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  1. I painted up this guy as I wanted to practice my painting of skin. I large amounts of skin pretty hard to do so a topless Ogre seemed to be a good place to practice ;) Overall I am happy with how he turned out, a little darker than I imagined he would be when I started him but a big improvement on my usual.
  2. Cool stuff, I love the bases on them! Painting up the figures from the game myself.
  3. PVC glue then sprinkled Bicarbonate of Soda over the glue.
  4. Finished up this figure, nice sculpt and pretty easy to paint which was ideal as I was looking for a figure to test out a snow base and he fitted the bill!
  5. Very nice, the colours work perfectly :)
  6. Finished the White Rabbit from the Chronoscope Alice set, I really like this figure but the Alice sculpt does nothing for me so will probably stay unpainted.
  7. Had this guy for a while but ran out of steam with him, picked him up again last week as I finally decided I was capable of doing him a decent base. Very happy how he turned out just a pity I lost Merry and Pippen over the years to sit on his shoulders
  8. Found this poor guy at the bottom of a pile of figures, I had half finished him years ago and then lost interest in him, he got a reprieve due to me having to wait for another project to finish drying etc so I painted him up in between that one.
  9. Finished this guy up today, a really nice sculpt full of character and a real joy to paint. Also finished this little guy up too, he is from one of the animal companion sets...looks like he could give you a nasty nip!
  10. This was my first attempt at making a custom base for a figure, usually I just add sand etc to give a based finish but this time I went and built something. I am pleased with how the staircase came out, the figure I seemed to struggle with getting right and though I am happy enough with the result feel I could have done something better with her.
  11. As others have said Red is a tricky colour to paint. When I was getting back into the hobby I found this video helped me a lot with Red: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP-nu6aOJH8
  12. Not fantasy stuff this week but part of a batch of Rus/Viking Warriors I am painting up with the Saga miniatures rules in mind. The flag comes from the same company that mad the miniatures (Gripping Beast) though I probably could have found one for free on the net if I had bothered to look (its made out of paper).
  13. Had this guy for ages and finally got around to finish him off. Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions.
  14. Very nice, I love hasslefree stuff and this is top quality.
  15. Lovely little set, the figures, the base and the colours all complement each other perfectly.
  16. I have dug around and found one for you As for the base its a pretty simple method to make it but it is rather effective.
  17. My first post on this forum so hello all!!!! This is one of the figures I have recently finished painting.
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