothing overly complicated but happy with how they turned out.
  19. Love it. Haven't seen her like this before and she looks great. Only complaint is maybe more light and a solid background for future photos so I can drool over your minis for inspiration better.
  20. Very clever and interesting, she turned out rather different but very beautiful!
  21. She looks great. Love your color choices for her. Excellent detail on the face. Beautiful shading on her clothing.
  22. I think I like the blue color scheme more, though the 2nd looks more like a traditional hell hound. Still, it is nice to something different and clever done.
  23. Very excellent! My husband will be starting Storm King's Thunder next year (though maybe we are starting at a different place since we are starting 1st level). Been painting up goblins and other things, just getting to the batch of giants now that I haven't finished yet. Your fire giants turned out very well.
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