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  1. Vieta winces as the door flashes, half-expecting it to blow and be the last thing he sees in this world. When it opens, he is slightly relieved and chuckles to himself. He walks into the room, alongside Lavinia, his hands clutching his belt-strap as he gazes at the room. An awed whistle lets others know he was impressed at the sight. "So, what are we lookin' for?" he asks. Vieta gazes around the room to see if there is any valuable or interesting trinket within sight. Something small that no one might notice if he pockets it.
  2. "Yah... it was peaceful, mate." Vieta answers Yarrin with a grin. He walks ahead and gazes at the door, scratching his head. "What are we supposed to be lookin' for down here, again?" he asks. Disregarding Gil's order, Vieta approaches the door and stands behind Gil, looking over his shoulder. "Sure be pretty runes there, mate. Hope they don't go boom..." he comments cheerfully.
  3. Staying mostly in the back of the expedition and letting the others do the talking, Vieta takes the lead as the party enter Castle Teraknian. "So, mates..." he says, addressing the group. "What happened last night? I hope I didn't miss any excitements..." he says, knowing full well that, from his own encounters, he didn't.
  4. Vieta finishes his drink and stands when the familiar face of the gnome catches his attention. "Yes... ummm... my family affairs... has been taken care of!" Vieta bluffs, putting the empty glass down He makes a mental note to send them the money. The way things are going, he realizes he likely won't get around to visiting them anytime soon. At least, for the time being. "Ship? What ship? What happened last night?" he asks.
  5. Vieta lays in bed, napping. The morning, ocean breeze from the window flaps the drapes and ruffles his clothes as he slowly wakes up and remains laying there, staring at the ceiling with his hands cupped behind his head. [OOC- Btw, is this the same inn Malrae killed the assassin? God, I hope Vieta's not in that same room... ]
  6. Vargos becomes annoyed as he travels with the group towards the alleyway, annoyed of the rain splattering against his armor, and annoyed at being ordered around. "To the Nine Hells with all these sneaking, where are these bloody highwaymen you speak of?" the paladin blurts out. He turns to the alleyway and shouts: "In the name of Helm, I order yee to come forth, scoundrels!" he shouts in the direction where he is heading. Drawing his blade, he stalks off ahead of the group into the alley, ready to face anything that comes at him.
  7. Vargos frowns at the request to take the spell =caster for support but, he considers the logic behind it and nods. He remains suspicious of his party member's intentions. In his mind, he is assuming the worst. Who are these people I am working with? Who are they in league with? But regardless, for the sake of politeness and for the sake of subtlety, he keeps this to himself. "Come then," he says impatiently to Rothgar. "Take me to them. By Helm, waste not my time!"
  8. Vargos, having kept fairly quiet and to himself for most of the ride, looks up when the cart stops. He listens to Rothgar with suspicion, sensing something fishy. "4 of them? What are they doing?" he asks, "Are they harming anyone?" He pulls his hood on as he pokes his head out the open door and strains his eyes to scan for the threats. Gods, one brawl a day is enough. By Helm, damn it if I have to be drenched in rainwater again to fight another band of brigands... He gets out of the cart slowly and grimaces from the rain splattering on his tabbard. "Go on, where are they?"
  9. (OOC- Sorry for not responding for a while, its application week for colleges, so I'm kinda swamped. But I'm going to try to post more often once this stuff is done. ) Vargos climbs into the cart last and sits with his sword on his laps, the blade much too long to sit comfortably with it at his waist. He keeps both hands on it and speaks little on the ride. There was an air of self-guarded haughtiness about him, as if he did not want to be associated with those around him. Truthfully, the mere fact that his temple had, in his eyes, sold him off as a mercenary to these dwarfs was rather unnerving. But he respected the temple, and, for Helm's and duties' sake, Vargos decided to continue with the task at hand. When the half-orc speaks, Vargos turns and nods. "Yes... tis a miserable weather out there." he says and returns to his silent contemplations.
  10. Vargos finishes the rest of his meal and remains seated as everyone else leaves. he glances at the new bracers he received and, not yet trusting the dwarf, decides not to put them on. When the she-orc comes out the lavatory, he hesitates and rethinks the decision of going in there himself, and, so, follows the group outside and waits for everyone else.
  11. Vieta thanks the man and takes the keys. He walks upstairs, going down the the hall until he reaches his room. When there, he unlocks the door and walks in, closing it behind him. Taking a few moments, Vieta walks to the window and looks out over the streets below (or, if his room is facing the docks), the ocean. He opens it, to let in some fresh sea air, and looks around again, taking notice of where things are, before he throws his canvas sack onto the bed and stands again by the window, observing things outside. [ooc- whats the time difference between me and the rest of the group? Would it be better if I pause until they catch up?]
  12. Vieta reads the ledgers, his fingers tracing on a few names before that of Malrae and seeing if he recognizes any other. He shrugs, takes the pen, and signs himself in as well, putting only "Vieta" and nothing more. He nods, finishes his juice, and closes the book, paying little to no attention to the dwarf's entrance. When Carl introduces himself, Vieta returns the introduction with a handshake and his name: "Vieta". Decent guy, this one. Putting the empty glass down on the counter, Vieta stretches, cracking his knuckles, elbows, and neck with a few twists here and there. "Well, mate." Vieta says to Carl, "This Malrae, he didn't by any chance reserve us a room, did he? I need to put this stuff down somewhere..." He gestures to the cloth sack he carries over his shoulder, filled with his belongings.
  13. Vieta thanks the man and digs in on the meal. He starts with the eggs, always going for the white and saving the yolk for last. Then, he pokes the yolk and lets the savory yellow stuff seep into the potatoes and finishes the best part last. When he is done, he stands up, holding his glass of juice and walks over to the main desk. He puts down a few gold coins to pay for his meal then stands by the window, staring out at the sea while sipping his juice. "You said you saw some of my party here last night? A muscular half-elf?" Vieta tries to find a name for this half-elf but, unfortunately, his short-term memory has never been the best. Might have had something to do with the booze and merry-making from last night... "They here, by any chance? You know where I can find 'em?" he asks.
  14. "Thanks, mate." Vieta says and, as a last minute compulsion, he flicks a gold coin to the half-orc as a tip. He walks briskly towards the inn that has been recommended, taking a deep breath of the salty morning air. The sight of sailors, sand, surf, and rickety wooden boats brings a joyful sense of familiarity to him, much preferable to the sights of manors, shops, and alleyways. The sight of an endless horizon of waves and tides always seemed attractive to him whether on land or at sea. Reaching the inn, Vieta looks around for the owner and decides to order a breakfast meal.
  15. Vieta, not the best spender of money nor the most patient of person, flicks a gold coin to the man and waits to board the gondola. He glances back at the Kellani manor, his mind wandering. I wonder who she is, that one... She seems like a sea lass. Patriarch's daughter? Distant relative? What would bring a noble-born like her to take up such a life? He thought about that and realized: Well, what would make an noble-born like me to take up such a life? Chuckling at the similarity, Vieta leans against something while waiting for the man to tell him to board. For a second, he forgets about the attacks and ponders happy thoughts.
  16. Vargos listens intently, or, at least, tries to. He was straining to decipher the accented speech of these dwarves. Bloody, short brutes! Damn their bearded hides, can they not speak proper Common?! When Darius has his outburst, Vargos's patience wears even thinner. "I concur with the man." he says, trying to keep a calm voice in comparison to the man.
  17. Too distracted in his own thoughts, Vieta does not notice the girl leave until she rounds the corner. "Uhhh... goodb-..." he says, but she was gone and probably didn't hear him. Shrugging, Vieta gets his bearings and begins to walk out into the main street, his attitude casual and seemingly calm, despite his mind raging. They tried to kill me... Who tried to kill me? Deciding he has a job in mind, he takes more care and asks someone the direction to the tavern Lady Vanderboren had directed him to. He takes care not to reveal too much information and occasionally, but subtly, checking if he is being watched or followed.
  18. Upon reading the letter, Vieta grits his teeth, his hands clenched into fists. Some bastard had hired an assassin to kill him! Who, and why were the two questions circulating within the sailor's mind. "How could he have known I was going to the Noble District..." he muttered to himself. He tries to remember the night before, through the haze of drunken merry-making. He remembered the dinner party, and Vanderboren, along with everyone else there. Could it have been them that sold him out. He remembered asking for directions to the Noble District somewhere and from someone, but was not sure whether it was at the dinner or after... However that was must have been the one to order the attack... or, at least, would have been in contact with him. With all the thoughts running through his mind, Vieta almost ignored the young woman next to him. He shakes off his anger and stuffs the parchement into his trouser pocket. He looks to her and asks: "Do you have anywhere to go to?"
  19. Vinny

    The Family

    Vito- The pool hall was almost same as when Vito had been there only a few hours ago, save for one difference. There was blood all over the place. Climbing up the few steps leading to the main door, Vito can see a trail of red fluid snaking its way through the door and beyond. Inside, Vito notices a few chairs had been knocked over and, on one of the pool table, a man was sprawled, staring up into a light fixture, occasionally trying to move and moaning in agony. One of the thugs was standing next to him, seriously frightened and not knowing what to do. "Hey Dino! Dino... I got a bad feelin' 'bout dis, Dino." he calls out, only bothering to greet you with a nervous stare before looking back at the wounded Irishman. "Let's just call a damn ambulance, man!" "Can't do that!!" a voice called from under the bar. There is the sound of a commotion, bottles clinking against each other. "We do that, we gonna get the pigs on our butt!" There is the sound of breaking glass and a shout of "God-f**kin'-damn it, where the hell is that kit?" Finally, Vito takes over and runs to the back room, finding it after a short search. When he brings it back, the thugs, too unnerved to question him, do as he says and move back. They don't exactly go to the door, but actually try to see what Vito is trying to do. Inside the kit, Vito find only the bare necessities. There are a handful of bandages, a roll of gauze, a rusting pair of surgical scissors, a roll of strings, a tweezer, and, strangely, a small carton of .45 cartridges (full) and a small flask of whiskey (half-full).
  20. Vinny

    The Family

    The Brothers- Fat Paulie stares at the Vitale brothers and nods. "Yea', ya can go inside and find the first aid kit in the store room. Hurry up befo' the Mick bleeds all over mah joint." he says. The large man in the fedora only stares at Sal and Vitto. He stands nearly 3 inches taller than Sal and at least an inch wider from each side. Even in comparison to large form of Salvatore Vitale, this man dwarfed him. There is an expression about him, a sinister scowl on his face. Small, cold, beady eyes stare out from under the shade of his hat. The aura around him is chilling, as if the air freezes in his presence. Joey meanwhile tosses the paper bag into the back of roadster. He then proceeds to cross the street, after giving the Vitales a nod, then starts his car and speeds off. The Irish- James tries to sit up and finds that he is covered in blood, his own actually. His legs barely responded and the movement leaves such a pain that he nearly passes out again. Two men whom James doesn't recognize stare down into his face as he stares up at the ceiling. They don't seem to pose a threat... "Hey, don't die on me, Mick!" one of them says. "You hang on, ya got me? We'll patch ya right up!" Somewhere in the background, you hear fumbling, and a shout of "Where the hell is the first aid kid? God f**kin' damn it!"
  21. "Emma, right..." Vieta mutters as he takes the bandanna and throws it over his neck like a scarf. He was somewhat surprised that a girl with such a kind face would be working in such an employment. He had been with plenty of... courtesans in his days, and this was somewhat new to him. But nonetheless, as strange and somewhat heart-touching as it was, Vieta had more pressing matters to worry about. His own skin, for starters... Hers too... He wasn't a complete arsehole... "Neither have I." he says in response to her question on who the slaughtermaster is. Just then, he remembers the parchment he found on the dead assassin. He takes it out and unfurls it, reading it to find any clues to who the assassin was or who sent him.
  22. Vargos gives Thor a polite nod, but only so. The idea of his own temple using him to settle a debt in such a a manner was... aggravating. He did not admit any disrespect towards his superiors, but to make a Knight of Helm perform such a service! It didn't feel right. Vargos would never deny the will of Helm, but those who served Helm, he felt, don't always know what's best and are not always of pure mind. He trusted his elders in the Hall, but this assignment bordered on humiliation. I am not a sword for others to sell! Nonetheless, however, Vargos thought about it and relented. An assignment was an assigment, and if it were to be done for the glory of the Sentinel, it was worth fighting, and dying, for. When Thor asks if there be more questions, Vargos stays silent and nods for the dwarf to continue.
  23. "Lord Bryon..." Vieta mutters, wondering if he knows who the man is. He takes note of what the inn is called, as he barely remembers the name and it seems a shadier place than it looked. Observing the old noble, it seems that the man owns or seems to have some authority in this inn, as he orders a few men to do some dirty work. All this might have made Bryon seem like a big man if it wasn't for the fact that Vieta had stuck a gun up his nose and had made the poor bastard cry... "Aye, we're in the clear..." he mutters to himself as he holsters his pistol. He looks at the girl, the "tramp" as she called herself, and takes her arm by the wrist. "Come along." He leads her another good distance away from the scene, staying within the confines of the alley, but still making sure he has at least two paths of exit should any trouble ensue. Feeling rather safe at this distance, Vieta calms himself, looking around the area for any source of clean water. He looks for a barrel of collected rainwater, hopefully clear and not stagnant, and, again, removes his bandanna and cleans off any of his wounds. Not as bad as yesterday's scuffle with the half-orc, but still, the second time in a row he got into a brawl. When he is done with that, he remembers the girl and, rinsing his bandanna, he approaches her and wipes the blood from her face and neck. "I'm sorry that had to happen." Vieta says, "It was a risk, I could have killed you and him in the same shot, but there was no other option..." After he is finished, Vieta ties the cloth around his head once more and slumps down against the alleyway to take a breather. "What's your name, girl?" he asks her.
  24. "Yes, I have a question." Vargos says. "Why go to the Temple of Helm for such a task, and what good will this task bring for the glory of Helm and those He protects?" Vargos asks, trying to figure out who his employers will be. This sounds like a task for mercenaries, not knights.
  25. Vargos finishes his food and gulps down whatever remains in his goblet. He slides dish and cup away from him and puts both arms up on the table, hands clasped together. He would have looked like he was praying if it wasn't for his eyes scanning the meeting room and its occupant, giving them all a serious, calculating stare. "So, I say, without further ado, let us begin, shall we?" he says. "What is it that you want?" Vargos asks the meeting's host.
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