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  1. Dumb Question: Are the warriors going to lose adept status in a pure faction (like wraith harvestors for necros)? If so, mention it now and problem solved. As to the financial aspect of having bought a bunch of minis and now cannot play with them, what about the people that bought lots of elves or dwarves or lizard men early on via. DHL and now cannot use them as proxies at the official tourneys?
  2. I think the IC's high cost is based on having "Mercy", maybe these guys can do it from range... thunk, thunk..."Mercy!...Do you hear me now?" thunk, thunk, thunk..."Mercy!...Do you hear me now?"... Nope, cannot mercy from range. They are just sucky and expensive when compaired to orcs or elves or even skeletons.
  3. With the new cards, the Dwarves got a new Warlord - before their book came out. Back on topic - I put my vote in to changing the flyers now too. 1.21 or something.
  4. WOW, where in your contract does it say that life is going to be fair? You bought minis, you played with them, you had fun. Now you cannot put all of them on a table to play with except in a big game that no one wants to play with you, but the rules support it. They still have value - either as minis to be saved for the larger games or to trade to new darkspawn players. You really believe that Reaper only did this intentionally to cause you to have to buy more minis? OK, not you but all the Darkspawn players that invested heavily in broken fodder. I am trying to imagine that board meeting. We figured out the other night that with "You be the Leader" that over 60 goblin grunts can be fielded on a 1000 point game with 15 initiative cards. If I was bold enough to put this together and then they changed the rules because it was either broken or unbalanced, I would probably say that it was fun while it lasted, but now back to my regular army.
  5. mix gently - don't whip a bunch of air into the mix. pour slowly - let the resin spread across the mold. tap the mold - if the resin is still liquid, gently tap the mold's sides and see if any airbubbles surface. Don't do this once the resin starts to kick.
  6. Look at the cataloge for either the local Alumilite stuff or Smooth-on or Micro-Mart (they all have web pages) There are several resins in some of the lines with different curing times and final properties. Some also have retarders to slow down the process if you need to (if you get airbubles that you cannot get out before it sets).
  7. CuteButPsyco nailed the problem. If you are rusting out in one area, the rest of the pipe is probably crap. All of this is a temp bandaid. Start saving your pennies and get ready to redo the exhaust system. or trade cars. sorry.
  8. go to your local car parts place (not walmart - pep boys or advanced) They have a muffler bandage, it is epoxy and a screen. Get a brass brush while you are there. Scrub the area shiney clean, then apply the bandage. This is still a temporary fix. Cars are expensive and need parts. You gotta budget for it.
  9. Seen the alumilite stuff, used the rubber to make a mold. Never played with their resin. Same reason - Smooth-On is sold locally by Pearls. Main thing is to use the mold release. Smells like spray wax. But is supposed to help the silicone not dry out. Put plenty on the glass too. and get some of the flat front x-acto blades that fit the big handle.
  10. photobucket has some size reduction abilities. Get a photobucket account, upload your photos, resize them. Then link them to here. done.
  11. Sarge, I use the graveyard mold with Smooth-On white casting resin. The headstones and wrought iron fence are 2-3 mm (guessing) and they come out fine. A trick is to spray a piece of glass with mold release and lay it over the top of the mold to get a flat back and help hold in the heat. But I have cast them without the glass and they do fine. Only thing I have noticed is the demold time is longer, but that is not a big issue with me, I just double it and go on.
  12. soak it in acetone (fingernail polish remover) overnight and see if you can pull the errent pin.
  13. never seent the textured dip, but wire trees don't need much more than a layer of paint to look pretty good. I use Cat 5 computer cable (have boxes of the stuff) and add one additional pair. Spray with brown krylon, dip in glue, dip in flock.
  14. Bit of a help today on MSN, mostly it boils down to networking - it often is not what you know, but who you know. 6 tips
  15. That is a non-correct build. Yes, the banshee loses unique in an all Necro force, but you may not have more solos than you have leaders. (and you have only accounted for 6 of the cards.) There would have to be six leaders in the remainder of that force and then you would have 12 cards.
  16. I've heard of people actually cancelling credit cards to finally get AOL to go away. (Same with some health clubs/gyms)
  17. Our oldest cat is 16, which is old for an outdoors cat (she prefers it that way.) But she is still going strong and meets me every morning at the door. And chases squirrels as they cross the roof. Our neighbors cat lived to be 21 as a declawed indoor only cat. At 21 that cat looked VERY old.
  18. Enchantra, have you tried the local "for profit" universities (Univ of Phoenix, Community College, etc.)? My wife taught at Florida Metropolitan Univ. for several years. Paid real well for the time worked, and helped her get her foot in the door at a 'real' university.
  19. Be nice to your kids, they get to pick out your nursing home.
  20. Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy. Lots of birthday celibrations lately...
  21. I want to second what Gus said. Having a degree does not guarantee you a job. It just helps open some doors for a better opportunity. Your (university) exit strategy is up to you. And having a degree does not get you a $60k job. Does your degree fit? It doesn't always work that way, but it helps. But having a history degree is not much use to an engineering firm either. Do you have any experience? Summer internship? Previous work in the field? Temp agencies are a great way to get your foot in the door. Is your field located in a specific area? If you are into movie production - plan on moving to Hollywood. Retail is probably one of the poorest payers of all ends of the economy until you reach management level. And sales is one of the best paying professions that you can enter without a degree. Working a floor at the local big box store is not sales. @Cristo - what is your degree in? What are your goals? Why are you having trouble with personality tests? If you are looking to work at Target, why can you not work the night shift? @Mystic - I thought everyone was looking for teachers? I also thought you applied at the county or city level (except private schools)? Have you tried working as a substitute? Sporatic work but it pays pretty good. @Enchantra - your degree is in?
  22. Fat chance. One of the safest and least punished crimes out there. Unless they scam for millions, almost nothing is done about it. You think the cops are really going to tie up a detective where you are AND one in Dallas for a couple hundred dollars in a plane ticket? Whysper, lucky you cought it and got the bleeding stopped. Been to a restraunt lately? The waiter take your card and go process the bill? Been to any strange ATM's or put your card in one that did not seem to work? Any on-line purchases with that card? I had one when my long distance phone company got hacked. They bought a container of furs in Hong Kong and sent them to Moscow that time. Another time was at a Con - either the ATM machine or one of the 3 purchases I made that day - they bought $200 worth of pizza and had it delivered to their house - and still the cops did nothing. Have any automatic withdrawls set up on that account - theywill all need the new account number.
  23. 16 oz = 1.9 servings per container. Not 2 servings, but 1.9. And if Olive Oil comes from squeezing olives, and orange juice comes from squeezing oranges, then where does baby oil or Steven Segal juice come from?
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