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  1. TWJ, you are not in the minority here (well, maybe we are in the minority.) 3.0 & 3.5 made it possible for the DM to rule on bizzare stuff that players will do. The skills & feats set were much needed. As was the correction to the Armor Class / BAB scale. But much remains the same. Psyonics are still broken - I've been a good DM and tried, but that character has to die. My biggest beef with the whole upgrade is that it is almost impossible to run a low magic campaign if you follow the core rules. Magic creation is terribly simple and quick and lead to munchkins running around with amulets of true strike and glasses of continuous true seeing and magic dectection and trap detection and other broken things that kinda take the joy out of the game for me. Yes, house rules can be added - core races only, substitute months (or even years) instead of weeks in the magic creation tables. But then you have a players that play in several campaigns, but have to remeber the differences between each - starts getting un-standarded - especially if you DM for one of the "living" campaigns (strict rules at cons) as well as your home-brew one.
  2. Congrats, sleep when you can. She's a doll. Enjoy every second, they slip away soo fast.
  3. Prayers for the three of you. (been there, done that - twice - and got the scrubs) Congradulations - And we want Pics.
  4. I like the different base idea.
  5. A horrible day. Some of the suvivors said that "Saving Private Ryan" only touched the horrors of the day. May the world never have to endure that again. Thanks to all the vets.
  6. another option is to cut it off flush, drill out the handle through the hand and insert a whole new sword.
  7. Frosh, tell us about the mongrenel.
  8. I took a half sheet of 1/4" ply and had it ripped in two. Add a 1x2 frame around it. This leaves 45" of play area inside where you can place 9 each 15" square tiles. I started makeing the tiles on 3/4 foam but found it does not do well with lots of glue/putty on it for terrain effects. The wall mud shrinks and pulls the terrain up into an ugly bow. Next step is to have a sheet of masonite ripped into 15" squares as bases for each terrain tile. You can see some of it here:
  9. doh. Thank you. So simple yet effective. I love it.
  10. that is the whole purpose of burrowers. pop up in base to base with the archers in the rear. Much like flyers land to be in b2b, burrowers have to surface.
  11. so, put 3 dogs on a warlord (most have 3 attacks and warmaster). The enemy warlord cannot attack. Nobody attacked him, so he cannot defensive strike. He's done for the turn. Next turn, reinforcements arrive (3 mav 2 knights for example). 2 dogs still distracting. Now, I have 3 attacks at 5 and 1 attack at 4 (third dog). The enemy warlord only gets one DS - and hopefully falls. If not, rinse & repeat. Less needed for captains.
  12. Frosh, I fully expected yours to be made from craft sticks...
  13. Nate, try ebay. There is a guy there that sells 14" collapsible ones for around $20 + $5 for Express Mail - but pay attention, there are some that sell for less and have over $20 in S&H charges. It goes for $40 here at the photo shop.
  14. Oh, I am all over this... (did I hear contests this afternoon at Reaper HQ?)
  15. Kengar, nope, just means they were a bit older package. I presume this has mostly to do with the price of tin and cost of shipping. The newest ones with the little lip at the top are pretty cool - some metal ones like that would be even cooler (hint - hint). I like my leaders on metal bases - just makes them feel more substantial - especially if you add a few layers of cork which makes the mini even more top heavy.
  16. Swamp terrain ala Hollywood - waist deep murky water ala Warlord - elevation -1 with water at elevation 0 Ideas and questions: Normal model moves in and has soft cover (+1 DV) from the water and restricted movement and is at elevation -1. Swampwalk SA says it is open terrain so is he at elevation -1 or on top of the water at elevation 0? Size small model cannot move in? (goblins, etc.) Non-coporeal models can choose to be on top of the water or at elevation -1 - but pay no penalty for terrain in either case?
  17. but as it is, you cannot even run a non-coporeal squad if you want to include Nivar. They have to settle for a coporeal leader. Kinda takes the fun out of the headless hunt.
  18. Nivar is a hero, but there is a severe lack of non-coporeal leadership (x-y/1) in the necros. Railor is 5-11/0 so he cannot lead Nivar. Sir Gadrun has similar leadership problems 6-10/0 and is calvary. Hard to build a non-corporeal force. I was really hoping that one of the new non-corporeal leaders would be x-x/1.
  19. next step - to get hirst arts involed as well?
  20. These girls: not because of their stats, but because the minis are so fragile that they would have to be reassembled before (and probably during) every game. Large overhanging staffs that are so thin you cannot keep them straight.
  21. Having tried the Aysa GF combo, I found that you need a third part, +2 casting upgrade to make her produce minions. Fairly expensive to produce crappy minions. You might still be better off to take another Azerpan and a bunch of skellies. With a +2 CP upgrade, I was pretty well averaging 2 minions per turn. Droppng them within 2" of the GF let me fill up some bottle-necks in the terrain. Not a major problem for my opponent, but it did slow him down while he had to clear out the minions. I won't say they turned the tide of the battle, but they were able to make a difference a couple of times in a fight (an additional assist or 2.)
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