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  1. I feel like I'm just spamming pics. I lightened the cloak up, I mentioned earlier I had wanted a navy blue but it was getting to be too gray for my taste. Right now I think I'm happy with the way it looks, it's my smoothest blend I've done and I think I'm getting the technique down. Still not great at subtlety but I'll work on that more. Probably gonna do some figs with more skin to work on that.
  2. I did a bit more Beside working on more of the model I added some brown and purple to the shadows of the cloak and tried to clean up the highlights. I'm still kinda struggling with pushing the highlights without them getting too overwhelming.
  3. they're transclucent inks from Badger's airbrush range, I was just curious since badger makes both sets maybe there was an overlap.
  4. Are the freak flex inks similar to the ghost tints that badger makes for their minitaire range?
  5. Hey all, I've been trying to develop my glazing technique. Right now I've mostly been working on cloaks and robes. Ignore the purple skin, it's the base for her fleshtone. Thoughts on the cloak? I was originally going for a more navy blueish but it was mostly turning out gray so I just went with royal blue. I want to push the shadows a bit more, usually for blues in shadows I use a mix of purple and brown to really push the shadows. I'm actually pretty pleased with the blending. I've figured that if I need to have less paint on my brush than I'm comfortable with and I can really start getting a smoother blend.
  6. A lot of academics pretty much point to Star Wars as being the start of the Blockbuster style movie craze. The way it's going now (where having a film cost almost a billion dollars is the norm now) is wholly unsustainable. It will be interesting to see what happens. Right now it seems like the Marvel Universe movies are the only things keeping the film industry alive. (That's hyperbole, I know, but it seems that way doesn't it?)
  7. Most big budget hollywood films have a LITERAL formula that they follow to try and maximize profit among 18-35 year old men and 18-35 year old women. So you end up with the majority of big budget movies being action oriented, PG-13, with a generic feeling male lead, and a romantic female supporting actress, that may or may not die in order to act as character development for the male lead, etc. Real story: I had a friend who went to USC for screenwriting, he was told repeatedly his script had too many female characters in it, and that specific plot points HAD to occur at specific pages, it was unreal. By the time most films are shot they've been rewritten by a dozen different people too, so thats why the story can feel so chaotic and uneven. (studying film was depressing...)
  8. if you use any kind of oil or alcohol based paints, use synthetic brushes on those. Your natural ones wont survive unscathed.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I'm planning on doing a snowy base for her once I get the materials.
  10. I like it, it seems pretty monochromatic. Is that what you were going for with it? The eyes look great.
  11. There's a warmachine miniature that comes with a small girl hiding behind a wall. The model is called Nightmare. Privateer Press sells the individual bits so you'd be able to pick it up cheap.
  12. I did participate. I'm leaning towards doing the Dragon Turtle first, but I'm not sure. I may hold off and keep working on my bones 1 set...
  13. I always like seeing mantic undead models. I hadn't seen this model but it's pretty cool.
  14. Like this: I arrange them according to the Product Code on the racks. its easier for me to replace them that way I find. Desk racks and boxes drive me up a wall. Having everything at eye level while I'm working helps my productivity.
  15. This was a pretty quick paint job, mostly I've just been trying to practice my glazes. Most of the glazing work went on the face and the shield. I kinda gave up on the Tabard due to the size. (I don't know why I try and practice on the smallest miniatures I have, but there ya go.) Anyway here are the pics: I'm gonna make a new base for it but I don't have any bases right now, but otherwise I'm finished with it.
  16. I would say split the difference. Get a size 1 or 0 kolinsky, and then get an assortment of cheapo synthetic brushes. Honestly when I started I had no idea what I was doing and just went to my local art store and got some smaller sized brushes and just went from there. I mean, painting techniques can be learned on any brush. I highly doubt any one really cared what kind of brush Van Gogh was using.
  17. Probably the dragon turtle, but I'll see when I get them. I've been more inclined to piant the larger bones 1 models I got and haven't done too many of the smaller ones.
  18. my collection got stolen by a former gaming buddy several years ago, so now my new stuff is mostly modern stuff. I had some pretty neat older ral partha cthulu-esque miniatures. I was never into comical looking models so I never got a ton of them, but I'm always a fan of weird eldritch stuff.
  19. I'm extremely out of practice, illustration really never came to me naturally and I was very impatient and didn't practice as much as I should have, and I liked painting and sculpture more.
  20. I got invited to a superbowl party with my coworkers, but I'm not sure if I will attend or not. I'm not a big sports fan but sometimes its fun to watch big games, I'd rather stream it though since I'm one of the few people who can't stand the commercials. As for snacks, I go for simple and classic. Usually the only thing I put effort into is making some queso dip.
  21. Grognard: An older gamer who prefers an earlier edition of D&D (usually pre AD&D, like Bx or BECMI) and won't. shut. up. about it. SUSS: I've mostly heard it in relation to wargames, but it means Special Unique Snowflake Syndrome, where someone tries to be clever or unique by ignoring well proven strategies or doing something really complicated to get a really simple effect in a game, like a fighter specializing in darts and using all of his feats in order to maximize dart throwing or something like that. On Tilt: another wargaming one, someone who's incredibly frustrated at the way the game's going and about to lose their temper.
  22. Great first miniature. You certainly have plenty of improvement to make but I would try to avoid comparing your work to studio painted stuff. That path leads to a lot of self doubt. Just pick another miniature and try again, maybe try some different kinds of techniques. Honestly feel free to experiment. Try some different sized models and different textures (like fur, metal, skin, etc.) If you have access to any Bones models, those are great for experimentation since they're cheap but detailed (though they have their own quirks.) Really that's an impressive first model though, it''ll look great among any other "tabletop quality" miniature.
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