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  1. Are you intending to keep it all red or make it more fiery with some yellow?
  2. I feel like this might be the finest piece I’ve seen you paint—and you’ve painted some mighty fine stuff! Excited to see how it all comes together! Eagerly awaiting your next update!
  3. Looks good! Hard to tell from the photos; do you think pre-shading the armour made a difference?
  4. I think he’s a mage? The “flute” could be a scroll case maybe? The “knife” might be a spell effect? Really hard to tell.
  5. Nothing sad about it. Your stuff always looks great. Wish I could paint half as well as you!
  6. I have noticed in your previous pieces that sometimes the NMM highlights appear a little more muted, which is actually a great aesthetic for these retro pieces. I would have assumed it was a stylistic choice if you hadn't said otherwise; it looks great. On these two pieces, you really nailed the chainmail highlights in particular though. The chainmail specifically looks a lot like TMM to me.
  7. Wow! Your NMM just keeps getting crisper and more striking with each piece. Beautiful work! EDIT: It is NMM, right? It looks so good it has me second guessing.
  8. Although, the adjective "loud" is a relative concept, and needs to be understood contextually. For instance, a "loud whisper" is likely to be significantly less loud than a "loud explosion". Similarly, I'd argue that a "loud knock" doesn't need to anywhere near as loud as a "loud car engine". When I DM, I describe it as the sound of metal door knocker striking a wooden door firmly. I've read about DM's who make it a deafeningly loud gunshot-like sound and that just seems a bit obnoxious and over the top to me. YMMV of course.
  9. I have a 1st printing of the 5E PHB and the loud noise has always been a part of the knock spell in 5e. There was no errata.
  10. Wow! That is one fine looking windmill! Better hope there aren't any roving Don Quixotes nearby. Beautiful work!
  11. Great first mini! You're off to a good start. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Started this guy almost a year ago (early June 2020, I think). Haven't done any painting since then. Hoping to get back into it, but it might still be a little while before I do. Posting this topic in an effort to rekindle the fire. Aside from some touch-ups and additional blending/layering, the body/heads are basically done. This wings and back are completely unpainted at present. A few firsts for me on this mini: First time sculpting fur: I sculpted maybe a square centimetre's worth of fur to gap fill where the goat head joins the main body. I think it blends reasonably well, and am fairly pleased with it. First time doing glowing eyes/"OSL": I put OSL in quotation marks, because this is the most cautious implementation of a pseudo OSL effect that I can imagine. I was too timid to go for something bolder. My friend to whom I showed a photo thought the goat's eyes were actual LEDs, so I'm kinda happy about that. First time painting scales: I'm quite pleased with how the dragon scales turned out, given that this was my first time painting scales. One thing that will be a significant challenge: I only have the faintest recollection of which paints I used. Many of the colours (e.g. the lion's body) are actually mixed from several different paints. Suffice it to say, it will be a challenge to match colours with what I've previously painted. Anyway, here are the pics. Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated. EDIT: One more first that I forgot to mention! My first WIP thread!
  13. Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to show off soon.
  14. Thanks Glitterwolf! Looking forward to having more to show you! :)
  15. Here's another one from about 6 years ago. Again, not quite up to my current standards, but still serviceable. In particular, the way I did the gore on the sword is kind of goofy; it was my first attempt at such an effect. Enjoy!
  16. Hello Reaper peeps. I haven't painted anything in over a year, but I keep daydreaming about getting back into it. That tends to be how things go with me; I paint in fits and starts—nothing for a year or more (sometimes several years) and then a few months of productivity. In an effort to try to light the fire again, I've decided to post some of my old minis that I've never posted previously. Here's something I painted about 6 years ago during my second most recent painting period. It's not quite up to the standard I achieved during my last painting frenzy a year ago, but I think it's pretty decent all things considered, and serves as a good reference point for me to see how I've improved since then. Anyway, without further ado:
  17. I have used both brush-on and spray Dullcote on Bones and never had an issue. The brush-on needs to be thoroughly shaken, however. I've also used Reaper's brush on sealer and got good results. EDIT: Also worth noting that I have used spray-on Dullcote on Bones in South-Western Ontario during the summer without issue. I know that results can vary depending on the climate, so it might be helpful for you to know that I've had good results in your neck of the woods.
  18. I once used Krylon spray-on sealer on a bones mini. It was sticky for weeks, but did eventually set. That was my first and only try with Krylon. I resolved to only use Testor's Dullcote after that. I have no insight into the UV protection properties of either brand. Good luck!
  19. Tiny sized fey of various kinds, especially a grig (grasshopper themed faerie with a wee fiddle).
  20. What a delightfully flamboyant trio! Great work, as always. I particularly like the moustachioed gentleman's facial expression—you really nailed it.
  21. Thanks! You'll be pleased to know that I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of actual lions :D
  22. I previously posted a show-off thread for the male lion in this pair, but I wound up stripping him and repainting him after mistakenly ruining him when doing touch-ups/sealing. So here they both are! C&C welcome.
  23. Sadly, I went back and did some touch-ups and wound up ruining him, so into the simple green he went. I did a repaint and took a little longer this time (maybe 4 hours start to finish). Here are the results:
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