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  1. That's correct, Gadgetman. Dream Pod 9 runs the Heavy Gear Blitz license. I'm Brandon Fero, collaborator, writer, proofer, and tester for Heavy Gear Dreadnoughts, and also the mouthpiece, so to speak, for the game. I'm also writing with Arkrite Press LLC in regards to the RPG SDX ruleset.


    I've been discussing with DP9 staff about renewing the license with Reaper for the paints, after grabbing the last bottles of metallics from the line off Ebay.


    Hopefully, over the next few days, in between all the rushing around to share and answer questions, I can get back in touch with DP9 with some paint sets that are more affordable than the current box. That would be a boon, I think.


    In regards to the pictures:






    Fusion Core Studios has already popped some prototypes of the Susano-O, and the Khagan, and compared them to their constituent 1/2400-scale naval models.


    Some pics follow.






    These are just prototypes at this time.


    For more information about the game, I also updated with some of the updates from the Kickstarter here on my blog, directly from Fusion Core's updates, regarding how the game will shape up.


    That link is here: http://heavygearthunderrun.blogspot.com/2016/11/what-is-heavy-gear-dreadnoughts-about.html


    If anyone has any other questions that I can answer, I'll be more than happy to.


    Thank you.

  2. For those who missed out on the Kickstarter, Mr. Dubois has added a backdoor timeframe for those who wish to join in the Kickstarter by going directly to Fundafull and signing in to get their own Core Starter Set.


    The most recent update from the KS reads:


    "First a quick update on the Pledge Manager. Total pledges are now at $149,085 CAD with 931 Backers registered and we have sent out another round of invite reminders to the 93 who still need to register. The Fundafull team have also unlock the Pledge Manager to allow new outside backers to join for our additional funding campaign to reach $185K CAD in total pledges and unlock a few more desired stretch goals not reached during the Kickstarter. 
    Here is the new direct link to setup an account on the War for Terra Nova Pledge Manager, for new backers who missed the Kickstarter campaign. If you already backed the Kickstarter don't use this link, you need to register using the invite email that was sent out to you previously."
    So, if you noticed the Heavy Gear KS, or your friends or family did and were not able to join in, the chance is now.
    Peace, and Happy New Year!
    -Brandon F.

  3. I ordered Christmas Eve and a list of new Reaper paints. I was very pleased to find my delivery arrived today, 2 days ahead of schedule (Yay for being in Houston.)


    Open the box. Yep. Everything here, plus a new paint, Christmas Wreath. Checked it next to my Heavy Gear Blitz Giant Fern, looks like it might be a tad brighter than the Fern. Thank you. :)


    I also got the Painter Sophie. Very neat little girl, not sure what to do with her though. She is sassy.


    The woman I love is who I purchased Eve for. I really wish I had gotten some purple in my order - she loves purple - but I suppose I can get that next paycheck.


    One note to your packaging staff, Christmas Eve's staff got stuck outside the plastic holder and was a wee bent. I fixed that though. So no worries, I know ya'll got lots of orders, just giving a wee critique.


    Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to all those at Reaper and to all those elsewhere. May God bless you, keep you and yours, and I hope He answers the desires of your hearts.

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  4. Used Rustoleum Grey Auto Primer on my last Heavy Gear miniature, think I will stick with it from here on out. Perfect for painting just every miniature I plan on for the future.


    Also, really nice work so far. I didn't jump on the CAV Kickstarter, but I see that these are rather nicely-made.

  5. Caveat. I am a complete amateur.


    That being said, I decided to throw up a little how-to-assemble post on my blog for the Visigoth here:




    So I have been doing some painting on the finished model and thought I might share here.



    https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15960540965/



    https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15340923813/



    https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15958571761/



    https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15959891152/



    Hope those links work for everyone. It is my Flickr account, but due to the picture size I don't want to overload everyone's modems. :)


    Edit: Here is a link to the last stage of camouflage I reached.


    https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15959887962/


    God bless!

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    A comprehensive response to this 32-month-old article today by a regular Backer.




    Good read.



    I thought so too.


    Kickstarter is, frankly genius for a lot of things. It's brilliant for companies like, oh I don't know, how about that miniatures company from Texas, the one with the cute company mascot, and the disturbing forum mascot? Who have a solid background already, to launch ahead with something to help them grow. It's also great for people with good ideas, but limited capital to get something rolling. Unfortunatley, it's like eBay. Lots of really good, a lot of rather silly and stupid, and a fair number of outright crooks, and as P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute", and in this day and age most of them are on the internet.  


    Agreed. Hence why, as a first-time Backer, I did what I thought I should... back what I have enjoyed greatly for many years.  ^_^


    And for puppies... and cuddling... can I be the puppy?


    No, I'm kidding! Please don't throw that tomato, please.....

  7. Ooh, this one is tough...I don't see myself playing the game, but some of the parts (legs especially) could make for some sweet CAV conversions.


    Bahh, join in. We're finding folks all over. ;) Everyone loves a good Gear.


    Yeah, I'm sad about it, but I'm going to have to pass on this one.  I actually came into some extra money this month, enough that I can buy the new PC I've been wanting the past year, so I'm gonna buy that instead. 


    I'm glad your KS is doing so well though. It means I don't have to feel guilty about not helping you reach your initial goal. :poke:


    Every little bit helps, but hey, priorities are important, so no worries. Hope you'll join us over in the DP9 forums, or, if ya'll have Facebook, the Terra Nova DMZ Fan group is available for everyone who loves the Heavy Gear Universe. :)




    And broke 2 stretch goals yesterday.  So it's up to 50 models for the $115 CAD pledge.  Only about 29 hours to go.  Still plenty more goodies to unlock!


    11 hours now, and we've broken $135,000. Just unlocked some Demolition Drones. :) Rhoomba of doom!


    -Brandon F.

  8. Gaming Garage guy here???


    I am asking because I caught wind of this the day of its launch on Facebook miniatures group.


    I went to the KS when it opened. I like a lot of the miniatures to be honest. The story sounds interesting.


    Gaming Garage (a Backer) provided this spreadsheet showing the initial reward levels with their shipping costs included in the far right hand side.




    Very comprehensive. Very informative. So I am grateful he provided it.

  9. Hey everyone. I don't know how many have been keeping up, but we broke $100,000.


    I wanted to share the new poster including all the available miniatures with ya'll.


    Thanks for your time!




    And here they are showing the rest of the Stretch Goals.




    The Caprice Mounts are already available, clearly, but if you can't afford the Core Starter Set, you can always just go for a Faction Set for $65. If you want a little CEF, North, South, or Caprice patch for your bag or jacket, it will be a couple dollars more, but this Kickstarter has definitely been great to follow.


    We'really in the final week, and I hope to see others join in the Heavy Gear community. Until I pop back in, be safe!

  10. Well, Dave at Gamers on Games did a Live feed today for the new open Beta rules, using a narrative scheme of CEF versus PRDF.


    While they were at it, Dave McLeod, the Line Developer for the the new open Beta rules, checked in and started helping out with comments on their feed to let them know what they were missing. You can check it out here.


    Also, I try not to toot my horn, but folks were asking about basic mechanics for the game, so I took one of the answers Mr. McLeod gave and posted it with some examples for folks who are new to 5th Edition.


    On my blog, here:


    Then, on SwirlPost, I posted in reference to how big these miniatures are:


    The most recent update includes a 360-degree overview of the MHT-95 that was unlocked earlier.


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  11. Indeed. :)

    Also, since he already answered your questions, yes, it's $50 CAD more for a Core Starter Set. And of course, Pledging doesn't require that you give only just enough. You can pledge as much as you like. Some of the retailers have gone in at the Heavy Gear Universe Pledge Level for $500 CAD to get the Core Starter Set plus another $385 or so for whatever extra Add-Ons they want from the Pledge Calculator.


    You need to use a credit card or debit card to get in, though, and the sooner, the faster the Pledge Goals are unlocked.


    We're already looking at over $84,000.

  12. @Arc 724, If you don't want the $115 deal, pledge $1, go to the Pledge Calculator, and look up the Army Faction Sets.


    For $81 in Canadian currency, $16+65 for the Army Set, you can choose specifically the Northern, Southern or Earth force models for delivery in Wave 4.


    The total models for the North include:

    4x Hunters

    4x Jaguars

    2x Grizzlies

    2x Cheetahs


    Plus whatever gets unlocked.


    The South gets:

    4x Jagers

    4x Black Mambas

    2x Spitting Cobras

    2x Iguanas


    And the extra Southern unlocks.


    The CEF gets:

    2x MHT-95s

    2x FLAILs

    2x F6-16 Frames

    2x BF2-21 Frames


    And the Unlocks to come.


    The $15 is for American and Canadian backers, while other nations have to defer until later.


    Edit: If you download the open Beta, ensure you get the September 24 update, it is the most recent one out.

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