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  1. The middle section of the rule book contains the spells & equipment for use in the game. I guess you could buy each of your elven archers a greater accuracy upgrade, but that would get expensive quick. You'd probably be better off just using the same points and buying more archers. The generic area in the back of the book is an odd thing for homebrewing or scratchbuilding. Hope that helps.
  2. Are you talking about the generic cards and generic upgrades/pointing system in the back of the rulebook?
  3. This is NOT a knock on anyone. I am just curios as to when we can call a change "official"? When Emmel Eitch posts on it here? (fine, but I know a lot of players that do not come to the forums.) When it is in the FAQ here and on the Warlords website? (special thanks to Spiritual Exorcist for taking on that job) When it is in the addendum at Reapergames.com? Even at the Warlord website, there are some differences.. The data cards disagree with the FAQ. (but not the addendum that I could tell) The data cards downloads disagree with the Resig Revenge .pdf. For the most part, these are minor things. I bring this up only to keep us all playing the same game and for my own (obsessive compulsive) need to have everything in order. SIDENOTE: In my day job, I write & interpret construction specificaitons. Everyone in the business knows that they are never perfect and there will be discrepencies between the plans, specs, etc. An "Order of Documents" helps with this often. 1. Addendum - takes precidence over all previously published rules. 2. Faction books. 3. Core rule books.
  4. but undead can be shaken if they fail to break base-to-base.
  5. But the card in the download section does not have it. My understanding is that the download cards are the final answer...
  6. nevermind, answered my own question
  7. at night, I can see stars and they are many light-years away - and that is from sea-level atmosphere...
  8. Isarah has the Cavalry SA but not the Mounted SA. why? Looking at the mini, it is clearly a lady mounted on a horse.
  9. Matt, I've been there. Hang on. It does get better. We tried to keep painting and playing when my first was born. Got her a d100 and a big 4" d6 that she beat on her high chair while we played. Then with the corporate moves every 2 years and the second child and I just boxed up my D&D stuff. Did manage to still play some BattleTech as it did not require the commitment that D&D did. Then Battletech (Fasa) went under and that game died too. About the time that they were hyping the LotR movies (about a year before they came out it seemed), my girls (then in middle school) asked me to teach them to play D&D. Painting techniques and styles had changed a bit - acrylics were just coming on the scene when I had quit - so I needed new paints anyway even though some of my military enamels were still good. Bottom line? I'd keep my paints. Put them in a shoe box and try to paint a bit every now & then. You'll get the occasional quiet night that you don't just collapse or seak off with your wife (wink). Even better, set up one night a week when you can come home and paint - or even better paint with a group. Even if you have to make a traveling kit to go paint - it will help you relax. Just be sure you give your wife the same one night off...
  10. I love the fact that Warlord is not an "I go, you go" game. There have been a few close games that have turned due to the initiative deck. But that is part of the game. (with lots of whoops and groaning). I too was having trouble at the end game where there were only 2 or 3 cards left. I like the bead idea. Lots of colors, cheap. Now, I gotta go drink another bottle of Crown Royal to get another bag.
  11. From the previous discussion on war machines/seige engines, it seems that there is going to be a whole section of them. Each with it's own stat card.
  12. I was going through the data cards and noticed that the card and data for Chai-Uut was not in the Reptus list.
  13. (Also tired of Nortons Re-ups) AVG Corporate at work AVG Free at home. I have yet to tell a difference between them Spy bot at both. Don't know what the corporate server uses for firewall, but it is pretty good. Just use the Window XP pro built-in firewall.
  14. Is it premature to congradulate Stubbdog? Good work all. Can we make this an annual thing? Best of the year?
  15. Or would she lose the innate spell that turn? That could offset one damage, but if the GF gets hit 3 or 4 times?
  16. so Syphrilia picks up and carries off the body, but since she is a flyer, she has ground move 3" and is carrying so can only make a single move?
  17. Orchid, just avoid the 2-stage ureathanes. They are some of the most striking colors out there, but stage-1 is the colors and they are rather dull until you coat them with the stage-2 clear coats. Those things have some wicked chemestry associated with them. Exhaust fans, respirators, face shields and tyvec suits are a must if you try to spray them. (Imagine atomizing super glue and filling the room full of fumes.)
  18. so then do we get into a discussion of "under" vs. "in"? Take the rocky terrain pieces set on the table (or houses for that matter), a non-corporeal can go through any of these "obstacles", but cannot stop in any of them unless a coporeal model could as well (houses,etc.). If you want to remain in or under a piece of terrain, then look for models with SA: Borrow
  19. yes, Createx Auto Air airbrush paints has a line of Chemelion (sp?) that will color change. Try Bearair.com
  20. wow. That is a big diorama. All this for a static display? you could have a killer Warlord gaming table instead.
  21. Enchantra, reboot in safe mode (F8 just before the windows screen) Then run spybot. It should fix it.
  22. Love the wings. Great dragon, great paint.
  23. airhead


    Don't know the camera, but if you can adjust your aperature or exposure time: Set aperature to the highest (smallest hole) number possible. OR Set exposure time to the longest possible (I generally shoot at 1/4 or 1/8 second) Leaving the rest in automatic and doing one of these will increase your depth of field and minimize focus problems. If you can adjust your metering to center only, do so. That way the background (generally light) will not affect the exposure and cause a dark mini. one of these photo diffusion boxes is very helpful: http://www.dragon-miniatures.com/tips.php?page=diffusion I built my first one with a window sheer and some scrap.
  24. Not really, you swarm them with skeletons and zombies just like before. Undead cannot be mercied. Some armies seem to have natural enemies that they just don't work as well on. Necros cost the Crusaders by taking away fearless or cutting into thier DIS rolls. Undead cannot be Mercied. Dwarves negate all the toughness of the Reven & Reptus. Nefsokar ruin the Necros big spell casters. Crusaders are hard for Elves to shoot with an 11 or 12 DV. etc. etc.
  25. Guilty And Star Fleet Battles "What impulse are we on?"
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