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  1. I managed to get everything assembled. Sadly, I have not had a chance to get any paint on them yet! That needs to change!
  2. The new online CAV shop looks great! I like the design.
  3. I assemble first. I tend to leave the torsos and arms unglued if they are snug enough so I can keep them poseable. I don't think I have fingerprints at the moment from all the gluing!
  4. Finally got everything assembled. I hope to start priming/basecoating this week.
  5. I am about 2/3 done assembling. Bag B is all that’s left. I need to find my airbrush in the basement to basecoat everything.I am looking forward to my table full of CAV photo. Loving these minis so far!
  6. That's great news! Will it be one book or multiple volumes?
  7. Are there still plans for a new Journal of Recognition or a similar manual? I would love to see something like this as part of the next Kickstarter.
  8. I just ordered more glue as I am flying through it as well! So far they have gone together pretty easily. These are a noticeable improvement over the first KS an those were nicely done for the most part.
  9. Seeing everyone’s tables full of CAV never gets old. I have been busy so am only maybe 20% through everything. I am looking forward to taking my CAV group photo soon I hope!
  10. I just picked this up and it works really well! Files don’t work well and this is much easier than a using a blade. Thanks for recommending this tool!
  11. Sounds like you are talking about the Enforcer minis? They were done in a harder plastic than the rest of the KS.
  12. Looks great! I cant decide which half I prefer. Very "two face!"
  13. I plan to do my Adon forces primarily orange using the Reaper Adon paint set from the KS.
  14. So much sorting and gluing to do!
  15. Mine arrived too, today! I have to say the quality is a signicant step up from the KS1 stuff. The detail is crisper for sure!
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