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  1. First time at reaper con and..man..you guys are crazy friendly . My friend and I had a blast and will be back next year. I may even try to have a ribbon available. Thanks to everyone I ran into who was beyond friendly
  2. thats a good idea. Keep it in range of her color scheme..otherwise she'll look like a coral snake.
  3. Ill be painting this bit of obscenity to look copperheady. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0229/8431/products/dep-store1_1100x.jpg?v=1505683558 Instead of the white stripes i was gonna do black stripes cause black is "more evilly" You think i should start with orange and wash brown then, to get to that tone? Or do a mix of 2 drops brown 1 drop red until I get what I'm looking for? Also..red hair Triad. I'll have to see if my local store has that in there reaper section. Thanks!
  4. i want to paint a miniature to look like a copper head..and..it looks like..brown.with orange or red added to it. But i cant really tell. Would you guys have a good idea of the paints to use for the main color? Thanks!
  5. Why would you go down that terrible road?
  6. So the bird decal is actually a 1st Polish Armoured Corps symbol from ww2, though it looks very German. I thought about using the number 9 since my army is gonna be the 9th tactical armored patrol "affectionately" knows as the Black 9th (due to their chosen color and "hospitable" personality) but then I stuck an eagle on it and that was that. The winterguard are GW steel legion miniatures I have floating around that I'm NEVER gonna use for gw since ..you know...I dont play it. Even though i have like 1000 minis for it (cause I'm dumb). While I've never been tot a tourney...I might like to go to one. So yes, I admit that my non PP minis are gonna be a hassle. I wish PP would have a 70% of your army has to be PP as opposed to 70% of the miniature. I get that they want to sell PP minis...but cmon.....budgets... What about the decals throw you?
  7. Behold the winterguard rifleman of the Black 9th Border patrol (my army moniker). As they are forced to deal in border conflicts they are not as winter equipped as normal rifleman and are expected to be able to function in all environments, hence their rebreathers. In the immortal worlds of commander Kovros (to be painted later) "When will they learn to not f**k with the 9th"
  8. Update to my mechs. I added decals Barts is more damaged cause Hes an ******* of a warjack. The decimator is more laid back Thoughts?
  9. Until I get an actual Vlad (the one on the horse) the bloody princess will be my vlad 1 counts as She looks better than the photos show....I'm just a bad photographer apparently....
  10. So here my demolisher thingy. where as Black Bart is a sullen potential vicious juggernaut that adding color too is potentially dangerous and lethal, his brother in arms is less likely to sudden violence and is a tad more colorful I'm trying to pose them to be a bit more....dynamic. As dynamic as 100 ton killing machine can be...
  11. Thank Guys! for the second battle box unit.... Hes a litte different cause he has no red...just a black iron killing machine. I think We will name him bart... I want to put a decal on him...but I'm not sure where. Also..base is a little plain. I don't base very fancy but I saw some tonight that made me want to up my game. Thoughts comments criticisms etc etc
  12. Decided to mix it up and do my plastic war caster. Those Seam lines....
  13. Because I've learned this from painting miniatures for armies...if you get a command...they take away your helmet. This is the sarge mini.
  14. TWO...TWO MAN O WARS AH AH AH!!!! I realized I made mistake and the first one I painted was a special character man-o-war. So to make him more special i gave him one red shoulder pad with the cool medal on it. The other one has a unit marker on it. Just means I now have 4 more man-o-wars i have to paint...not 3 Thoughts comments criticisms etc etc Ray
  15. show your wallet the minies. It will then clam shut and your decision will be made for you. not so affordable.... Thank you for the kind words though. I'm looking for a place to put more red.
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