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  1. Vieta nods at the bouncer and enters, keeping his hand on his belt, close to his gun. When he splits up, he moves next to the old seadog and takes a seat across from him at a stable. Vieta flicks a gold coin at the old man and leans back. He waves for a wench, and when she notices him, he says: "Aye, a drink for me and the old matey, if ya please. Grog..." He turns to the old sailor. "You come here a lot, old man? Which boat are ya from?"
  2. Vieta feigns confusion and scratches his head. "Pistol? What pistol?" he says, and looks down at his belt. "Oh! Ya mean this old thing?" he exclaims, putting his hand on his gun. "This here ain't a pistol, mate! Tis an heirloom of the Vieta family. You know what an heirloom is, mate? Tis one o' them old dusty stuff scallywag noble-likes collect. This here pistol is my grandpa's! It can't even fire! Tis just a toy, friend. You don't even need to take it away, it ain't gonna harm nobody." (Bluff roll- 20 (without modifiers)) OOP- not sure if I need a diplomacy check here...
  3. Vieta stares at the half-orc for a moment and nods. He loosens the scabbard of his cutlass, holds it by the blade, and hands it to the bouncer pommel forward... "Ain't lookin' for trouble, mate." Vieta says, and proceeds into the bar.
  4. Vieta chuckles as Yarrin speaks to him. In reply, all he says is: "It's an art, mate. An art..." he says. Knowing the District well, Vieta thinks if there is a good establishment that he frequents often but haven't yet visited. He proposes the idea to Yarrin and attempts to questions bartender, maids, and perhaps familiar faces if they know of Vanthus or the Barissa woman and their whereabouts.
  5. Vieta listens to Yarrin and nods to his comrade, not taking his eyes off of Malik. His face is cold and emotionless, as it always gets when he is roused to quarrel. "I hear ya..." he replies to Yarrin, his eyes always on the brothel proprietor. With his right hand still on his pistol, Vieta's left hand reaches into his pocket and produces a shiny gold coin. He casually twirls the metal disc around his fingers, catches it between thumb and forefinger, holds the object close to his eyes as if inspecting its worth, then tosses the coin on the floor in front of Malik as if throwing a bone to a dog. "There! Have a nice day, mate..." Vieta spits, and turns to leave with Yarrin. His hand, however, remains clutching his pistol, ready to shoot Malik down if the man tries anything.
  6. As Kayla leaves his side, Vieta steps forward, his hand casual resting on the butt of his holstered pistol, as if leaning on it. "Is there a problem, sir?" he asks, sensing tension and ready to face it. Sense Motive- 7
  7. Vieta looks the blonde half-elf up and down and brings himself close to her with a smooth glide, his nose so near to her hair that he can't help but take a whiff of her perfume. "Tides be not the only thing I ride, miss." he says with a grin. However, when Yarrin brings up the business at hand, Vieta's attentions returns to the business at hand. He lets Yarrin deal with the owner and decides to try to gain information from one of the ladies. He takes the blonde she-elf's hand and gives her a gentle, waltz-like twirl as if to "inspect" her "wares". "Name's Vieta, my dear. What be yours?" Vieta speaks softly to her. "A fine woman like yourself must be attractin' more than mere sea dogs like I. You be fit for the highest noble in Sasserine. Tell me... does the name Vanderboren ring a bell? Vanthus Vanderoboren? A young, noble bugger with long hair and a mustache?" Gather Info- 21 (19+2)
  8. "Oh, tis nothin', mate!" Vieta answers Yarrin when the man questions him as he stares at Kellani Manor. He wonder where Rowyn might be, a curious thought in his mind. Vieta enters the watering holes in the Azure district with a confident familiarity, as if they have been his stomping ground for years (some of them have been, at least, when his various crew docks). When he enters the Drunken Dolphin, he approaches, he questions the innkeeper and the serving wench. (Gather Info- 12+2 (14) )
  9. "Might you know the names of these 'unsavory characters'?" Vieta ask, wondering in amusement if he himself could qualify as one.
  10. Vieta sits listening intently on Lavinia and Vanthus's history. He is amazed at how closely related Vanthus's past was to his own, as he too had endured childhood problems and had been separated from the noble life. He was sure that being forced to work on a plantation was just as bad as the life at sea, but, at least in his case, he brought it upon himself by choice. His escape from nobility was sparked by his own free will. He was not sure if this was the case with Vanthus. Should be an interesting person to meet... "Might I ask, ma'lady, what this Vanthus looks like?" Vieta asks. "The Azure district is like my second home... or third, if you count the ocean. Or is a dock count as ocean too? Whatever, I know my way around that district. Shouldn't be too hard to track him down. Maybe if I hit up a few sailor waterin' holes down there, I can scrounge up some information on this scallywag Vanthus." he says.
  11. Vieta shrugs when the first attempts failed, but his attention is drawn when Heleger correctly spins the dial the other way. When the walls opens, his curiosity nearly bursts through as he notices the chest, but soon, he is as annoyed as Lavinia when each one proves to be empty. However, when the filled one is opened, his eyes glitter, but he is careful not to let this show. He walks around, inspecting the content of each chest as if they mean nothing to him, and paces around the room, whistling to himself. When finally Lavinia opens a chest full of document, his curiosity switches from wealth to information, gossip and the likes. He approaches her and looks over her shoulder at the paperwork. "Wonder if House Vieta owes ye anything, miss?" he says with a chuckle.
  12. Not being the one to spin the pillar, Vieta stands back and watches as whoever is cranking the pillar and keeps a careful eye around the room. He draws his pistol, loads a shot into it, then slides it back into the loop of his belt. Just in case...
  13. Ahhh, so one o' em knows what in the blue hell I'm talkin' 'bout! "Aye, thats right, mate." Vieta says to Tolan, and looks around the room. He stares at the door and thinks that the red arrow is pointing at it. "Perhaps the door be north. I'd wager that'd be the startin' point." He thins on the note, especially with the medusa. "The medusa has two, but each of them snakes in them hair o' hers might have some eyes too so they might add some more. Likely its a large number, so 7 would likely be it. Chimera 6, Cyclops 1, Medusa 7 or so, what the hell is an Umber Hulk? and basilisk around 2 or so..." Having never encountered an umber hulk, Vieta scratches his head. He stands and face the door where the arrow is. "Try turning the pillar so the arrows clicks to the statue with 6 eyes in a counter-clockwise direction." he says, pointing with his left hand in what would be west if the door was north. "Then click to 1 in the opposite direction. Do this back and forth for each number and see if it works." [OOP] - awesome puzzle btw, this is really fun!
  14. "What you are payin' me is more than enough for a humble sailor, miss." Vieta says with an extra polite bow, trying not to bring too much attention to his habits. He looks at the number of eyes and at the note, thinks about sunrise, and asks. "Which way is north?"
  15. Vieta turns and looks downward at the dwarf with an annoyed expression, clutching his cutlass. "Mate, 'less ya got the answers to the riddle hidden in that mass of chin-hair o' yours, let us folks do our work, savyy?" Clearly, he did not see me take the coin. Watchful lil' bastard, this mate. I guess I'll have to watch him if I am to pull something. He tries again to pry the eye loose so it doesn't seem like he's doing anything wrong, and then takes a step back and looks around the room. Since suspicion has been cast upon his shady endeavors, he immediately takes the role of participating in the puzzle. "It seems..." Vieta starts, rubbing his stubby chin in feinted concentration to seem as smart as possible, "This room's a lock. The number of eyes... Each creature has an ascending number of 'em. The first creature has 1. The drake has 2. Fishie there has 3. The two-headed bloke has 4, 2 for each head. so on... Number ends at 7. The pillar has a star with a red arm. Clever lil' game your father invented there, mah lady..." "If you ask me, seems like a combination lock. Point the star in the right combination of number and you'll open the lock." What the lock will open and what is locked inside, however... might be a bit interesting. "Know any set of numbers important to your daddy, miss?" he asks Lavinia. "Birthday or the likes?"
  16. Appraise roll: (2) Vieta stares at the stone for a few seconds and gives up trying to determine what it is. Oblivious to the puzzle, he draws his sword and uses the pointed edge to see if he can pry one of the eye out. If anyone asks him, he bluffs, saying he is looking for clues for the puzzle.
  17. Ooops... Vieta thinks as he nearly shot the dwarf in battle. Vieta decides to stand back and watch harmlessly as the team finishes off the snake. When the battle is over, he pockets his pistol and, along with Tolan, inspects the snake, trying to see what it really is, out of sheer curiousity. When this is over, he puts his hand in his pocket and casually gives the dead creature's body a kick and paces into the room beyond. "Well, that was an interesting change of pace, right mates?" he says with a grin. As he enters the new room, Vieta walks around, staring at the carvings. He notices the 8-pointed star and, after a moment of thinking, realizes each of the carving have a corresponding number of eyes. Of course, for some spontaneous reason, he keeps quiet and, rather than working on whatever puzzle this may be, he approaches a carving and puts his hand on the red stone eyeball, inspecting the material to see if its valuable and/or removable (as conspicuously as he can).
  18. "Well, this is quite an opponent." Vieta says with a grin to Lavinia while he reloads his pistol. He stands and waits, observing the battle, while leaning against the pillar, carefully filling his pistol with powder and shot.
  19. Vinny


    Not sure where you could go for a d20 tutorial. I know dungeons and dragons have some tutorials on how to play but not sure on how to create a character. As for the fallout world, don't worry too much about it. Either way, living in the Vault has obscured the entire universe outside of it, so you'll find out about it as you play anyway. But, just for reference, you can always wikipedia it. Voladik- Medic is cool.
  20. Vinny


    Sure you can play! I run my games often loosely based on d20, so just roll up a character either in a typical d20 fashion, and we can figure out the roll as we play. For characters: All characters will have lived in the vault for most of their life. They are either born there or were children when the vault door was closed. Don't worry about gears, as all you really have is a PIP Boy wrist computer and your blue-yellow Vault jump suit. As for occupation, you can be anything that is necessary for people living in a fallout shelter (technician, security guards, engineers, janitors are some examples).
  21. Vinny


    March 2008, 3:00 AM. Your parents wake you up. You are drowsy, confused, tired. They are running frantically about, but you have no idea where or why. The only words they speak to you are two solemn commands: "get dressed" and "hurry". You are rushed to your family wagon, but upon stepping outside your house, you notice there is a ruckus in the air. Your neighbors are scrambling for their cars as well. People are running wildly in the streets, screaming, yelling. There are sirens in the distance. Helicopters are flying overhead. Spotlights shine down from these gyrating vehicles, and a loud speaker is yelling some unclear command. The drive is terrifying, traffic a huge jam, with people getting out of their cars and running on foot. Your dad curses out loud and gets out of the car. For a moment, you panic at the thought of him abandoning you, but he returns, removes you from your seat, and runs with you in his arm. Where is mama, you scream after losing sight of her, but your father does not answer. You make it to a military barricade and US soldiers let your dad through. One trooper grabs you and nearly throws you back into the crowd, but your dad fights with him, shoving your family VIP badges into his face before his commanding officer lets you pass. A thousand refugees mob up on the troops behind you, but only a select few are allowed through. Suddenly, the frenzied crowd scream and you notice in the black night sky fiery, glowing trails slowly drifting towards you from the horizon. A surge of refugee attempt to storm past the soldiers, and you and your father are hurried into the Vault. To your relief, you are re-united with your mother in the shelter's steel corridor, and in your joy, you failed to notice the huge steel door closing behind you. In an eerie instance, the screams from outside are silenced as the door clanks into place. Within less than five minutes, a tremendous quake shook the entire complex, so violent it seemed to you that the Vault itself could collapse at any moment. Just as suddenly as it had began, the tremor ended. For once in your childhood, there was peace. Vault 99 became your new home. ------------- In expectation of the release of Fallout 3 sometime this fall, I wanted to start a d20 game set in Fallout's post-apocalyptic wasteland. The rules will be d20 modern. 4-5 players will do, hopefully being familiar with the Fallout game and world, but if not, it can be explained. =)
  22. Well, they seem to have things under control... Vieta thinks as he watches the group surround the snake. He sheaths his blade and withdraw his pistol, loading a fresh cartridge down the barrel. With gun in hand, and with everyone else distracted, Vieta begins to walk around the room, keeping an eye open on the melee for any change but also taking the opportunity to look for any more valuable things he can nick (or any other monsters hiding themselves).
  23. Vieta closes one eye, the gun barrel drawing a figure eight as he tries to line up the barrel with the creature. Finally, he pulls the trigger and lets loose a shot towards the creature. (Shoot roll: 13 (raw score) ) Then, Vieta tucks the pistol between his belt and draws his blade, keeping his eyes on the creature for an opportunity to charge it (preferably if it is not facing him).
  24. [initiative Roll: 14 (no bonus added yet) ] Vieta holds up the coin and, not really caring if people saw him take it , he plays with it, flipping it between his fingers. He turns, whistling, oblivious to the threat until he sees it. Wide-eyed and frozen in his place, Vieta blinks at the snake-like creature but finally, his hands reaches for his sword and pistol just as his mouth shouts the words: "Holy hell!" Going on one knee, Vieta aims his pistol and tries to line up the shot with the creature's glowing red eyes, hoping he hits it in the head when he fires.
  25. Vieta kneels by the door, and opens his carrying bag to look through his belongings. "Anyone gotta torch?" he asks. Meanwhile, his hand slips subtly to the floor and he tries to palm the gold coin before closing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder again. [sleight of Hand roll: 16 ] (Vieta is by the door, his attention attracted by the single gold coin lying on the floor)
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