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  1. Vieta pockets all the loot (especially making sure he takes the parchement, as that seems important) he finds at the scene and, before doing anything else, he puts a good, stiff kick to the dead body before him. Taking the girl by the hand, he proceeds to lead her quickly away from the scene. He walks fast, only slowing at times when he realized through his thought-clouded mind that the girl could not keep up to his pace. By the time he rounds an alleyway, he notices the old man he had harrased earlier this morning. Oh, not this bastard again... Cursing to himself, he stands with his back flat against the alley wall, cocking his head sideways to catch a glimpse of the old man without revealing himself, and, from this position, he observes the old man very carefully. He takes care to note the old man's reaction should he notice the bloodied corpse lying in the middle of the street some distance away. Meanwhile, his hand brings his pistol up and he begins to slowly load a fresh new cartridge down the barrel. He cocks it and carefully holds it in his right hand, making sure it is not sticking out but also keeps it in position to quickly bring it up to aim and fire should any more trouble arise. At the moment, the rich old man becomes the new threat to him. "Tell me," he whispers to the girl without taking his eyes off his new quarry, "Who was that old man that you were with in that inn earlier?"
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    The Family

    The Irish- James vision slowly blurs away but not before he realizes the car has stopped. The door opens and he feels a hand grab him firmly by the collar. Then, everything goes black, occasionally interrupted by droning, ghostly echoing voices. "... upstairs..." "... thing, Paulie..." "... the door ................." "..... upstairs........... put him......... table there...." ".... doctor........" Then another silence. The Brothers- Joey's car pulls up near the pool hall, but things are not now as they were when the brothers had left earlier. A commotion was taking place on the very front steps of the pool hall. A very fancy and expansive looking Ford, convertible roadster is parked in front of the pool hall, a contrasting sight to the shabby vehicles and tenement blocks surounding the neighboor hood. A dark shape was at the driver's wheel, indicating at a distance that the driver's seat was likely occupied. Outside the car is a gathering of 5 men. The Vitale brothers could not recognize two of them, both of whom, judging by their less-than-fancy attires, are likely hired goons or bouncers protecting the establishment. The other figure is Paulie, easily recognized due to his rotund belly. However, next to him was a heavyweight, coat-wearing stranger. The man was nearly as bulky as Paulie and definately taller, but his bulk seem to originate from muscles rather than fat. There was an air of death and importance about this man and, clearly, the goons and even Paulie seemed unnerved by his presense. A dark fedora sombrely shades his eyes from view, hiding his full face from onlookers. Slumped on the street before them was the body of a man, clad in a bloodied shirt and already bleeding on the pavement. From this distance, it was hard fro the brothers to tell wether the man was dead or unconscious. Joey pulls the car over and gets out, one hand clutching the paper bag in which the pistols are. He proceeds to run over to where the commotion is taking place. Just then, the brothers notice the two goons lift the bloodied body by the hands and feet and carefuly and hoisting the limp man upstairs. Meanwhile, Paulie, Joey, and the fedora-wearing stranger talk among themselves, too far for the brothers to over things. The Irish- James's eyes blink and his vision begin to return to him. He sees through the blur a white light shining down upon him and, focusing his eyes, he realizes its a pool table lamp, chained to the ceiling and protected by a green-glass and a brass case. Looking slowly to the side, James can see he is laying on some kind of lifted surface, and there is green felt lying underneath him. Patches of it are stained dark red. Moving his leg, he realizes some thing was tied to over his left wound. James's vision blurs again and the pain from the injuries once more begins to act up, causing a numbing ache.
  3. Vargos looks to Eligos and nods. He finishes the rest of his food and takes a long gulp from his goblet before nodding again. "Aye, I agree with the man. Truly, there must be be more point to this meeting than good food and wine. I can think of a dozen more places where my assissitance and my blade are more desperately required." With that, Varbos leans back again.
  4. Oh, hells... Vieta quickly holsters his pistol and pulls his tucked shirt out from his pants, letting it drape loosely over his belt and cover the weapon. The feel of the hot gun barrel against his skin makes him grunt. He quickly makes his way to the screaming woman, kneeling before her and clasping her tightly, shaking her until somehow he can shut her up. "Stop! Listen to me, you'll be ok! STOP, I SAY!" he orders her, and, if necessary, he will clasp his hand fimrly but not unkindly against her mouth and will keep the grip on her until she calms down. To the onlookers, he looks around and shouts: "What da y'all scallywags lookin' at? Sod off! Haven't you ever seen a duel before???" Bluff: 5 (3+2) After the woman is sufficiently quiet, he stands up and walks over to the corpse, riffling through the body and whatever possession is on it. Vieta keeps an eye out for any documents or paper that might indicate who the would-be assassin is and who might have sent him. Than, he walks over to the dead man's donation pot and recovers his coin before kicking the pot a good 3 feet down the street. He does the same to the fiddle, shattering the damned instruments to splinters before returning to the woman's side, taking her hand, and telling her: "Follow me, we have to get out of here. There might be more of them..."
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    The Family

    The Brothers- "Holy stuff! You bet people'll be talkin' bout it." Joey says. He takes more than one glance on the rear mirrors on the ride back to the pool hall. After about halfway through, he cocks his head to the side and says: "Gimme your guns." He fumbles around the front dashboard and produces a brown paper grocery bag and hands it behind him. "Put'em in dere. I'll take care of 'em. The shells too if ya got any left." Vitto and Sal notice that the buildings they are passing are familiar. They're back in the heart of Little Italy again. "Hey, I have a feelin' you might want to lay low for the night, tho." Joey warns. "Got anywhere ya need to go t'night?"
  6. Vargos removes his helm and rests it on the table next to his food. He chows down, the tension of the fight making him forget a part of his strict manner and protocol. He drinks down half the goblet of mead in two consecutive gulps and chews away at his meal. Before long, his manners come back, and he remembers to thank the host. "The food here is good." he says to whoever it may concern. "Helm bless you for such hospitality." Then, he goes back to eating and finishes off with two or three bites the bread he had been nibbling on prior to the brawl.
  7. Vieta grunts as he is confronted with this dilema. He can't let the man go, for the man had tried to take his life. He can't let the girl die, either, because the girl had saved his life. With this in mind, he stalls and spends some time waiting, as if not knowing how to decide, glaring at the man with a sense of rage and also hesitation. In truth, he is waiting until his vision clears and he is no longer slowed by the spell. He stares at the man carefully and, slowly, sheates his rapier. But before anyone could react, Vieta reaches for his pistol, draws it, the flint-lock hammer falling back, exposing the powder cartridge to the air. He levels it, arm straight, iron sight aimed for the old man's head poking out behind the woman's frightened face. Vieta's left eye closes in a focused, deadly wink. He pulls the trigger. Hit Roll: 22 (18+4)
  8. Vargos nods, his ego inflated even more by recognition of his deeds. Two good deeds accomplished in one act. Truly, Helm smiles on me and those I aid. He smiles and nods to Rein, a stately bow not too short to seem dismissive nor too low to seem subservient. "It was my pleasure, friend." he says, and continues off to where the meeting had been taking place. He takes his seat again if its still available and leaves the bouncer's sword lying on the table in front of him. This time, feeling rather hungry after the fight, he finds an oppertunity to get up and grab a plate of food and a drink before settling down again and continuing with the meeting.
  9. Vargos walks over and stands by the door, looking back at the Sword's Rest, making sure no more trouble comes their way. He turns to the Underdark Bouncers. "So what happened here? How did all this trouble start?" he questions them, oblivious to the cause of the fight.
  10. Seeing Kurith walk away with Bellrose, Vargos realizes that the dwarf he had tasked himself iwith protecting was now in safe hands. Vargos is the last to return for the tavern, covering Kurith's back as she takes Bellrose back to safety. He stays out in the rain, waiting for the Watch to arrive, but seeing none, he scoffs and and sheates Glare. Then, reaching down, Vargos's gauntletted fist clutches the blood-stained shirt of the bouncer and he lifts him up, carrying him bodily to the front entrance of the Sword's Rest. With a great tug, he tosses the man in the direction of the where the drunkards are struggling to get up. "Take your filrthy trash elsewhere, scum!" he calls to them, and turns to walk back to the Underdark. On the way, he collects his opponent's dropped blade and inspects it. He hold its like a trophy as he struts his way back to the Underdark Tavern. "The rest of you out here, the fight is over. Get back to what you were doing." he orders in a clear, booming voice to whoever else is on the streets. Vargos rests one hand on Glare's hilt, ready to fight again if the need arise.
  11. OOC- Jesus, its been nearly a month. Sorry, guys! I dunno, its been quite a long time (a fault on my part, really). Are you guys still up for this game? I got no problem keeping the game up, but just let me know if its still interesting. Thanks!
  12. Vargos glances down at the bouncer. He imagines himself driving the blade down and finishing the man off before rushing headlong into the next bouncer, but he takes a few moment, fighting off his anger and temptation to kill the man. Finally, he barely overcomes. As, in Helm's name, I protect those in harm, the ones I harm I too shall protect from injustice. Even mine own. Holding his sword with his other hand, he reaches behind his cloak and pulls out a healing potion. He unplugs the cork by biting it off and, twisting the man's face until he looks up, he pours the content down the bouncer's throat, plugging his nose to make sure he swallows it. Then, he stands back up and when he is convinced the wound has healed and the bouncer's health has stabilized, he once again puts the pressure of his boot (a bit more roughly this time, since the bouncer is no longer wounded) on the man to make sure he is immobilized. "Stay down." he orders. Then, he turns to face the rest of the opposition, sword leveled, ready for another go with whoever else is left.
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    The Family

    The Brothers- The old squirm and slides into a fetal position, weeping and sobbing. The sirens come closer and closer. Outside, the streets are empty. All the windows have been shut, no one is outside. However, as the gunshots have died down, people begin to peak out the windows at the events that have unfolded. The Vitales prepare to move back to where the car was parked, but they find Joey was thinkign ahead. The car rounds the street corner and speeds towards the brother, slowing down until it stops in front of them. Joey is waving. There is a sawed off shotgun lying on top of the dashboard, just in case. "Get in! Let's go! Let's go!" he shouts. As you get in and drive away, you catch a glimpse in the rear-view mirrors of squad cars rounding the intersection. The loud, honking sirens become distant as Joey speeds away. "How'id it go? What happened?" Joey asks. "Were they there?" The Irish- There is a loud screech of tires in the distance. A low, deep rumbling of a powerful motor... James reaches the gun a second too late. A foot lands on his hand, nearly crushing it with its weight. His fingers reach out but merely scrapes the butt of the gun lying on the sidewalk. He looks up to find the black man looming over him, a gun pointed for his head. The thug draws the hammer on the gun back, his thick lips curlings into a cold grin. "Say g'night, mothaf-..." The sound of a roaring engine draws closer and closer. The black man looks up and a grimace of fear creeps over his face. His eyes are frozen. James glances sideways to see a car, speeding towards them. A grey car, a roadster. "Oh f**k..." Suddenly, the air explodes with the roar of a machine gun. Bullets fly in all directions, ripping across the storefront of Marlesco's. Window shatters, wood splintering and sending off countless shards of broken fragments. The black thug is struck once, twice, three times, four, five, six... His body shudders under the vicious, relentless impacts of .45 caliber rounds, convulsing as he falls to his knees then onto his belly. His face lies right next to James's, and the Irishman can see the cold, dead eyes staring aimlessly at him. The machine gun continues its torrent of destruction, peppering the store until even the door flew open and fell off its hinges. James catches the sight of the boss-guy, Cruco, stumbling out the front door. The man is bloodied, several shots have hit him across the chest. Cruco looks up and emits a horrying scream of pain and terror as the bullets saw its path across him, ripping him to bloody shreds. The body slumps into a kneel, propped against the doorframe. Even with that, however, the machine gun does not silence. It continues its roar, ripping across the store again and tracing its way left and right, hitting Cruco again and again until finally, it comes to a sudden, silent stop. There is the hollow, tinkling sound of empty shell casings hitting the asphalt. The car door opens and James sees the large, bulky shape of a man walking over him, heading towards Marlesco's. It's Frank, the man who had picked him up earlier. An M1911 was in his hand and he steps over the bodies lying on the sidewalk and stops in front of Cruco's corpse. Frank fires two shots into Cruco's head and continues inside the store. A few moments later, he reapears, holstering his pistol into the side of his coat. He walks over to where James is lying and reaches out with large, thick hands, grabbing the Irishman by the collar and hoisting him up and depositing him roughly in the backseat of the roadster. Before the cops could arrive, Frank hops into the front passenger seat. With another roar, the car speeds away. In the backseat, James is bleeding profusely from his wounds. The pain is numbing, and the bloodlust causes his vision to blur. Still, he can see the interior of the car. It is still fairly same as it was a few horus ago when he had riden in it under normal circumstances. However, now there is a Tommy submachine gun lying on the floor, along with spent shell casings. The leather seats are stained red with blood, his own blood. James can see Frank, large, jowled face starring straight ahead with his fedora shadding his beady eyes. He can't see the driver, but it's probably that wiseguy Mario again.
  14. Vargos gives a satisfied grunt and steps over to the body. He kicks the weapons away from the man's hands and moves behind the fallen man so he faces the other bouncer. He puts one booted foot on the man, both to keep him immobile and to give himself an image of victory over an opponent. Further to that, he raises his sword with one hand, the tip pointing to the other bouncer. "YIELD!" he shouts. "YIELD OR IN HELM'S NAME, YOU WILL DIE!"
  15. Vieta bares his teeth as he stumbles around. He slashes his rapier wildly, hoping to hit the man strongly enough to keep him from casting more spells Roll: 22 (18+4)
  16. Roll: 4 ( ) Gods damn it all... Vieta fights back a yawn and tries his best not to nod off in the middle of fighting.
  17. Flash of steel! Weapons! These low-bred degenerates will pay for endangering the peace and well-being of the people! "Helm, guide my blade!" Vargos mutters in response to the bouncer's question, both hands clutching the sword and wielding it like a great weapon (two-hand wielding). With that, he raises the sword and, in an arc of shining light, strikes out with the luminescent blade against the armed bouncer.
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    The Family

    The Brothers- The sirens grow louder until both brothers can hear it. They're coming closer, and closer... The wounded thug lets the gun slip from his hand. However, he too expires and his head head slumps forward, his bloodied hand falling limply away from his throat. Terrified, the old man looks at you and whimpers: "Oh my god! Oh my god! What do you want???"
  19. Vinny

    The Family

    Sal- The door swings violently from Sal's kick and there is a grunt from behind it. Walking in with his gun raised, Sal sees the thug slumped on the floor behind the door. The man had apparently tried to hide behind the door, waiting for Sal to come in to ambush him, but the swinging door had knocked into him, stunning him. He sits with a bloodied hand clutched over his bleeding neck, his breathing ragged and agonized. His other hand is limp, the revolver held weakly in its grasp. His face is pale and blanched, blood trailing from the corner of his lips. He looks up at Sal and mutters with a rasping voice: "D-... Don't... sssssssshoot." The exertion causes him to choke and he coughs blood. The room itself is a small storage area. There is about half a dozen cardboard boxes stacked around. Several more boxes are flattened and propped near where the thug is laying.
  20. Hey, nice map, Spike! What did you use for that? Btw, is it just me or does the Orc flag look like a Black Power flag?
  21. Back into the rain outside, Vargos sees the distant brawl. Without hesitation, and without considering the matter any more than he needed to, the paladin draw his blade and calls out. "Helm, light my path!" The sword blazes to provide light as he rushes toward the brawl. He takes notice of who is in trouble and who is causing trouble. "IN HELM'S NAME, CEASE AND DESIST!" he booms, holding his blade so the light shines over the figures. "ON PAIN OF DEATH, STOP I SAY!" He will attempt to grab the closest combatant and pull him away from the fight, while holding his sword ready to attack if he is attacked.
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    The Family

    The Irish The reaction from the crowd is not as Jame expected. Hushed murmurs arose from the crowd... "He just murdered him!" "Oh my god, he's dead!" "Someone call the police! Oh my gawd!" James's call that Marlesco is in trouble falls on mostly deaf, disbeliving ears. However, as soon as he picks up the gun, the crowd bursts into agitation. "Oh no! He's got a gun!" "GUN, run, run!" "Police! HELP!" The people's voices suddenly become screams as two gunshots fire off from inside. The front window of Marlesco's shatter under the impacts of bullet. The shots are horribly inaccurate, three shots, two veering off into the streets, smashing the window or a parked car. The third however, found its mark and James himself nearly jumped out of the way, but is knocked to the ground by a great push, like a train smashing into his torso. The world blurred for a few moments and James finds himself staring up at the sky a few seconds later. He is slumped on top of the white thug's corpse. A huge numbing followed by a great pain rises from James' left shoulder and as he looks, his shirt begins to stain red where the bullet hit him. It had missed his heart, seemingly, but his left arm seemed unresponsive from the agony. His gun is laying only a feet and a half away from his right hand but he can't get at it without getting up. "Henry!" the black thug shouts. "God, Henry! He killed Henry!" Out from the broken window, the black thug jumps out, firing his revolver wildly at James. Another bullet finds its mark, grazing the flesh on the Irishman's leg. The other two misses, one hitting the sidewalk and the other hitting the corpse of the white thug with a wet thump. The black thug remains there, still firing his gun but only receiving the click of a hammer on an empty chamber. He curses loudly and begins to fumble in his pocket for bullets. The Brothers With Vito covering him, Sal walks closer to the desk. There is the wound of whimpering, a frightened sob and even a low squeal. As he peers over the counter, he sees a puddle of blood and, laying slump against the desk next to it, his clothes soiled with the red fluid, was the old clerk. He is sitting, clutching his knees, his eyes huge red puffs from the frightened tears rolling down his aged cheeks. Upon seeing Sal, he curls himself into a fetal position, holding one hand up, his voice inaudibly cracked as he tries to beg for his life. As for the thug, there is no sign of him save for a blood-stained fedora lying on the floor. Blood-stained hand prints marks the floor along with a great smear of the liquid, the trail leading into the back room behind the register. The door to the back room, bullet scarred from the shots the Vitale brothers had fired, is half-closed. Vito notices none of this but he does notice the blond thug is now lying still on the ground. Being closer to the front door, Vito hears the wail of sirens in the far distance.
  23. Taking a step back, Vieta looks at the tear in his shirt and glares back at the fiddler-assassin. "You lubbery mongrel! This shirt is worth more than you and your mother combined!" he spits in retort, and again goes into the offensive. With that, he puts one foot forward and darts himself towards his enemy in a lunge. Roll: 12 (8+4)
  24. Vinny

    LEGO Knights?

    thing I like is with legos you can do almost anything that you usually normally would for , say, a dnd game. Sit, stand, lay down. Remove the head, he's dead, kinda like that. Mounts seems to be workable. I looked through some of my old horse figs. 3 choices of horses, different option for saddles and barding, and ability to dismount. Also, other creatures have leg versions, good for familiar or pets or even unusual mounts All in all, I'm thinking D&D with lego would be cool. maybe with large lego tile divided into 4x4 square grids
  25. Hey all! I was browsing through some of Lego's new stuff (looking back at the old days and stuff, heh), and man, their current medieval range looks pretty cool. I was thinking tho, has anyone ever used Legos instead of miniatures for certain games? I'm thinking you can customize each figs, pose them, and their small enough, and if you need castles and buildings, you can crank out decent ones with limited time... What do you guys think?
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