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  1. My preference leans towards the cuter (though still evil) pathfinder goblins, but I am getting two sets of these goblins and the goblin musicians in the Ogre command set. Always room for more goblins. Kobolds aren't really my thing but they look nice. The Veggiepygmies... I wish I could have ordered just a group of them on their own in the campaign.... oh well I will be picking them up at retail.


    Did we see all of the crusaders? If so can anyone remember which update they were in?


    I agree the pathfinder gobs are adorable. I just finished painting mine and like them even more now that I had a chance to see them up close.


    I haven't found the crusaders in an existing update and have searched a few times now.

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  2. November

    1-13. Dozen zombies and 1 skeleton (Show-Off)

    14-15. Texas Rangers (Show-Off)

    16. Nightslip (Show-Off)

    17-26. Pathfinder Goblin Warchanters & Warriors (Show-Off)

    27-28. Nine Suns Henchmen & IMEF Slyder (Show-Off)

    29. Decker Lugstampf (Show-Off)

    30-37. Pathfinder Goblin Pyros (Show-Off)



    1-3. Ice Wall x3 (Show-Off)

    4-5. Wargs x2 (Show-Off)

    6-7. Kavorgh & Kavorgh (Show-Off)

    8-9. Hill Giant Krug x2 (Show-Off)

    10. Olivia, Female Cleric (Show-Off)

    11-12. Golan Hill Giant x2 (Show-Off)

    13-19. Ice Wall x7 (Post added to my original ice wall show-off post)

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  3. Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
    All the information you need should be here.


    November 2016

    Your challenge is: 4

    Bonus Challenge: Here Be Dragons
    A bonus challenge for November (to allow folks time to acquire the items necessary) and remember, it is only a bonus challenge. "Here be dragons" paint a single figure, your choice, using every 'dragon' color currently on sale at the reaper store. The only exclusion is primer/sealer. It's enough colors that it should be easy, even with three metallics.


    December 2016

    Your challenge is: 5

    Bonus Challenge: Gift giving vignette

    To celebrate the holidays and spirit of giving, your bonus challenge 2 is: make a vignette of 2 figures exchanging gifts - 1 human, 1 non (elf, orc, dragon, whatever) but the items need to look wrapped. Greenstuff, actual paper, a small box with freehand, etc.


    Feel free to post both your November and December lists in a single post and just edit like normal.


    Our glorious host, NomadZeke, is still alive and well, I'm just helping out a bit with some of the bookkeeping!

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  4. I agree we need a consolidated thread for Nov/Dec  I use these threads as an index of my painted minis. 

    and I got a lot painted this month!   It might be the most I have done in the last 2 years.  

    hmm I could also prune my photo files ... 


    Agree! Posting here is half the fun in finishing a mini. Luckily you can search your own posted content, that's how I'll have to go back and figure out what got painted in November.

  5. Haven't put much paint on since Wednesday. Managed to finish up my 3 in process I had going Wednesday night so happy about that. Have another 8 pathfinder goblins in the queue now. Also, put milliput down on my warg bases and cut out my two Kavorgh, Orc Warboss minis and got their feet pinned. There was a slight Black Friday Sale at The War Store so I picked up a bunch of tufts and some static grass. Hoping to up my basing game. Huz had a good idea for the wargs, to do a kind of a war torn / wasteland looking base for them. So I'll probably use my crackle effect stuff to make the ground look crackle-y, then add wasteland or frozen tufts once those show up. Was thinking about a rock or two.


    What do people use for rocks? I debated getting some of the army painter basing stuff but couldn't talk myself into it. Am wondering if I could just rip off a piece of cork and hope it looks enough like a small rock? Interested to hear what other people do.

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  6. Getting ready for Storm King's Thunder next year and my huz who will be running it decided he wanted to use the pathfinder goblins. We have two sets so the plan had always been to paint one green and their duplicates a blue-ish green-ish. I used the Deep Ocean / Marine Teal / Surf Aqua (highlighted with LED blue) for the blue guys and it turned out great, exactly the blue goblin color I had pictured in my head. The green guys are Peacock Green / Brilliant Green / Viper Green highlighted with 09012 Pale Green. The bases are a little boring so I might or might not go back and add tufts or static grass to them later. Still working on the pathfinder pyros, but they will be the same scheme. Thanks for reading!























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  7. Everybody got their brushes ready? Less than 6 hours until start time!  


    Do I get to start early since I'm on PST?  :;):


    Have three total in process. Actually hoping I'll finish them all before midnight (we'll see). Got plenty of gobs to get through this weekend, and a little basing work for some variety. I'll take a quick pick tonight or tomorrow with my queue.

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    Are we seeing the small things - kobolds and such, was it? - with the next update, whenever that is? I have some vague recollection that the dragons were showcased (although I'd have to go back through to find 'em), or I'd ask for more of those. ^^;

    Kobolds, Goblins, twig Blight, gremlins, Vegypygmies Friday Dec 2.


    There is a 50/50 chance I have a ship name confirmed and a ETD from Honk Kong by then, but this is by no means a certainty and the ship name is not a thing I would announce publicly.



     Yay twig blights and veggie pygmies. Will def be getting more of those at retail.

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  9. The packaging for the sledgehammer looks nice. Which is a good thing, since it will probably stay in its packaging for quite a while at my house (*cough* like my dragon's don't share). 


    The giants look great, crisper than I would have thought. Maybe since they are larger than the existing fire giants they retain more detail? It will be a good test of my painting improvement to see if I can get the new set looking any nicer than the old set. The old set of fire giants are the only giants I ever finished.



    I for one am glad to wait patiently. I've had a lot of pre-orders come in on slow boats, and this kind of thing is just to be expected. I waited for Bones 1 (and still have lots of those to paint) and had I done Bones 2 (I didn't due to lack of money) I would have been ok to wait for those as well. I'm eager to see my Ma'aldrakar, but I am honestly not worried about this being fulfilled, nor am I in a hurry to get my stuff.


    The whole point is that we are helping for Reaper to do more in the future, so this is an investment. I pledged because I believe in the company, and I still do. Very much so.


    Let it come in March, I say.


    Am in a similar boat. Majority of my Bones I and Bones II remain unpainted. Started to get a little antsy for the giants as my huz will be running Storm King's Thunder starting in January, but we already have the storm giant (unpainted I might add) and probably enough giants to get us by before we get far enough in the campaign to need more. Anytime in 2017 is fine by me.

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  10. Another couple of miscellaneous minis for our Savage Worlds campaign. Again not as satisfied in the execution of my highlights, but they look okay if held a couple feet away from your face. Bases are from the Basius homestead stamp. The wood on that turns out pretty nice if you are careful. Made them a bit thick as I was pinning these guys to the base. Thanks for reading!











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    Everything looks super swell I can not wait to get my hands on all of these! Question though did I miss the downloads for the EZ Tiles or am I just missing the links?

    The links were in Update # 74, and were on the PM.


    It's easiest to get them off the Update though.


    November 4 Mouselings! Wild West Oz


    New Update.


    By my records, we've now shown everything (except tinted and clear variants of models we have shown).


    If there is anything we have not yet showcased in an Update, in Bones form, please let me know in this thread. If there is nothing, then we're going to start having "Crawl" videos, and I'll take suggestions for 360º videos of models that didn't get that treatment but ya'll think warrant it.

    Has there been a preview of the Crusaders yet? They are a batch I am looking forward to. Also would like to see the twig blight and the gremlins from the stoneskull expansion. Apologies if I missed them in an existing update somewhere.

    I've searched a couple times now and still can't find the crusaders? (or the twig blight or gremlins). I acknowledge I could be missing them. Not a big deal, I can wait the x+ months or whatever it will be for the real thing anyways.
    Added to my list. I'm not even checking if they got done, i'll just do them next time.

    The corsairs were in update 74.



    Was that in reply to me? I'm looking for the crusaders (fantasy guys) not the corsairs (sci fi guys). Though I am very excited about the corsairs!

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