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  1. you forgot objectives. Go over the tournament submittal thread and notice that what works well for one objective may not work quite so well over in a different situation. But I admit, I'm a list tweaker. Start with a list. Play it. Think how it worked or where it went wrong. This past weekend I tried paring down a 1000 point list to a 750 point tourney and it didn't work because I carved out the wrong thing. I have a better idea of what I would bring in a similar 750 point game next time. BUT if the terrain was radically different or the objective was entirely different, it may not work then either. And if the dice are cold, there is not much even the best list ever could do for you. And that is a big reason that I love this game.
  2. Just a thought on an improvement in the next printing. An index in the back would help when you are trying to quickly hunt up a keyword (i.e. "Cohesion") which does not have its own section in the ToC.
  3. You are using the wrong hand. All of my dice are left-handed. Freak righties pick them up and roll them and they do poorly. Then I have to retrain all of them. I've actually seen one gut that we would make roll into a box. He would need an 18, and the d20 would roll 18. And it looked like a roll too, not a skid or slap. Have you tried a box? (shoebox lid or similar. The old D&D white box was perfect) roll into the corner, making sure you hit 2 walls.
  4. See my previous post. Easiest way to lose a credit card number and get scammed? Give it to a waiter at a mid-level restraunt - the kind where they waiter takes your credit card with the bill. They dissappear with it for a while. (make your purchase swipe and jot down the numbers for later use/sale.)
  5. @Frank, you are evil But SmokingWreckage is right, I have seen obviously bad dice come from both the major manufacturers as well as misnumbered d6's (not the gag/cheat type, but misnumbered from a box of many d6's). I've found d20's that were incompletely molded or had an air buble in the cast (harder to find in the opaque ones, but it upsets the weight)
  6. I've had my identity stolen 3 times. (Long distance provider hacked and employee fraud and equipment tapped - none of them due to an internet transaction surprisingly) None of them plesant. All of the responsibility to clear it up is mine. Even though I signed an affidavit that I would prosecute, nothing ever was done to the perps (even though one of them ordered $200 worth of pizzas sent to his house ). Checking your credit is good advice for everyone, not just Vets.
  7. OK, so what happens to the GF or the Mage/Cleric after they have no spells to lose? or never bought any becase the innate one was so cool?
  8. We do a lot of 'pick up' games at the store... "What are we playing tonight?" "How aout King's Crown?" "OK, how many points? 750?" "OK, give me 10 minutes." Now, I know that most of us have a 750, 1000, 1200 & 1500 setup. (or at least we should). But you get the new guy and he is still tweaking lists based on what he owns. Tourneys are different. You've announced in advance what the points are and generally the type of game.
  9. Warlord alread has Critical Shots. You just have to have the SA..
  10. I like the way the top one drapes and moves. the bottom one is too static.
  11. So a single 500 point model would not win against 500 points of goblins? This may explain the problem that Crusaders are having (general overall statement) based on EE saying they had the worst win record. For a given set of points, they tend to get the least number of models.
  12. that is the reason I set my tourney caps at 755, 1005, etc. Really shooting for 750 or 1000, but allow the 5 points that way.
  13. @Stubdog - try a marine (boat) place. They sell big blocks of beaded polystyrene for floating docks. Back when I lived in Dallas (many years ago) I found a styrofoam custome cutter in the yellow pages (try plastics). They would sell you anything from a full bun (4' x 8' x 8') or run it threw a slicer table (bunch of hot wires) and cut any thickness you want. Also, try several different Lowes - some around here have 2", some 1" and some 3/4" and others 1/2" - no rhyme or reason. Found one store with a few sheets of 2", but you'd have to buy 3 sheets to get one good one - looked like the forklift guys had used them for target practice.
  14. Take someone like Gerard, buy him: Greater Magic Weapon 115 pts Greater Magic Armor 30 pts Divine Favor 10 pts or do you get him: 5 templar warriors 135 pts 1 templar ironspine 21 pts Similar examples could be made for each faction, but which is the better use of points?
  15. Vapok, try www.hirstarts.com in the hints and tips section. Also look at terragenisis (sp?) they rock for terrain (oooh bad pun)
  16. The paper eats blades. Use a steel ruler to make clean cuts. You can also try to cut the paper and foam and leave the last paper to make corners.
  17. try the data card downloads at reaper games? They have his data card there and you can look at it.
  18. I would say he gets another defensive strike. Otherwise another level of bookkeepping would be a required to keep track of who has DS'ed and who hasn't.
  19. Remember, the amounts they recommend are for water color paintings, not minis. Start with one of the mixes given. Adjust to suit your climate and style. Paint under hot lights or in low humidity areas? Use more retarder. Want to put more layers on quicker? use less retarder. Pigment pools? leaves rings? use more flow improver.
  20. Flea Market Tool Guy Box Store (Home Depot/Lowes) Sears look for Needle Files Should come in sets of several shapes for about $10.
  21. What is the significance of the size/orientation of the cards in the downloads? Some are smaller. Some are turned sideways. (generally the last card?)
  22. I believe they can pass through any friendly. undead or not. But never an enemy. (unless they changed it in the faction book?)
  23. dumb question time: Do you put your minis in vertically or horizontally? Stand them up and tear out the base plus enough for overhanging bits - seems best if your force is mostly the same height? or Lay them down and get creative with the foam removal - seems better if your force is pretty much one base size?
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