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  1. Gotta say, the old sculpt were definately much more charming. Very nice paintjob!
  2. Very nice! Very clean paintjob, it looks good. How did you make the shrubs on the base? Is that Woodland Scenic?
  3. Hi guys. I am so so sorry, I forgot to give you guys a heads up in here. My deepest apology for slowing down the game. I've been pretty busy on this end. Just started my freshmen year in college, so I wasn't even near my comp for the last month or so. Haldir, would it be ok if you role-play Vieta for me indefinitely? I don't know when I might have free time to be around, and I don't want to stall this really great game.
  4. Vieta attacks the closest zombie that approaches the party, warry of the creature's attack and quick with his own. His cutlass slices the air as he swings it in wide arcs, shouting as he does so.
  5. Vieta draws his cutlass and stays back, waiting for the enemy to come to him rather than charging.
  6. Listen Check- 5 Vieta enters the chamber, seeing only what the dim glow of the torch allows him to see. He stands and leans against the wall, waiting for the rest of the group. "What in hells is that smell?" he asks, frowning but sniffing, trying to identify it. Then, the zombies reveal themselves and Vieta freaks. "SON OF A B*TCH!" he shouts, drawing his cutlass.
  7. "Well, that's good it didn't, then, mate... This be a pretty expensive sword, this one." he lies with a grin, but, regardless, carefully inspects its edge, making sure it is not damaged. To him, Vieta's weapons have always been his best friends, although never his only friends. There are times he wonders if friends and weapons (or perhaps, tools) are of the same nature. His mood, being of a chaotic nature, shifts, and he proceeds to stand. "Well... let's find us a way out of here, then, now that I can see. Gotta make sure I get out of here and poke some holes in our friend Vanthus." Vieta approaches the door and does the same thing Anny did earlier, inspecting the door for himself.
  8. Vieta pushes himself to his feet, and stands leaning against the tunnel wall, waiting for a torch to be lit. He clutches his head, still dizzy from the two consecutive blows to the head. Trapped, he wonders if he will make it out alive this time, and wonders suddenly what his family is doing. He realized that in all the excitement he had forgotten to pay them a visit. "Well damn..." he mutters, shaking his head.
  9. "What happened?" Vieta repeats, his voice sounding extremely irritated and thus oozing with sarcasm. "I'll tell ya what happened. Some street rat elf led us right into a trap and told us to climb down a dark hole in the middle of the nowhere. All of us cheerfully climbed down said hole in the middle of nowhere, and then good, noble Vanthus Vanderboren comes out of nowhere and closes said hole on us." Vieta groans, shifting himself in his sitting position, then tries to adjust his eyes to the darkness if possible. "Ahhh." Vieta sighs with delight. "Nothing like pure darkness to make a man feel certain that he's thoroughly f**ked. Now what?"
  10. I have 24 HP. I think the fall would have knocked me unconscious but the healing would have woken me back up, so right now I am at... 2 HP? Should I edit my post or just play along from there?
  11. I have 24 HP. I think the fall would have knocked me unconscious but the healing would have woken me back up, so right now I am at... 2 HP? Should I edit my post or just play along from there?
  12. As everything goes dark, there is silence, broken when Vieta says, with an echo: "That son of a b*tch..." Not being able to see much, he uncocks his pistol and holsters it, then slumps down on the floor, the injuries from battle getting to him. He sits there on the dirt floor, propped against the wall, weakly patting around him, remembering that he dropped his cutlass and now tries to look for it but too lazy and tired to commit to a search in the dark. "Anybody got a light?" he asks, then after a pause... "Hey shortie!" he calls out in the dark to Heleger. "You alright, mate?"
  13. Vieta groans as he struggles to his feet. Holding his head, he starts grumbling, and soon his grumbling can be heard as loud yells of insults. He trashes to his feet, pulling away from Anny as he yanks at his powder horn. He violently pours powder and slams a bullet down the barrel of his gun, violently slamming the hammer into firing position with his other hand's palm. "You're gonna die, you bearded little sack of elf! I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!" Vieta roars up at Vanthus, one crazy ex-noble to another. Not even caring if he's out of range, he aims up the shaft at Vanthus, and with one eye shut, fires the pistol at the nobleman.
  14. Str Check- 24 (20+4) [Lol now I get the 20!] Vieta, rather dying than letting go of his grandfather's pistol, clings to the gun like a holy talisman, holding it to his chest with his right hand as his left hand flails, desperately trying to catch the rope. His lucky cutlass, however, is left plummeting to the dark depth below. I swear, by the tides, when I climb back up, this bearded arse-lick is gonna die...
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