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  1. Filing works, but it leaves a weird texture. It takes a while to even out the texture to blend with the rest. Nothing bad really... However, you ALWAYS have to pin the mini (especially metal) to the base, unless you want it to be fragile as heck or to clog up the base detail with superglue (you can't use plastice glue here... ). You will need to drill the base, which is hard, with the base's hard material. Still the bases are good if you buy the right ones (a lot of them suck, like the lopsided skull base and the debrie base that don't even have space to put the mini on). I know thats not exactly what Larac is looking for... , but its a good way to base. Otherwise, the Fortress Figure base is good too, like i mentioned before.
  2. If you want some detailed bases, Epicast has few square ones that are pretty much the same size as the Reaper base. However, some are better than others (the skull base are horrible while some Urban bases are terrific). You should take a look at their stuff: Epicast Battle Bases. I bought a pack of their cobblesotne base. There pretty good! However, its hard to send as the material is nearly rock-hard... They could save you time from flocking AND can look cool painted. As for Recessed bases, Foretress Figure are also good.
  3. I was wondering, since this might deal with tools... Do a lot of you use molds? I see how capes or pelts add a lot of character to certain minis.Do you guys use stamps from pre made wold-pelts/capes (like, say, from a 40k Space Wolf pelt to stamp the texture on the GS), or do you tend to sculpt your own? Thanks.
  4. God. I've been wanting a Doom marine miniature or action figure for years! Those guys have the coolest helmet! That is... not to mention the guns and stuff (BFG anyone?)...
  5. Wow. I like how the cape is starting out. Really good!
  6. I keep on buying from the Warstore. They ship their stuff really fast (about three or four days). I get most of my stuff there.
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