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  1. Bought 7 more ice walls (the 5th edition D&D version I think can be 10 squares wide) to compliment the three above. I'll just post them here, you can see it's the slightly different blue tint. They look more blue/green than the original which looked more blue.



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  2. My goal for 2017 is to paint 120 minis (where each SKU counts as one) (I did 112 in 2016, so this is just a slight push from that).


    So for January I need to paint 11 minis to stay on schedule. 3 down so far...

    77336 Stone Giant

    77336 Stone Giant

    14329 Street Thug, Mercenaries Grunt


    In work:

    77106 Beorogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl

    77107 Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess


    In the queue prepped and ready...

    77262 Vulture Demon

    77262 Vulture Demon

    Dwarves New Adventurers Set (Scibor)

    77304 Male Thunderknight

    60191 O-Sayumi

    60031 Queen IIeosa of Korvosa

    Dragon Hatchlings

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  3.  Do you have everything?

    No, we are still waiting for the final shipment from China.



    I feel like this needs to be at the top of the next update.


    I know all the forumites think it was super clear in the last update. The first time I read through the update I read through it like most non-super-fans probably do, super quick and on my phone. And in my first pass I didn't feel it was explicit that it wasn't the last container. I knew it wasn't, because I had been reading on the forums here and ReaperBryan had stated it wasn't going to be the last one and the bit about still trying to figure out what was in it and what wasn't.


    ReaperBryan probably spends 30-40 minutes (if not more) crafting the wording for these updates. Meaning he thinks about it and reads it over and over. And knows what's going on so anything that's "implied" seems obvious to him. To your regular person who stepped away from their desk to breeze through the update real quick, they aren't going to get this clarity. I don't mind being "wrong" on this, I just think it would have helped with the last several updates if the first sentence was: "We still don't know when the last container will be shipping from China. As soon as we have that date, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, here's some cool stuff..." I sort of hate to agree with some of the angry KS commenters, but knowing the ship date of the NOT last container isn't of any real excitement to me.

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    So it's still not certain that this container is the final container though, right? Cause the update made it sound like it was "the container". For Reaper's sake I hope the Jan 6 update doesn't then clarify what still needs to be shipped or there are going to be a lot of angry commenters on the KS page...

    I thought it was quite clear that there was one more container with an indeterminate ship date. Although I spotted the first comment after the update went out was "When will Wave 1 ship?" :rolleyes:

    I feel like this latest update is not explicit enough on that. Possibly because Reaper themselves are still waiting for the latest shipping manifest to determine exactly how much is left. Just felt like it was worded a bit dangerously.

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    Quick question guys, Im out of the habit of painting the metal minis-Ive been busy painting Bones figures.

    Do I need to put on a sealer Before I put on a primer?


    Also, to the Reaper folks, what do you do the day after the 12 days of Reaper? -Mass catchup on sleep, an after party, a mass painting?


    I said this in an email but I also wanted to say it here that we all really really appreciate how cool you make the 12 days of Reaper and how you guys are so quick to send out the items.

    It means alot to all of us!

    After the 12 Days of Reaper? We're going to get ready for our next promotion - Reaper's 25th Anniversary Year-long Free Figure-of-the-Month Promotion. 


    We will probably shorten that title though.  :;):


    And thanks to all of you who have and will participate in the 12 Days promotion. Our shipping department works very hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible!  ::D:



    How exciting!


    How about Reaper's 25th Anniversary Dirty Dozen?


    Also, let me just get this outta the way and FedEx you my wallet...

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    Wanted that ReaperCon mousling but thought I could just group it up in one of my 12 days orders. I was wrong. Oh well, my fault for delaying. Learn your lessons everyone, never delay buying something that is temporary.

    Um, as the person who probably suggested that it might be in the 12 Days, I'm really sorry. :down: I think perhaps in the past you couldn't buy it at all online during the con, I know I've picked up exclusive Con stuff during the 12 Days a few times. I guess the change makes sense when you factor in the Sophie box sets they put out. I'm curious as to whether there's likely to be less changeover in future years, but I'm okay with waiting until Christmas 2017 to find out the answer.



    While I'd like to blame anyone else, I'm sure you weren't responsible. Just my own issues with trying to be too clever. Saw the mini, thought it was cute, but not cute enough to warrant its own order, and knew I'd want to save good sized orders for December anyways. I'm sure many people can be sympathetic with me, I believe it was about 2 years ago that the boneyard disappeared around the time of 12 Days so anyone that was thinking they were going to wait and fill their order with boneyard items was sadly disappointed. Hopefully this guy will pop back up in a future 12 days or future halloween event, it wasn't like I needed him today.

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  7. The wargs came out great, but your outstanding bases made me add Viva crackle to my cart. Do you use the Viva crackle base coat before adding the crackle medium or does it work fine without it?


    Great work on them!


    What is 'viva crackle', and where can I find it?


    Viva is the brand. I use a gloss base coat first, also from viva (the one I have is transparent). And then I use the white color version of "crackling colour" from viva. There's a few vids on youtube which show people using it, Eons of Battle used it for both an ice base and a cracked desert base (I don't think he puts a base coat down first) so you can use those for some examples. If you do get it you'll probably want to experiment first. It takes a certain kind of thickness and even-ness to get it right (I had to put down some liquitex over my original attempt on the wargs and then try again because it wasn't thick enough or even enough on my first application). Pretty sure I got mine from Amazon.

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  8. Very realistic!


    Question: Are these the original blue or the new lighter blue ice walls?


    I'm not 100% sure, but probably the original. I had 3 so I must have gotten 1 or 2 from whichever Bones it came in originally and bought 1 or 2 from retail around the same time.

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