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  1. I've backed three of Reaper's Bones Kickstarters and I love them. I used to scoff at plastic minis but the detail is still pretty good and moreover the minis don't fall apart like the weak little swords and spears on pewder minis. There's still something about the weight of a pewder mini that makes me smile but Bones aren't bad at all. I also just discovered Warlord and it seems like it suffered from simply being ahead of it's time. Since Reaper has so much experience with kickstarter it seems like there's a grand slam to be made by making the next Bones kickstarter a complete Warlord overhaul. The rules seem generally well respected. The board gamers I talk to who know what it is seem to like it. -Republish a 3rd edition manual fully corrected and errata free. -Rework the entire Warlord offering in Bones (Maybe alter the poses so the pewter minis remain a premium offering) -Offer Faction Card Packs for stats (they're built for this anyway). A little fancy artwork would go a long way. -Offer a reward level that includes reaper branded accessories. Tape measure, terrain, dice, tokens, etc. -Stretchgoal a few new factions or simply complete the ones that were started and never finished. -Offer a Bones set to a Youtuber to make a step-by-step quick-play tutorial in return so that new users can watch a comprehensive and better organized tutorial. Hell make it a contest for a full set of Bones Warlord minis! -Stretchgoal a revamped army builder. (Consider open sourcing such a site so the community can run it, update it, and so on free of cost for reaper.) -Stretchgoal or consider licensing the rules and IP up to a mobile developer to make a mobile video game version. Tie the sale of individual minis to an unlock in the mobile game. -Stretchgoal licensing the IP to a writer to reboot the novella series. -Stretchgoal a set of SRD20 RPG rules so that large battles are fought with warlord rules and in between large battles there is an RPG element. In this one move you double the value of ALL of your Fantasy-based minis. Retain publishing rights on the rulebook and license out the use if the IP for writers interested in publishing written modules for the RPG portion but allow the rules to be accessed similar to pathfinder. Maybe over the same Open Source site as the army builder or whatever. The community gets to see a beloved game rebooted and reinvigorated now properly placed among the boardgame hype of the past 10 years. Reaper reboots a product that will generate sales from multiple angles. Warlord players will build armies, Fantasy RPG players may just like the minis, Mobile Gamers would want to unlock digital figures.
  2. I'm interested in getting into wargames. Warlord appealed to me because I'm a fantasy rpg gamer as well and I was attracted by the idea of having a wargame be less picky about what minis were included. As I build my Warlord armies I expand my minis for fantasy gaming as well. It seems like this game has been thoroughly overlooked. The rules seem well supported and the accessories and so on simple. It looks super fun! Also the Bones series of minis seem like a good way to trim the costs of building a giant army while keeping the large minigame feel. I've gathered up all of the information I could about Warlord, I have both of the second edition books, Found the tutorials offered by reaper, etc. I get the gist but I still feel like it'd be nice to play through a game with someone that has played before. Anyone playing in the Tulsa area? Or is anyone on the forum willing to do a google hangout with me and a friend of mine to walk us through how to play? I feel like a little bit of attention in the press area and Warlord could still be a worthwhile game to play long term. For the life of me I can't figure out why they don't remold all of the Warlord models in bones to cut the costs as that might just set it loose. Hell a Warlord reboot kickstarter seems like just just the thing. Remake the entire warlord series in bones and include a revised rule compendium. Badda bing badda boom.
  3. I'm a first time wargammer starting with warlord. I looked into warhammer but a good starter army is so expensive and fantasy warhammer players are equally hard to find here as anything else. Because of the situation with few local wargammers I'd like to start out with two armies so I can invite others to come over and play. I like all things elvey so one of the armies I plan to make an elven army. Any meta tips on these? Wood elves or elves or dark elves, which is more flavor of the month now? Also, what army would pair nicely with them? I'm trying to get a decent battle that balance well enough to go either way.
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