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  1. Just what the title says - for any of you who play roleplaying games/use figures to represent your character(s), which one is your personal favorite? Was curious after reading the 'hidden gems' thread. For me, its the 01551 (though it doesn't show) Christmas Knight for a Paladin. Mods, feel free to move if this in the wrong place!
  2. Hey! So I just got around to painting the awesome Vagorg, Half-Orc Sorcerer (60173) model I ordered during 12 days of Reaper, and had a question about the figure's sculpt. There's a little metal piece on the right side of the figure connecting the right arm to the top of the leg. It's thick enough that it looks intentional, but I can't figure out what it's actually supposed to be as far as the figure goes. I'd remove it, but my gut says it's designed to be a structural support for the arm. Any ideas?
  3. So... as a newbie to this, how does the billing work - do we receive an invoice right at Kickstarter end, based on our pledge amount? Can a pledge be lowered or increased after the time ends? I'd really like to go for more of the new tiles (the wood, and the water ones especially)... but the late updates means I simply wasn't budgeted for them, unfortunately. Really wish the timing on this was pushed back a little more - especially with the later updates/goals, I'd love to have an extra week for some breathing room to calculate a new pledge! As it is, it's hard to even figure out what to pledge for an order...
  4. As one of catdancer's recipients, all I can say is... wow! Still processing what an amazing surprise it was to open up today. Tried to take a few pictures during the in boxing process, though I'm afraid they don't do him justice - and I'm worried other people might be jealous! ;) On the whole, it was an incredible mix of new and older pieces, from Reaper, Grenadier (see the amazing Cliff Dragon!) and a few others - really excited for the gorgeous Malifeux terrain bases! There's such a huge assortment of highlanders, dark elves, undead, heroic figures and monsters here that I'm going to have to share them with a few friends who enjoy the hobby - meaning you've definitely helped make the holidays for even more people. Just wanted to say thanks again, so much =)
  5. Just made my order last night - Christmas Knight, Bourbon Street Sophie, and that awesome new Half Orc Sorcerer (Vagorg) were too much to say no to. Really been impressed with the pathfinder minis lately! Also a few odds and ends for the Secret Sophie :) I don't expect to be able to paint Bourbon St Sophie for a while, but maybe it'll give me a goal for improving my skills on other figures in the mean time. Very cool sculpt, and a neat promotion - thanks! :) *Almost* went for the Santa dwarf... hmm. Guess he could be played as a drunk in a disheveled costume for D&D... especially if he really thinks he is Santa. My gaming group probably has been through enough...
  6. I'll probably do the same thing as Talae... although, with the wider foam inserts I might add a figure case, too. Sigh. First Kickstarter, since I missed the Bones ones... why didn't anyone warn me they were this painful? ;P Also - 35k reached! Looking forward to this next update :)
  7. Digging the Wood Elf Oracle (and, as others have mentioned, the Dwarf Inquisitor is a really cool design) but the flat faces and frankly silly busts on most of Dave's models makes this an easy pass for me, as when it comes to female minis I'm looking more for interesting, well-designed or otherwise novel characters than I am, well... sexual objects Also, the Executioner with his prop is neat, but feels a bit closer to Logar than I'd prefer. Still, always good to see more minis/options out there, and for some I'm sure this will be right up their alley. Good luck! :)
  8. Sheesh, you guys. Thanks to your suggestions I had to go out and spend a whopping $0.88 on a gallon jug of distilled water. Which will now save me money by using slightly less paint. So... I need to buy more minis? Thanks a lot ;)
  9. New to the hobby and wondering both what people use to thin their paints, and whatever other 'essential' mixes are in your painting caddy. FLGS carries primarily Reaper MS paints/additives, so that's the stock I'm learning on. Planning on getting some empty dropper bottles soon, and trying to figure out what'd be most useful to put in them. I've seen a few stickied tutorials/threads with some info, but most are a few years old, and have either dead links, or are based off older paints, so I'm curious what works best with the current formulas. So - do you have a particular favorite mix? Does it vary for base coats, layers, washes, etc? Metallics? Metal vs Bones? Basically, what's your homebrew secret?
  10. Ahhh! Great to see them taking backer advice, and now I'm getting added value with the double-sided tiles Was wondering before if/how to split them for different terrain types, now I can easily do dungeon on one side without having to lose options. Really hoping this takes off!
  11. Love this idea! I think a Learn to Base Kit would be brilliant. I probably wouldn't buy it myself because I already have a boatload of basing supplies but it's a great idea. It would definitely be at the top of my list!
  12. If there were a 2nd (or even 3rd!) version of the LtP kit put out I would buy it in a heartbeat. Used the first one as my intro to Reaper minis, which had always looked cool but been a bit intimidating in terms of figuring out where to start. Since it covered base coats, washes, and drybrushing I feel like I'm starting to get a handle on some of the basics, but now I'm curious about some other techniques/tools - basing (would love a kit for this!), inks, those intriguing clear colors, the various additives Reaper makes, and even proper priming technique for the metal figures. With the forums, I'll get there on my own eventually, but the first kit was such a fantastic resource (not to mention value - 11 paints, 2 brushes, case, 3 figures and instructions for 34.99 is amazing) that I'd be loathe to miss the opportunity for another. I'm sure everyone's got their hands full with KS2 Bones right now, but for the record I'd back a KS for more kits if Reaper ever hosted one. Also, I'm rapidly filling up that nifty case with triads, and could use the space of another to have an excuse to buy more paints ;)
  13. Curious to see if they'll be adding more stretch goals/rewards. A bit bare so far, but I also can't blame them for wanting to keep it simple.
  14. Well done - I think those tiny faces would drive me mad trying to paint! Good to see older figures on those heavy bases, looks like they'll stay in good shape for years to come.
  15. Just squeaked in to get an extra 40 tiles. Maybe more than I need, but if these are a Bones-similar material this seems absolutely perfect. I'd love to use Dwarven Forge, but the cost and weight have kept me from buying in so far, so I like this as a low-threshold entry point for basic game terrain. Hope it works out!
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