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  1. I'm not being elitist so much as I'm angry that "they" are making my entire mulit-hundred/thousand dollar book collection obselete. 2nd edition didnt make that much of a dent in my cash cause I was 15 at the time but now I'm older and alot more conscious of where my money goes. The cash-grab attitude or whatever is just insulting and ridiculous. hasbro is never going to understand that a RPG doesnt have to be re-worked every year or two.
  2. Maybe I'm just too much of a moderate. I started playing 2nd edition in 1989 and enjoyed it. Then 3e came out and it was good( Death to THACO!!!). 3.5 came out and I balked, even stopped playing all together for about 2 years. Then I got into Eberron and upgraded to 3.5 and I absolutly love it. All the class options and feats and new magic-using classes and cool prestige classes made my mouth water. I could finally make the character that fit my concepts. I'm not saying I won't be able to do that in 4e, but I'll never stop playing 3.5.
  3. Well, I've already pre-ordered the core books, but I'm still buying all the 3.5 books I can find.
  4. I was on the Wotc official D&D forum trying to get a look at what others were saying about 4e. They were crazy, nigh on fanatically upset about every aspect of the new edition that they had read or heard about, rumor or otherwise. I know that I'm not that bad. I've decided that if I dont like 4e, I'm just going to play Pathfinder and 3.5v. I just can't believe how some people act, even if it is in a post.
  5. If you die, can we split up your stuff?

  6. I've seen this with every "new" edition of almost every game out there. Someone gets sooo angry that "their race" or "their class" got messed with or left out. If it bothers you that much just stick with the previous version of the game. I'm sure everyone has invested mass fortunes in the last version and other companies are still going to produce material for it so just play that and avoid the ulcers and sleepless nights.
  7. I say try them all. A varied gamer is an interesting gamer to me. We can all learn from each others experience in games and gaming in general and WFRP is great in its magic system. Ive pre-ordered 4th edition D&D, so its a wait and see kinda deal.
  8. Well, I may have commited an unforgivable sin by pre-ordering the 4th edition slip-case set of core books. I dont really care for Wotc but I love D&D(except 2nd ed.). Im willing to give it a chance, but I'm still setting up games and playing 3.5v.
  9. That is unless I can start as a 1st level character in an on-going campaign. I just really want to play in a high-roleplaying campaign and I figure online is the way to go.
  10. Online. I'd prefer 1st level if available. I dont care to join an on-going campaign. Please, no Forgotten Realms though, I'm so over that place.
  11. I would like to get involved in an online RPG as a player. I've been DMing for so long that I feel like I've forgotten how to run a PC. Is anyone running a 3.5v D&D game here that I could get into?
  12. How about one of those 'lo-jack' chips they impant into pets. That way we could at least track you down. Good idea, Michael!
  13. Yeah, I'll need more beer money next time.
  14. I'm all antsy! You know... like the night before graduation or a big test or an execution! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  15. I'm in too!! My monitor died and I haven't the time (nor cash) to replace it just yet.
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