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  1. You call the lazy people Air Force in the Netherlands? Dang, I thought the other Armed Forces liked to rib the USAF, but you guys consider it an actual pejorative?
  2. Randy, as Head of House, I think we need to talk about your productivity...
  3. Rebuild the front steps. Railings have rotted away and are just there for decoration. Fortunately it's only one step up, so it's not a safety thing. Stairs themselves are solid. But they were not built with gaps so nothing drains. That's on my summer queue. Build some shelves for the "pantry" closet in the kitchen. It's a really small closet that could be used as a pantry if I put shelves in it. Free up some of the cabinets for other things. Build a new raised bed garden for my wife. The current one is nice, but I want to change its location, and raise it up much higher. I will use the existing framing of the bed to put a small shed there.
  4. So, had a big plan for my February vacation to clean of my painting station, so I could get back into painting regularly. Started working on it over the weekend. Remembered I had a big arse stupid test today that I needed to study and prep for. Test today is at 1:15. After the test I am going to watch Deadpool to cleanse my mental palette. Might start cleaning this weekend. Though I have lessons to plan for next week...
  5. Oh, if we don't count prep work or priming, then I have 3, 5, 12, 19, ... 20 ... never mind. I go back to pleading the fifth.
  6. I plead the fifth.CHICKEN! I drive Beethoven nuts...Bach Bach Bach!
  7. Forged in Fire is back with a new season, starting tonight at 10:00 PM on History Channel!!!
  8. I think I am going to do that Thursday afternoon after I finish my Sheltered English Immersion certification exam. I am going to need to wipe my brain clean of the forced studying for a test just to prove I know how to do something I already do daily, because the state says I need to in order to maintain my teaching license. Because knowing how to do it in a practical manner, with actual students, and using the fancy words the test writers expect you to know and use, are two different things.
  9. A very funny kitchen blunder that I was witness to, but did not initiate was when I was working in the locked pedi/adol psych hospital. One of our kids was having some cramping issues, but couldn't give them a hot water bottle because of safety precautions, so she was given a heated towel. Well, rookie nurse decides to heat up the towel by putting it, dry, in the microwave, setting it to like 3 minutes, and walking out. I am in the room with the microwave running a group as this happens. I look up and see the microwave full of dark smoke, and some is starting to escape the microwave. I noticed the burning smell, but the kids hadn't yet. So I get up, and turn off the microwave, and calmly end the group, and call the nurse in. Who completely freaks out. So I go and open all the windows, which requires a special key, since all windows are double secured. Crank the fume hood. Have the staff prep our noise sensitive kids in case the alarm triggers. We get them all in the lounge watching TV, knowing something is up, but not sure, because Mike is never super calm, unless somethings bad is about to happen. I grab a fire extinguisher, just in case. Open the microwave. Big gouts of black smoke. Towel is solid black, smoldering in spots, fortunately didn't burst into flames once the door opened up. I'm laughing my arse off. The nurse is in almost total panic. Room reeked for a couple days. But on the plus side, if you ever need to make some tinder cloth, apparently a microwave is a pretty good tool.
  10. Yeah, the motorcycles work great for 28mm. They are way out of scale with the cars, which are too small for minis (though I have used them for terrain). I think it was thanks to a thread that Pingo mentioned the Hot Wheels miniatures in that I now have a good selection of them. Although I'm still looking for an affordable way to make a modern street scene to game on. Hmm... It's been a while since I've been to that hobby store where I picked up all those motorcycles... Asphalt shingles cut nicely to look like streets. Just have to paint yourself some street lines.
  11. I though Kull was passably good, but I agree that Sorbo's gotten a bit pigeon-holed in his roles due to starting out in fantasy/sci-fi - he's actually a competent actor (not great, but decent)... I've been considering watching God's Not Dead just to see if he's any good in it. If you want to watch Kevin Sorbo, don't forget to see "Meet The Spartans"! George He was also had a secondary role in Soul Surfer, which is about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer that lost her arm to the shark attack.
  12. Most of my blunders include a knife, and arguing with my wife that I do not need to go get stitches. The most painful was forgetting that I had turned the oven on to preheat and reaching in to remove the cast iron skillet which is stored in there. I don't typically make the mixed up ingredient type of errors because I am very organized and it is my kitchen. Things are where I want them since I am head chef and dishwasher.
  13. Actually, at least one is present in RotJ in Jabba's palace. Not particularly significant, but still, present. But yeah, the theory is pretty rubbish. forgott Jabba's palace, but certainly none in ESB. He was there, you just couldn't see him because he was in an off-white robe and blended in with the scenery of Hoth. Who do you think picked up all the wreckage from the assault on the Rebel base, and collected the parts of the Probe Droid.
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