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  1. Since we're doing some modern stuff right now I thought I'd finish off some of these zombies. There's the Zombies! pack and some guys I think I got from Halloween freebies who are part of the Zombies (3) pack. Also, a skeletal archer who I got with this year's Halloween freebie and wanted to get him out of the way since most of my skeletons are painted. Thanks for reading!
  2. I've searched a couple times now and still can't find the crusaders? (or the twig blight or gremlins). I acknowledge I could be missing them. Not a big deal, I can wait the x+ months or whatever it will be for the real thing anyways.
  3. Nice detail on the sword. Also agree the green looks nice against the red.
  4. You are doing so well! If only my first minis looked this great. Lovely freehand on her coat, absolutely amazing for a start!
  5. Really like your highlights, they make everything pop so excellently.
  6. Stunning detail, also love the interplay between the colors.
  7. He looks great, thanks for taking the pictures in brighter light.
  8. Color combo is great. But I love the detail on the wings, they look like paper thin membranes, perfect. Also amazing detail everywhere, especially like the mouth.
  9. I love the base. It's so creepy and turned out so well. Also love how she's brighter higher up and darker towards the ground, perfect like natural light.
  10. Love the witch, the purple turned out very well against the black.
  11. Excellent detail on them. Their visors turned out very well, and I love the color choice.
  12. Looks great, love the contrast.
  13. You are making a great start! Next step is to improve on your photos. Find a solid or near solid background (think like the stuff behind you when you have your photograph taken professionally) and enough light that you don't have shadows. I take my photos in the shade of sunlight.
  14. I like how gritty and realistic it looks.
  15. Love the multicolored feathers, and the great base for the gentleman.
  16. I think you are well on your way, nice and crisp!
  17. Your blending is phenomenal. As is the freehand on the plaid.
  18. Love the plaid. Excellent skin tone color and great, creepy eyes.
  19. That wood looks really realistic, great job. Did you have to use a magnifying glass?
  20. Very cool, I'd say you are well on your way.
  21. Really like how his green cloak turned out.
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