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  1. Haha , I don't think so.... you can give him a cape and paint it with rainbows
  2. A lot of new goals are being unlocked!
  3. Beagle I have no registry of that , can you please PM me with your kickstarter name please?
  4. About to unlock Vampus ! The demonic sorcerer!
  5. Hello , last day for my running campaign to add the Hobgoblins race to the Greenskin Wars universe. A lot of goals unlocked and cool new items and also some from the first campaign too. All masterfully sculpted by goblin legend Kevin Adams! Bugbear WIP
  6. New Race to be unlocked soon , the Tuskers! " Many time ago there was a goblinoid greenskin race very different from the common orcs and goblins. They were huge hulking orc like creatures but dispite their terrible appearance they were quite peacefull and elusive creatures. The orcs use to laugh at them because of a very characteristic feature, their fangs grow upsidedown instead of upside! That was enough for the orcs to bully them, and cheating them with false stories of gods choosing "real" orcs as the pure true creatures , they fell into slavery not only of the orcs but hobgoblins took the chance to join the party on them. But time always bring surprises , and while years gone by a specially "smart" tusker started to watch and learn from his enslavers, and even more he started to feel some attraction for the hobgoblin females, who use to feed them and take some minor care of them from time to time. Suddenly one morning a specially huge and fat hobgoblin female started screaming saying her upcoming baby was crushing her from the inside , it was too damn big! The newborn managed to get out of his mother and for the surprise of the hobgoblin matrons around it was such a strange creature, too huge and powerfull but with some hobgoblin traces too....The baby was keep in secret, and growth and treated like a hidden prissioner on the dungeons of the hobgoblin keept. The creature grows stronger and huge and the most important he was smart and even brillant, he manged to get some confidance from the guards playing the "I'm just a big child" role , untill one day he took on the opportunitty he smashed the guards down and break free into the woods. Following his natural instinct managed to found the last remains of the few free tuskers remaining. Quickly he become a powerfull leader, and took on every female of the pack. The new tuskers born strong and smart , obviously adquiering the powerfull genethic of their father, they weren't as smart as their father , but smart enough to continue his work of liberation once he died, and release from slavery to as many tuskers as they can. And today while they still very few compared to the other races , they keep fighting for freedon and to smash the last traces of Tuskers slavery"
  7. Another ADD ON available , Troll with rock!
  8. Hi guys , Some of the Orcs orders from the Space Raiders II are already delivered, those who follow us on Facebook will know. The first chapter of Space Raiders (from 1 year ago) was fully delivered , and Pantheon of Chaos production it's been delayed mostly because of the number of orders we got , the LOT of goals we offered towards the end of the campaign and overall the fact that we allowed clients to choose between resin or metal product , wich basically doubled up the production time because we need to finish everything from resin caster to be able to send the master to metal casting , also August is not a good month for most casting companies, so yeah everything is being delayed, also some of the last sculpts didn't arrive untill a few weeks ago. Just want to stay clear about all of this. Well about this goblins , this is a totally different thing , cause 80% of the range is already produced , cast and in stock, so we are going for just a few moulds for the new stuff now , in fact the stimated delivery time is November , probably mid November to be more accurate. After all that writting heres a couple cool pics for you all ;)
  9. Warlock released! Sculpted by: Kevin Adams
  10. You can bring him his "son" Zz'andor now! :)
  11. Let me know which ones if you need better pics ;)
  12. Introducing Skraag ! Chaos Hobgoblins lord!
  13. Here's also some cool colorfull pics for you ;)
  14. Hi guys! I'm Diego , Pantheon Master ;) Thanks for your comments and support! Here's a pic of the hound , not unlocked yet :(
  15. Hello , I thought you may like to see the latest additions , only 24 hours left!!
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