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  1. The scales are great! How much of it is dry brushed vs. highlighted by hand?
  2. I don't have an exact count, but I'm somewhere north of 25 and south of 35 in total minis painted. I very much consider myself a beginner. The past month has been the most productive period of painting in my life. EDIT: Whereabouts in Ontario are you? I'm living in Hamilton at the moment.
  3. I'm feeling bold, so here are some comparison shots to my first attempt at this mini (painted April 1st 2020, just shy of two months ago). He was my first mini after a three hiatus from the hobby (and I really didn't paint much before that, so I'm still a pretty new painter). This latest owl bear is maybe my twelfth mini since then. I'd say there's a noticeable improvement.
  4. I redid the beak after looking at actual beaks and realizing they don't have much shine to them at all. I think it's an improvement. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks! He is a little floppy, but is currently freestanding. The boiling water trick helped relieve some of the flop. When I base him I will probably glue his front claw to the base and stick a pin in his back leg for stability.
  5. Update: I followed Glitterwolf's suggestion and looked at real birds. This guy really has a parrot's beak, not an owl's more delicate beak. To my surprise, black beaks tend to be have a very matte finish—not much shine at all. I redid the beak with more muted highlights and also achieved a more consistent and gradual blend. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it. I have updated the photos accordingly. Original Post: For some reason, I found this guy quite challenging. I did my best, and it's definitely an improvement over my first attempt at this mini (not pictured). C&C welcome. In particular, I'd appreciate suggestions on how to improve the beak and claws. I'm not really that happy with them, but couldn't figure out how to make it work. Black is not my forte.
  6. That's encouraging to hear! I'll let you know if that winds up being true for me! :p
  7. Thanks! I do seem to have a bit of a knack for eyes, much to my own surprise. I'm less well versed in some of the more fundamental skills, but I'm working on it!
  8. I was dreading having to paint this guy: so much metal! Minis like this make me want to learn NMM. This paint job definitely highlights one of my weaknesses as a painter, but all things considered I'm reasonably pleased with the results. And here's the whole crew, ready to wreak havoc!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! I've been answering the question about basing a lot, so I think I should maybe put it into my signature: I will be basing all my minis at a later date, but currently all my basing stuff is in storage about 4000 kilometres away and I won't have access to it for several months at the earliest. But fear not, I won't be leaving him on that ugly unpainted base!
  10. Painted this guy up in about 4 hours, which might be a record for me. I had a couple false starts and had to strip him twice, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. This definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone: so much troll flesh to shade, highlight and blend. I think the results are pretty decent, but what do YOU think? ;)
  11. I absolutely love the Bones Black Tidal Lurker. Unfortunately, it comes pre-assembled. With so many tentacles and such a dynamic pose, it will be impossible to adequately paint it fully assembled. I'd like to take it apart, but am worried about breaking it. I've already tried leaving it overnight in the freezer to weaken the glue and it doesn't seem to have done much. Any advice on how to proceed? UPDATE: After freezing it overnight, I dropped it in boiling water, and the sudden change in temperature seems to have weakened the glue enough for me to pry it apart! I'll leave this post up in case others have the same question.
  12. Thanks! I will base them, but my basing stuff is about 4000 km away and in storage, so it'll be awhile before I'll be able to!
  13. Beautifully executed. I love it. How do you get your TMM to almost look like NMM? It's very crisp and clean. What's the technique?
  14. Wow! You took that criticism and applied it to great effect in record time! Your updated picture shows a big improvement! Looks great!
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