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  1. Vekin1971

    Warhammer Ogre

    I painted up this guy as I wanted to practice my painting of skin. I large amounts of skin pretty hard to do so a topless Ogre seemed to be a good place to practice ;) Overall I am happy with how he turned out, a little darker than I imagined he would be when I started him but a big improvement on my usual.
  2. Cool stuff, I love the bases on them! Painting up the figures from the game myself.
  3. Vekin1971

    50207: Krampus

    PVC glue then sprinkled Bicarbonate of Soda over the glue.
  4. Vekin1971

    50207: Krampus

    Finished up this figure, nice sculpt and pretty easy to paint which was ideal as I was looking for a figure to test out a snow base and he fitted the bill!
  5. Vekin1971

    50209: White Rabbit Chronoscope

    Thank you for all the comments folks!
  6. Vekin1971

    77256: Bones Golden Bullfight

    Very nice, the colours work perfectly :)
  7. Vekin1971

    50209: White Rabbit Chronoscope

    Finished the White Rabbit from the Chronoscope Alice set, I really like this figure but the Alice sculpt does nothing for me so will probably stay unpainted.
  8. Vekin1971

    Treebeard - Games Workshop LoTR

    Had this guy for a while but ran out of steam with him, picked him up again last week as I finally decided I was capable of doing him a decent base. Very happy how he turned out just a pity I lost Merry and Pippen over the years to sit on his shoulders
  9. Vekin1971

    02942: Gullivar, Gnome Barbarian

    Thank you for all the kind comments.
  10. Vekin1971

    02942: Gullivar, Gnome Barbarian

    Found this poor guy at the bottom of a pile of figures, I had half finished him years ago and then lost interest in him, he got a reprieve due to me having to wait for another project to finish drying etc so I painted him up in between that one.
  11. Vekin1971

    03682: Willow Greenivy, Witch

    Nice use of colours, very striking.
  12. Vekin1971

    03205 Friar Stone Traveling Monk and a random Badger

    Thanks for all the comments folks
  13. Finished this guy up today, a really nice sculpt full of character and a real joy to paint. Also finished this little guy up too, he is from one of the animal companion sets...looks like he could give you a nasty nip!
  14. Vekin1971

    14143: Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Hero

    This was my first attempt at making a custom base for a figure, usually I just add sand etc to give a based finish but this time I went and built something. I am pleased with how the staircase came out, the figure I seemed to struggle with getting right and though I am happy enough with the result feel I could have done something better with her.
  15. Vekin1971

    Experiment in reds

    As others have said Red is a tricky colour to paint. When I was getting back into the hobby I found this video helped me a lot with Red: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP-nu6aOJH8