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  1. Looks great. I have these guys I might do myself here some day, and I love the color gradient and blending you've done, I would have never even thought to do that. How'd you get him on his base? Did you just glue his little feet? I am debating an ugly pin into the bottom of his brain stem to keep him properly located.

  2. Looking at picking up some new paints over the 12 days of reaper and had a few questions. I did some searches but couldn't find the answers.


    Is pearl white metallic and/or shiny?


    Does wash medium work like it sounds, I can add it to an existing paint and it will sort of turn that paint into a wash? Anyone have experience with this and do they like it?


    Blackened steel - I have shadowed steel and use it a lot. Does anyone have both of these colors that could compare them? Do you like one over the other or find both useful?


    Thanks I appreciate the help!


    Also as an afterthought I'll take opinions on Reaper primers and sealers. I typically use army spray primer on metal minis, and either don't prime or use liner on the bones. Then I use testor's clear coat to prime everything. Anyone think there is any reason to switch over to Reaper stuff? Would like people's opinions.

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  3. And finishing up my pathfinder goblins, here are the pyros with all their torches. These guys were fun to paint, all of them spunky. For some reason I had an extra of one guy and was missing another guy, so my two sets weren't quite symmetrical but no biggie. Thanks for reading!

















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