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  1. Vieta stares at Arwin then at the man. "Hmm... well, we can let him answer that now, can't we?..." he says, then looks around. Realizing there be a crowd watching, Vieta unlocks the hammer of his pistol and holsters it. "Alright, matey..." he addresses the man he is holding captive. "Let's have ourselves a lil'... chat. I'll tell you what we gonna do... my mates and I, we gonna follow this here orc and get ourselves a drink at whatever watering hole she's taking us. You're gonna come with us, and you're gonna drink with us. And, of course, you're going to share your story about that scallywag arse Vanthus, aren't ya?" Vieta turns to Arwin. "Don't worry, orc. Ya don't have to pay for this one. His drink is on me." Vieta turns back to the captive, a wicked grin on his face. "Of course, you better not cross me, mate. Or I'll have to take back that drink from ya... Even if I have to cut your stomach open to get it... Now, get walkin'." He lets the man go and gives him a firm shove forward, proceeding to follow closely behind this suspicious man.
  2. Vieta, keeping his pistol against the small of the man's back, turns to Arwin as she speaks. He is silent for a bit, then... "What the hell did you just say?"
  3. "I am not one to refuse free drinks, but..." he said pushing his captive forward, "Might there be a place a bit more private for a lil'... question-askin'?" "This scallywag says he knows about Vanthus." he says, turning to stare at the man. "Well... what do you want to tell us?"
  4. "I am not one to refuse free drinks, but..." he said pushing his captive forward, "Might there be a place a bit more private for a lil'... question-askin'?" "This scallywag says he knows about Vanthus." he says, turning to stare at the man. "Well... what do you want to tell us?"
  5. "Alright, mate. Talk you want to, talk you shall." Vieta responds, pushing the man forth down the alley. Having not seen what has occurred, Vieta stares in confusion as he exist the alley with the man and witnesses his fellow comrades slaughter a hapless band of men. "What in the seven tides..." he mutters, but does not proceed forward. He merely keeps his clutch on the man that followed him and holds the pistol to the man's head. Watching the other man run, he merely stares, then turns to his mates. "What the hell are you doing?" he asks everybody in general.
  6. Vieta, still holding on to Shefton, looks the man up and down for weapons. He turns Shefton around and, still pinning the man against the wall, Vieta disarms him of any of his weapons. Finally he draws his pistol and holds the gun up to the man's ear and clicks the hammer back slowly. "You hear that, mate?" Vieta says. *click* "You hear that?" he repeats with a crazy grin on his face. "That be the sound of a beautiful specimen of gunpowder weaponry." Vieta wraps his left arm around the Shefton's neck in a chock hold and, with his right hand, puts the gun against the small of the man's back. "I'll assume I don't need to tell you what I will do if you cross us... right, mate?" (Intimidate- 12) "Now, let's take ya to meet the others." With that, Vieta leads Shefton down the alley to where the rest of the party is.
  7. Vieta looks back and waits for the man to walk in front or past the cover he is hiding behind. If he spots the group interfering with the she-orc sailor's issues, he thinks: What in the bloody blue hell are they doing? Those fools! What if the orc was following us too? Damn the tides! Meanwhile, Vieta takes the opportunity and does things his way, having at least cornered the pursuer away from the busy, public streets where everyone can see a battle. He grabs his right hand with his left, and, positioning himself to spring forward, waits until the pursuing man appears, then jumps forward with elbow out to try to smash the man in the face or, at least, ram him into the alleyway wall.
  8. "Aye, the bugger looks familiar" Vieta responds, and takes the lead. He keeps an eye open for an alleyway and, once he spots it, he waves for the party to go ahead while he waits back. "Block the end of the alley and hide yerselves. We're gonna trap this fool, mates." he says and turns casually in the direction they came from to make sure the pursuer is still in pursuit. If he spots him, Vieta acts as if he is not suspicious, takes a moment to fix the rag tied around his head, then enters the alleyway, hoping to bait the pursuer to follow.
  9. Vieta notices the man, but keeps his cool, hissing to his party members: "Act normal. Normal, I say" He tries not to look back, but continues walking casually as if he never spotted the man. One of his hand rests on his pistol, the other on his cutlass. "We're being followed, mates. Let's make 'im follow us into an alley and ambush the bastard..."
  10. Vieta walks alongside the group, taking the time to observe the environment around him, especially the boats docked and the types of sailors crewing them. (Spot Check- 19)
  11. "Aye, well let's go then." Vieta says. "If he has information, we can get it out of him."
  12. Vieta, having a good feeling a fight was ahead somewhere, checks his shot bag and powder horn for what is left. (OOC- about how many shots does Vieta have left? 10?) He stands up, takes back his bottle of rum, takes another swig, and plugs it, then walks out into the street and follows the group to their next destination. "Alright... how are we gettin' there. I've had my share of walking."
  13. Vieta leans forward when he hears of the Shadowshores. "That's a bad district, friends." he says, having had his share of experiences with illegal affairs. "I suggest we be keepin' a low profile if we are to venture over there. We want to gather as much information without havin' to give out any. You can never know who might be listenin' down there, savvy?" "Any of y'all perchance got any contacts down there? A relative, perhaps?" he says jokingly and leans back again.
  14. "Maybe..." he says, and stares at her back as she leaves. He returns to his seat at the table and props his legs back up on the table, hands held cup behind his resting head. "Can't win them all, mates... ya can't win them all." he says with an amused grin, and relaxes.
  15. "Don't get your beard all in a bunch, shortie." Vieta says with a grin as he tosses his bottle of rum to the dwarf. "I won't be long..." He gets up and approaches the elf, stopping in front of her and giving her a gentleman's bow. "Then let me introduce myself to ye, miss. The name's Vieta, a... humble sailor. What delightful name might grace one as ye, fair elf?" he asks.
  16. Upon the sight of a woman, Vieta's instincts kicks in. His focus on his pistol diminishes as his eyes are averted to the elf. A light grin curls his lips as he leans back in his chair and inspects her. "Now there, mates, stands a fine specimen of beauty..." he says to his companions around the table, but hopefully low enough that she did not hear. Meanwhile, he withdraws the hankie from the gun barrel and begins to load it.
  17. "None for me, boy." Vieta says, declining breakfast. He does, however, seat himself at the table and, taking the liberty to open a bottle of rum, claims a corner of the table for himself. Taking out a cleaning kit, he lays his pistol out on the table and begins to unload it, using rum and a hankie to rub out the carbon that has encrusted itself in the barrel of his pistol. He does this again and again, using another hankie until the fabric is no longer stained black when he withdraws it from the barrel. "There should be no danger unless you give them cause for it, mate..." he says as he places his gunpowder horn onto the table.
  18. "So where to now, mate?" Vieta says, propping his feet up crudely on the dining table.
  19. Sorry for the delay. I'll have it done by tomorrow. Again, my apologies.
  20. Who was that? Vieta ponders as he spots the half-elf exiting. But with more pressing matters confronting him, Vieta keeps his gun pointed at the half-orc. He doesn't say anything, but steadily unlocks the hammer of his pistol and lowers it. Holstering his prized firearm, he turns to leave, itching to say some interesting last few words but refraining from such pleasantries. In his mind, he made sure to remember the name of the establishment and of the owner and her first mate. For future references... When he is outside, he snatches his cutlass from the table and, remembering Isabella's words, looks around for the couple that were causing trouble. "What the hell happened in there, mate?" Vieta asks Yarrin, not specifically angry at him but at the situation in general. "Why the hell were those two scalawags pickin' on ye for?"
  21. (Spot check- 12) Vieta rolls off the bar and lands on his knees and palms, one hand wiping blood from his nose. Looking at the crimson stain on his fingers, Vieta goes into a fit of rage and, standing up, draws his pistol and aims it at the Half-Orc, intent on shooting down the creature. When the musket goes off, Vieta instinctively ducks and stands back, keeping his gun pointed at the bouncer. Otherwise, he does not move from his position. His thumb cranks the pistol's hammer back with an audible click. "Get out of here? Get out of here?!" Vieta retorts to Yarrin. "Listen mate, tis been less than 12 hours and I've already been in 4 damn fights! I've already killed 2 men. 2 men! In less than a day! Now... gimme one reason, one good reason, why I should make an exception of this scallywag, tusk-faced piece of deh-tri-tus and not blow his orc brains across the damn floor!" Without moving, or taking his pistol off of the bouncer, he glances at the woman with the musket. "Who the hell are you?" he asks.
  22. Vieta tosses aside the ruins of the chair and moves on to the next opponent. Trying to get in a position where his opponent is focused on Yarrin and has his back to him, Vieta climbs the bar, and, with a running leap, jumps onto the brawling man and tries to choke him from behind. Grapple Roll- 1 (no modifier added yet)
  23. Initiative: 9 (6+3) "Uhhh... Take that, you fat whore!" Vieta shouts at the woman he smashed, making it seem like he never missed and intended to hit her all along. Squaring off, he holds his chair ready, and tries to free Yarrin up by attacking the aggressor from behind while he is busy pouncing on Vieta's friend. Attack Roll- 24 (20 (!!!) +4)
  24. Haha! His name sounds like Prick... poor bugger... Vieta was about to begin inquiries on the captain's knowledge of the Vanderboren naval affairs when the fight erupts near the bar. Instinctively, Vieta draws his pistol and cocks it, aiming for the head and torso region of the man brawling with Yarrin. Realizing as he draws figure 8s with his sight that he might hit Yarrin instead and that the bouncer might realize his gun was armed, Vieta mutters several curses even sea dogs find offensive. He glances at Prich, and gives a strange grin, considering the circumstances. "Sorry, Cap'n Prich. That be my mate Yarrin about to get his ugly face made even uglier... If you would excuse me..." With that, he holsters his pistol, grabs the chair he was sitting in by its backrest, and swinging it in both hands, charges at the brawl, attacking Yarrin's aggressor. With a great battle howl, he rushes past the crowd and swings the wooden furniture like a massive club. (attack roll- 5 (1 ( ) +4))
  25. "The Lady Antebellum, eh? I think I might have seen this ship moored on the waters. So you are her skipper?" Vieta muses, sipping his drink. "Oh, just curious. I might end up looking for work on yer boat, cap'n. One of these days... But right now, I need something else." Vieta leans in closer. He slides another gold coin across the table towards the old sailor. "So Cap'n... you must see a lot of people come and go. Know of a man by the name of Vanthus? Vanthus Vanderboren? Classy bugger with a beard and fancy clothing, perhaps? Know anything about him?"
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