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  1. Hello Everyone, Pretty new painter looking for some advice. I have a Bones Hill gianti that I have base coated entirely in medium grey paint (Citadel Dawnstone). But now I want to Zenithal it. Should I A) airbrush some white from above over the gray letting that be my shadows. B) do a regular zenithal over the gray C) just apply some white over the highlight areas with a drybrush D) just forget about zenithal on this miniature Thanks for your attention and any advice you might have.
  2. Whyis the Reaper Miniatures Made in China stamp so promininent on the outside wall of the miniature? Couldn't that have been hidden on the bottom or an inside wall?
  3. So the Carrion Worm is next up on my table. I would like to approximate the way it is painted in the picture but it doesn't have to be exact. Can anyone give me some advice on how to achieve the effects in the picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. #Help_A_Noob
  4. Working on the Stone Giant. I'm looking for any constructive criticism but especially of the highlighting on the flesh. Not sure if I am finished or if it needs more highlights on the flesh. Everything else just is base colors and has not been worked on other than that. He came missing the the left hand and club.
  5. @ darkfluid I totally got that you were just asking an informational question. I haven't played D&D in a long time and so i was sort of curious as to the various ways people were looking to use the terrain as I am up in the air as whether to get it or not myself.
  6. I'm sort of new to the hobby which is why I didn't know about the history. I get a lot of my Reaper mini's at discounted prices from resellers. I guess I know now how long they have been sitting on their shelves. LOL
  7. Can anyone instruct me on the Use of Reaper Points? Does any model have Reaoer points or just those that are marked? How do I redeem them and so forth?
  8. @ Aard Rinn thanks very much those are perfect. A little expensive but well worth the price.
  9. Can anybody recommend a good figure for a Giant Bat Miniature (28mm scale)? Could be a plastic kids toy doesn't have to super realistic. I'm also looking for a giant fly same scale. Have an encounter planned where my players will be flying on giant insects and are attacked by the bats. Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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